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  1. Korrupted

    ipc osx86+vmware

    Don't spread misinformation. You CAN install OSX in Vmware 6.5/Fusion 2.
  2. Yeah, it was posted a few pages back, but it's true. The onboard really works.
  3. Korrupted

    DSDT Patcher

    I tried DSDT on my MSI Wind, but I can't run AICPUPM without a kernel panic. The patcher did say it patched the HPET and it mentioned the IRQs, etc. Any ideas? I'll post more info later, as I'm currently not at the Wind.
  4. WPA2 with AES works fine here.
  5. Confirmed, the Wind's builtin 8187SE works.
  6. ^^Hence why you should still run an antivirus, to keep your Windows friends safe.
  7. Korrupted


    Nice RAM speed, Slice.
  8. EP45C-DS3R? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16813128351 EP45-DS3R? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16813128344
  9. Korrupted

    Retail Mac OS X 10.5.1 Sound Drivers

    Download the 10.5.1 update and get whatever kext you need.
  10. Korrupted

    Looping Intro

    This has been covered numerous times. 1. Boot with "Graphics Mode"="640x480x32" (Yes, with the exact caps AND quotation marks, AND the equals sign). 2. Open System Preferences in the Dock. 3. Go to Accounts and make a new Administrator account, with a password[it MUST be an admin account]. 4. Reboot. 5. Enjoy.
  11. Korrupted

    No network or wireless

    This isn't a new release or an update to OSX/whatever, so, moving it to the right section.
  12. Korrupted

    Macbook or PC Laptop

    If the slow RPMs bother you, you could always[i assume anyway, the lastgen Macbooks were upgrade friendly, why change now?] swap out the hard drive for a bigger, faster one.
  13. To answer your question about Leopard accessing only 4GB max, it's actually more like 16 exabytes(2^64 bytes), assuming you have a 64bit CPU, a motherboard that would support that[LOL], and a jmicron that isn't fussy[some hack chipsets only allow for 3GB due to a fussy jmicron controller].
  14. Korrupted

    VMWare question

    No, because VMware virtualizes a different set of hardware[except your CPU] than your PC.
  15. Korrupted

    Crash upon installing Nvidia kexts?

    Just to clarify, you weren't using them both at the SAME TIME, right?