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  1. Counter-Strike: Source Maps

    It's a similar process to how you would in windows. You'll find the Program Files\Steam folder in either: /Library/Application Support/CrossOver Games/*bottle name*/drive_c/ /Users/*your user*/Library/Application Support/CrossOver Games/*bottle name*/drive_c/ This is just by memory, so the folder names might not be 100% correct. If you don't find the Steam folder in either of those areas, try searching for it in Finder.
  2. http://rogueamoeba.com/audiohijackpro/ It's what I use when I'm in the shower and I need to boost the volume on my laptop so I can hear my music. There's also an option to decrease overall system volume, so it should work. Not sure if it'll work if you're using a hackontosh, but it might.
  3. Haha, sometimes I just get a bit mixed up with my numbers. I had really meant to say 7200. So far on the MacBook I've seen a HUGE performance boost. I love that I'm able to run a 512MB memory Windows XP machine in Parallels, yet not lag in Mac OS X. I also like that with CrossOver Mac I'm getting steady frame rates with Counter-Strike: Source and that I get a great frame rate with Counter-Strike while on my Vista (BootCamp is amazing )
  4. Giving the iMac to my parents and I doubt they really care if it's Core 2 Duo or not =P. Is it possible to ever upgrade the MacBooks HDD to a 7400RPM?
  5. It's on the smaller-side, but it's not to small where it's awkward to use like those tiny 10" ultra-mobile laptops you see. I think it's got a great size to it, my older brother just recently got one.
  6. I probably won't be using my MacBook outside of my house except to go to LAN Partys, and when I'm in my house it'll most likely by in my room and I tend to have my light off a lot to keep my room cooler in the spring/sumer. I'll mostly be using the laptop for just basic instant messaging, web browsing, and gaming. I'm excited to see how sexy it looks running games, Apple makes some kickass displays IMO.
  7. Alright well I went ahead and ordered my MacBook Pro with a glossy screen. It's scheduled to arrive between April 5 - April 10, I just hope it gets here before the 10th. Going to IL on the night of the 9th.
  8. Alright I suppose I'll go for the glossy screen. Hopefully it only takes 1 day to ship rather than 2 or 3. Also, I didn't know the Core 2 Duo's were 64 bit, thats always a nice plus
  9. Right now I'm pretty set on buying a MacBook Pro. I'm currently using a Intel iMac 17", Intel Core Duo (Not Core 2 ) with 512MB RAM, and of course the 128MB X1600. I plan on buying the $2,000 15" MacBook Pro, but I have two questions. First of all should I go with the glossy screen, or the standard? I'm thinking standard because everything will just generally look different to me than everyone else on the net. I'm also wondering, how much of a performance boost will I see going from 512MB RAM to 1GB (Possibly upgrading to 2GB later on), and having a 2.16GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, rather than a 1.83GHz Intel Core Duo?
  10. Boot OSX86 Disk on Intel iMac

    Recently my boot camp has told me that my disk needs to be repaired whenever I attempt to partition my disk to install Windows XP. I go into disk utility, verify and repair disk permissions both work just fine. Ounce I try to "Verify Disk" I get an error and it tells me I need to repair it. Well that should be the simple solution of just booting into my install disk, problem is that I have lost my install disk. Well I just figured I could download an OSX86 disk and boot into that to use disk utility to repair my hard drive, but whenever I startup I hold down the option key. The Boot Camp's boot loader comes up and gives me the option of either starting my Mac OS X or starting my OSX86 disk which it has labled "Windows". Well whenever I try to do that, it seems to boot up a BIOS screen, but it just sits there with the curses blinking. I also tried booting up my computer while holding down the C button on my keyboard, but that just ends up bringing me to what appears to be a blank BIOS screen with a curses blinking. What can I do to boot up my OSX86 disk? Or am I just going to have to find a torrent/link for a copy of my install disk? If it helps at all, I downloaded the popular "OSX86 10.4.6 JaS Install" off of the usual site.
  11. I've gotten CrossOver Mac installed and running beautifully on my 17" iMac (Core Duo, not Core 2 ). I've gotten Steam installed and Counter-Strike running nicely, 1.6 and source. My only question is that if I plug a microphone into my line-in port of my mac, CrossOver doesn't pick up my mic so I can't talk in game via voice. Is there a way to fix it?
  12. PS3 vs. WII Apple Style

    But why get BlueRay when you can have HD-DVD? The PS3 is just a cheap BlueRay player and nothing else. Only point of getting it is for hardcore metal gear solid and kingdom hearts fans.
  13. Sounds good to me, been dieng to be able to run amaroK on my iMac somehow ^.^
  14. Well the thing about crossover is that it has support for Half-Life and Source Engine based games ^.^
  15. F.E.A.R on Mac Pro

    I play it just fine on my iMac Core Duo (Not 2 Duo) just fine. I experiance lag at some points obviously because of the stock 512MB RAM, if your experiancing lag, try turning down your settings a bit.