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  1. Hey friend, i exact same problem on my laptop. May i ask if your laptop is an ASUS F8 series? If so then i guess we're on the same stranded boat.
  2. Completely New to This

    I have a 3500+ and its a-ok for me. Make sure your disk isnt a SATA since you cant install osx on it, although you can install a patch wherein you can read the disc in the full os mode.
  3. [Poll] Are you homosexual?

    i personally think its ok to be [i aint though] since i respect everyones opinions on everything, and one annoying thing is that some people in school think i really am a homosexual and they go around telling people and i get rejected. well thats life i guess
  4. Sex before marriage?

    i personally think it is ok, as long as you dont get anyone pregnant, and use a condom since you dont know the person i say well enough yet.
  5. Apple fires dozens of people....

    the thing is did they do ti at home or in the store? if in the store then no doubt there gonna get fired but even at home. they probably told someone else about it and the whole store probsbly knew then someone went and reported to the store manager.
  6. MacBook Install and iMac Install

    sorry for not putting that in my sig but i am running osx86 and not the retail mac.
  7. Buy OSx86 Retail... in Bangkok

    no.. all they did was: 1. Torrent the file 2. Burn it massively 3. Distribute all over the country 4. Sell it and btw this is a pic[the mac cd is the one in the top left side.]
  8. MacBook Install and iMac Install

    it won't work because it is an iBook G4 DVD, if it was retail it would work fine. You can actually mod an image of OEM DVDs to work with your iMac. Here you go: http://www.macserialjunkie.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=64198 You will need to sign up though This is good to know too: http://www.macserialjunkie.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=59087
  9. Driver for nForce4 LAN

    can someone please help i love this x86 thing soo much and it just wouldnt feel right without the net. pls i beg of anyone
  10. my name is ananthakali and i was born on 11/11/92 so i noticed that 11 was lucky number for me[hey 9+2 is also 11 =)] so i decided to put it on, i ahve a anantha92 version which is much more common, but i just clciked on anantha11 for this site.
  11. this is kinda weird and i actually missed one of my tution classes! cos when its one o clock it say something random like 10:33 or something
  12. Driver for nForce4 LAN

    sorry guys here is my error log: kextload: extension /Users/ananthasilva/Desktop/forcedeth/build/release/forcedeth.kext appears to be valid kextload: loading extension /Users/ananthasilva/Desktop/forcedeth/build/release/forcedeth.kext 20com_triton_forcedeth is not compatible with its superclass, 20IOEthernetController superclass changed? kextload: a link/load error occured for kernel extension /Users/ananthasilva/Desktop/forcedeth/build/release/forcedeth.kext load failed for extension /Users/ananthasilva/Desktop/forcedeth/build/release/forcedeth.kext (run kextload with -t for diagnostic output) that i get after a type: kextload -v ~/Desktop/forcedeth.kext/build/Release/forcedeth.kext can anyone pls help since i really got nothing to do with no internet.
  13. ok nvm i soved the prob by just installing it again
  14. Will i ever be able to buy os x?

    dont forget the ipod an various other devices. but yes its main market'the mac' will go into the software side making it a fully opposing company to ms.