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  1. non sequitur

    MacBook or MacBook Pro?

    The macbook pro that i have is my primary computer currently; i'm fine using a laptop. I can always use an external monitor, etc. I think I'm going to go for the macbook + video card; I guess i just need confirmation that the macbook will be good enough for day to day use for around 2 years. With the processors and everything, i bet it would.
  2. Hey everyone. It's almost time for me to get a new notebook. Gaming is a big deal to me, but it isn't terribly important to have all of the highest settings. Basically, I want something I'll be able to take on the road to play World of Warcraft, perhaps some counter strike, etc. Would the new MacBook be able to handle this? I basically have two options: Buy a MacBook Pro and have one main computer, or buy a MacBook and a video card for my vista tower (4gb ram, 2.4 ghz dual core pentium). I feel it's important to talk about what else is a big deal for me. On my current MacBook Pro, the battery life isn't swell. I'm on my second battery, and i can get maybe 2.5 hrs out of it. It's also a little large, so it isn't the ideal mobile computer. It also gets very hot. It certainly isnt the best notebook to sit with on the couch or take with me everywhere. I know the MacBook has better battery life, but is it cooler? It seems like more of an ideal size. The money not spent on the pro can be spent on a graphics card for my tower. It seems like I should go for the macbook, but I guess my biggest concern is future-proofing on the macbook: will it be able to last me for 2.5 years or so using it as a primary machine? I definitely prefer OS X to Windows, so I'd mainly stay on the macbook. If I will be using this notebook as a primary computer, should I go for the pro? ugh, decisions decisions. any and all input is appreciated. EDIT: I'd be using the tower as my gaming machine while at home. just clarifying
  3. non sequitur

    Need help to pick Macbook Pro

    get the warranty, ive had to replace the fans and the hard drive in my mbp when it was out of warranty. Luckily when i had the whine they paid for it under warranty all of those problems are ironed out though, but even still you should go for it. ive learned my lesson, it was a big mistake for me not to get one.
  4. non sequitur

    LaCie BigDisk died on me...

    i bought a new enclosure off of ebay, because i need one anyways. RAID 0 + firewire, so im good to go. The disks are fine, so i should be good. thanks for the input
  5. non sequitur

    case/bag/anything to protect my macbook

    I have the incase neoprene sleeve that they sell at the apple store. i love it, i have a messenger bag that i use for many things and i love being able to slide my macbook pro into the sleeve and put it in my bag. http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebO...;nplm=TL991LL/A that burlap bag though is sexy. i kind of want one.
  6. non sequitur

    MacBook hard drive upgrade

    i replaced my macbook pro's hard disk with a 250 gig drive. the drive is located right under where one would rest their wrist, and i have noticed no increase in heat. go for it.
  7. non sequitur

    1.1.3 Jailbroken!

    http://ijailbreak.com/ they have an automated process, reportedly works very well using an intel mac to jailbreak 1.1.3. i dont have an iphone yet, but its supposed to be stable. it also jailbreaks the touch to 1.1.3.
  8. non sequitur

    How to control fanspeed on MacBook Pro

    My mbp would always run hotter than a {censored} ever since ive had it. my fans recently died on me though, my left fan had the weird noise because of the weird motor and apparently my right fan has never worked at all. i bought replacements for about 50 bucks each, and since i installed them a couple days ago my computer is the coolest little bad boy out there. first generation macbook pro, 2ghz.
  9. non sequitur

    LaCie BigDisk died on me...

    I had a 500gb (two striped 250gig drives) lacie bigdisk die on me in late december. since they only had a 1 year warranty for my model, i was SOL with repairs. doing some research and things of that sort, i found out that it was only the raid controller inside that died, not the disks. The disks are alive and well. The only problem is that they were striped (RAID 0), and without the raid controller/ a pc with a raid compatible mobo, i cant access the data. they wont sell me a new enclosure. So basically, i need to get an enclosure that supports RAID 0 striping. does anyone have any suggestions? I'm looking around and seeing nothing, and i dont have a backup backup drive. i basically need to fix this problem asap and back up my machine. anyone know what to do/where to find a good enclosure?
  10. non sequitur

    3rd party components.

    no idea about the warranties, but i have a stick of third party ram(1gig), a third party hard drive (250gigs, my stock hd died on me this summer) and two third party fans (left fan had faulty motor, right fan wouldnt spin at all) in my core duo macbook pro. no issues whatsoever with anything third party. hell, ive had more problems with apple hardware than with third party hardware :/ (yeah, i had one of the first macbook pros, fan problems and whine happened to me.)
  11. non sequitur

    Which case for MBP?

    i have the incase one as well. i have an awesome bag that happened to be the model used in a season of 24, but it's more of an all purpose bag that i usually use for school. It doesnt really have much protection for a computer, so i bought an incase sleeve at the apple store and i love it. its sleek and small and protective. looks great too.
  12. non sequitur

    Show Your OS X Desktop!

    You have to use candybar or LiteIcon. I'd recommend LiteIcon, seeing as it's free, but yeah. No icon change for drives if you don't have write access. It usually doesn't let you change it if it's an NTFS partition.
  13. well, ive been doing some research into upgrading my internal hard drive for some time, and i think it's finally time to upgrade, seeing as how i have around 3 gigs of space left. Ive gotten it down to two, so if anyone feels that they have any sort of expertise on the subject, please let me know which is the better drive. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16822149058 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16822148184 yeah, any input would be appreciated greatly.
  14. non sequitur

    ENTER AT OWN RISK HP7 is all i will say

    You guys are {censored}
  15. if you honestly believe that wireless syncing for the ipod is a good idea, then what wireless protocol do you think they should use? because personally i dont have any recollection of something wireless that can transfer a gigabyte movie in about 2-3 minutes. that kind of speed is even slow now. i want firewire dock connectors in the new ipods, its a damn fast connection that would be great for anyone who had a firewire port.