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Essential Windows Programs


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Similar to some of your lists...


Firefox - Lightyears ahead of IE. And half the bugs!


XLink-Kai - Why use XBLive, when you have a friendly, open-source community that also supports mods?


FlashFXP - For all your FTP needs.


iTunes - Because I am just another pawn in Apples quest for world domination.


Azureus - Had no problems...though I might try uTorrent now because of you guys.


Cubase SX3 - Me + Music Recording = Enjoyable waste of a Friday night :graduated:


Stepmania - Yeah...I've become addicted to DDR. 343 songs and counting.

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some good free ones are:


crapcleaner (from ccleaner.com) & process explorer (procxp from sysinternals.com)


{censored} cleaner is great for fixing broken regisry links (removing) and removing clutter. I use procxp for seeing what is running under windows and toggling off unnecessary processes before gaming)


& Object dock for the mac look




day to day I use mainly firefox / incredimail / office 2003 / macaffee security suite


(I use azerues for torrents on my desktop; and dvddecrypter/shrink there; ultraiso/poweriso/ nero)


I find nero showtime is the best player for me, esp with shrunk dvds

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Font Expert is a great app for those who need to manage a lot of fonts. I looked around for a good program to do this and it's the best one I've found!


After years of messing around with fonts I've found just a handful which I always put on any system I build, and I keep a few others handy for special jobs. The ones I install by default are -


Dark Courier. Yes, it's Courier but a specially crisp version - if you're a writer you NEED this to satisfy publishers - normal Courier just looks feeble on the page with most laser printers.


Distressed Olympus. (usually called F***ed Olympus) - great 'old' typewriter font.


Gill Sans.- the whole set. Just nice, clear and sharp for sans-serif work.


Girls Are Weird. - I used this odd font on a website years ago and, well, I just like it. It's weird and I'm a girl.


ITC Garamond 2000. I used an old version of Corel Gatineau on a website and then lost it in a disk crash. It took years to find another Gatineau/Garamond font which had italics with matching uppercase and lower case slants (some don't), and with the hooked "H" and drop apostrophe. Corel's version had been brought into line with Garamond and lost some of those features. ITC has the whole lot.


London Tube. An imitation of the script used in London Underground signs.


Marriage Script. A nice joined-up script font for fancy work.


Monsoon. A very clean and tidy handwritten script.


Mylius. This is the font used by British Airways. I use it for all my printed correspondence, it's really nice.


Pica. Another typewriter font.


Village. If you ever watched 'The Prisoner' you'll recognise this.


Witzworks. A comic-book speech-ballon script.


For editing fonts (and removing the er, unwanted glyphs from samples, and changing the text) I use Font Creator Pro3.


Most of the above are links which will download the font or a zipfile with all the font parts. Note they are WINDOWS TrueType format. I haven't linked Mylius because BA are very proprietary about it. The rest are public domain to the best of my knowledge - at least I found them all on the web without any restrictions. If you think they shouldn't be here PM me and I'll remove them!


Edit - I searched the web and discovered that lots of people are trying to get their hands on Mylius and you can't download it anywhere. As it's commercial, very expensive and under copyright I won't be risking linking to it.

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Many of the above programs and:


treesize, http://www.jam-software.com/freeware/index.shtml

A tny little app gives you a right click menu in windows explorer. will tell you the size of all directories within the directory or drive you right click on. extremely useful for locating source of what's filling up your hard drives.




context highlighting text editor, http://www.context.cx/

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I always install DVDshrink and videora ipod converter (i havent found anything better) if the computer has a dvd drive (i use old computers form time to time :D ). Mozilla Firefox is a must, and so is itunes. never liked winAMP. i also always install objectdock, because its the best way to access your programs. period. i also tried desktopX on my 1ghz laptop, and it runs great. widgety goodness :blink: . teamspeak, xfire, and trillian are also a must, even if im not gaming. best messengers ever. :)


and i also refuse to use MS Office if i have a choice. i use openoffice.org2.0, because it is free, not as buggy, and has more utilities intalled.

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firefox (flashgot, stumbleupon, answers, adblock, adblock filterset.g updater, reveal),



kerio personal firewall,



spybot SD


itunes (podcasts and mp3s),

DivX player


Alcohol 120%


daemon tools,

VM-ware (native installs only),

partition magic,



Adobe CS2,



Flash 8,


Steam (DOD, DOD:S, CS, CS:S)


it goes on and on really :(

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Microsoft Virtual PC (i try out alot of oss)




Motorola PST (for my phone so I can hack that)


DVD shrink/ decrypter


Roxio easy media creator suete 8




Hard Drive Killer pro (for the feds if i get audited)


adaware se


spybot s & d


Mozilla Firefox / Opera 9 beta 3

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ethereal : network analyzer

putty : connect to stuff :blink:

winrar : extract everything

daemon tools : mount iso's

reason : sound mixing/fun

gaim : linux's answer the aim-ing

firefox : web browser

thunderbird : email client


just my list, theres alot more great stuff out there of course ...

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In addition to all your suggestions (thanks for them) I recommend


as an Audio/Video converter, which has the ability to master about any file format and codec I can think of (including ipod video format and those used by some mogile phoses): "A GUI to ffmpeg, mencoder, mplayer, x264, mppenc, ffmpeg2theora & the theora/vorbis RealProducer plugIn", see the homepage for details and free download.



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Hex Workshop


"some mem dumping progs"

Adobe CS 2 ( work :-D )

Macromedia Studio 8 ( work again )


ScummVM (Monkey Island rullllleeeessss!)

Alcohol 120%




ISO Commander



Got an Image File with all the stuff installed besides 2 or 3 progs which are a bit often updated like antivir.... these are my esstentials :-D

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My list of essential Windoze apps... let me think:


NONE !!!


I'm running 100% hackintosh and I've found Mac counterparts for EVERY win app to be superior and I don't have ANY desire to use anything MS or windows.


And it's all thanks to this forum !!!


Thank you INSANELYMAC... B)

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