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Essential Windows Programs


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FlashFXP - Best FTP app ever (wish there was a free alternative)

Exact Audio Copy - CD extractor, compatible with LAME

LAME - best MP3 encoder becuase of --alt-preset standard

foobar2000 - a very very useful media player because of everything it has

Media Player Classic - a replacement for Windows Media Player classic version, this supports DVDs, subtitles, and a whole lot and it's very small compared to bloated WMP7 or higher

uTorrent - best torrent client due to the footprint

X-chat - I prefer this over mIRC now because mIRC is just too old-looking

Magic File Renamer - it does everything, including renaming with MP3 tags!

Sound Forge - I use this all the time to edit audio, like my mixes

Traktor DJ Studio - to make mixes

DVD Decrypter - pretty obvious...I keep it for old-time sake, still works with 90% of the DVDs coming out and out there

DVD Rebuilder - for converting DL DVDs to regular, with amazing quality due to use of CCE

GordianKnot / DGIndex - for converting DVDs (and other sources) to XviD

Nero Buring ROM 6.0.16 - not 7+! I don't need such a special graphical interface. 6 works just fine and dandy.

UltraISO - best ISO tool, better than WinISO or PowerISO.

ImgBurn - by the same programmer who made DVD Decrypter, it works with just about every type you can imagine, including GI.

Acrobat / Photoshop - obviously...

RealVNC - the only VNC protocol that supports encryption

Firefox - obviously...

Thunderbird - obviously...but mostly because of extensions also

Adobe Indesign - I find this a better quailty app compared to MS Publisher

WinRAR - obviously...

7-zip - not so obvious, 7-zip is superior to RAR in most cases

Trillian - I have a skin on this that makes it look exactly like iChat.


My Windows looks like a Mac mostly, other than the Quick Launch bar and the tray.


There's a lot of stuff otherwise, but these are to start.

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Norton SystemWorks



Outlook -- Office generally

One Note

Total Commander -- general hacker's tool (can even replace WinZip and WinRAR)


I use IE -- haven't switched off of it -- and I'm on 24/7.


I program Full Time and almost exclusively in LabVIEW -- so that's essential for me but not for

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DVB Viewer

BS Player

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Ok, this is the best program for Windows protection you guys can get.



www.winpatrol.com (it is free)


It does not allow any startup registry entires without your knowledge and approval. MUCH better than Spybot.

If you are carefull with it, you can can surf safely without any problems and without other safeguards. Not that i am saying you should not use them, but this will dominate all of them.


Other things you should run:

AVG anti-virus (www.grisoft.com)

Spybot Search and Destroy (download.com, get this EXACT VERSION!)

Ad Aware (download.com)

{censored} Cleaner (www.ccleaner.com)


This 5 program combo will protect you well. All are free.

Run Ad Aware and Spybot once per week and you once you get an idea of how much you get adjust the intervals.


I have well over 200 systems running this setup being used by non-techies (real estate agents, doctors, mortgage lenders, dentists, etc...). If it works for them, it will work for you. No major problems in avery long time. Even 98 is pretty well covered with these.




Other good programs:




Hardware Firewall (inside your router, far better than a software one)


You should have a pretty well rounded system and pretty well protected. I actually have a guide written up for Windows to tweak it to run optimally and install all of this, but it is a little out of date, if anyone wants to see it PM me.

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My best ones are... :2cents:

  • Firefox with FreeDownloader Manager
  • Agnitum Outpost Firewall
  • HyperSnap-DX
  • uTorrent
  • Multilizer
  • VMWare
  • UltraEdit
  • WinRAR
  • Prassi ONES
  • Media Player Classic
  • and of course... Photoshop!

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I have well over 200 systems running this setup being used by non-techies (real estate agents, doctors, mortgage lenders, dentists, etc...). If it works for them, it will work for you. No major problems in avery long time. Even 98 is pretty well covered with these.


sounds like you run a mom and pop business

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Cant believe only Myzar talked about Total Commander. I can't live without it. It is my screen desktop, LOL I do all from there.



First thing i made when installed MAcOS has been to look for an equivalent... I found 3. I like them by this order. Disk Order - MuCommander - XFolders


So, here is my list. It's huge: :) But i use all them almos in a daily basic... Yes, I live in the computer. :)


Total Commander

Ultraedit - still looking for something better than BBedit for MAC.

HexWorkshop - Hexadecimal editor

AVP - Kaspersky antivirus



W33DASM .. those 3 are dissasemblers and debugger. I like this stuff. :)

Camtasia - Best video capture around

Foxit PDF reader and editor. I hate Acrobat

Irfanview - Best image viewer... Found something seemed in MAC . Cocoview



UltraIso - 3 app- to manage HD images

TransMac - Can read HFS partitions

Registry Mechanic - I hate Windows registry :)

VoptXP - fast defragger

WebExpress - Very old html editor, but I love it. It's very simple to use




WinUha - 4 obvious

Acronis True Image - Love this backup utility. Saved me a lot of times.

Ad-Aware Pro

Disk Cleaner ... 2 utils To get out all kind of spyware, trojans, etc.

Google Earth - I love to see where my friends live. :)

PC Wizard - Got inside of your PC intestines.

Paint Shop Pro


TVPaint - My 3 main drawing appz-

Leave Motion - Not in the market anymore but l use it a lot

Seamless Factory

Texture Maker - My 2 favorite programs to make texturing

Cinema 4D


Vue D'Esprit

Silo - My 4 main 3D appz... I live thanks to them :)

Unfold 3D - Make UVMapping so fast.

WinAmp - Best music player


BSPlayer - Best video players

Sketchup - Very useful to make 3d Architecture

FlashXP - Ftp Client

Firefox - No need to say

Net Transport - Download File Manager. I think the best

ServU - My own FTP

Trillian - Many friends in every messenger, so i need all in one :)

XNews - My news Client

Pure Basic - So fast to create some small appz that I need sometimes to use for myself

Just Basic - Reminds me my ZX-Spectrum times. LOL. Almost same basic language.

Visual C++ - Almost no use. Time ago i was programmer, now I have no time :D


There are more, mainly small appz that I use almost one time to month, but they are so many to just make a list. hehe

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I would love to have the latter feature in OSX - to open terminal already CD'd to the current directory from wherever you are in Finder.


Okay, being the kinda guy I am I read this and thought ... someone had to make this already, If not I wll make it for you lol.


Anyway here it is



OpenTerminal — When you are working in the Finder and you discover that you need a terminal window you have to open "Terminal" and "cd" to the folder you were working on. With OpenTerminal you just click its icon or use the Finder's contextual menu and a terminal with the correct path shows up.

The advantage of OpenTerminal over other available tools is that it can run in the background (without using processor time) and react instantly because it doesn't have to start up first. It's also more refined than the other tools I know of: it includes workarounds more...



Version 2.0.3:

Fixes an incompatibility with the "FruitMenu" haxie from Unsanity.

After Terminal receives any AppleScript command, it no longer responds to double-clicking saved ".term" files. This is a bug in Terminal that's still not fixed. OpenTerminal now includes a patch for Terminal's AppleScript support that fixes the bug. (Many thanks to Ken Weingold for reporting these two issues!)

David Blache posted a great idea to the comment area here on MacUpdate: You can implement a "cdf" command that changes the working directory of the current Terminal session to the front-most Finder window. This can now be combined with more...


Mac OS X 10.3.9 (Version 1.3.1 for Mac OS X 10.2 still available)

iTerm support has been tested with version 0.9.2


Download link http://www.macupdate.com/download.php/2317...enTerminal2.zip


Lucky for me someone already made the CMI :whistle:


I use it and it's working well for me.

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here is my list, <for windows xp professional,32 bit>:


1. NOD32 -- i use this as the sniff dog

2. deep freeze 6 -- now i think you guys know this already but this program needs a little more knowledge than a mere click and install to keep your pc dynamic

3. AutoPatcher -- saves you the hustle of going to bill's site just for the puny updates,here you can choose only the most important updates you think you need

4. winamp - i only use my pc for music :)

5. bittorent, limewire, mirc - for downloads

6. avant browser



been using this setup for most of my friends too, and so far, non of them has problems since i started fixing their pc's last year.

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Zone Alarm Security Suite (with anti-virus/anti-spyware disabled)

Spy Sweeper

Kaspersky Anti-virus



Msn Messenger 7.5


Adobe Photoshop



style xp



alcohol 120%

NoNameScript for mIRC

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Hi!!! My name is yamil and I´m from argentina.... I would like to install mac on my pc I´ll apreciate your help for me..


My pc:

Amd64 atlhon 3000 socket 939 + venice (suport sse2 and sse3)

Mother asus a8n-sli

Memory 1gb (2 Of 512) corsair

Video geforce 6200 512 turbo cache

Audio maya 44



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