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  1. Colonel

    Intel HD Graphics / GMA 5700

    Lookin forward to the progress on this! I'd love to help in any way if I can!
  2. Colonel

    Check out this Grape iMac!

    Posting this from my stock Flower Power G3 iMac
  3. Try to map the Mac as a Network Drive from within Windows. Whenever I have a failed SMB share from Windows, this usually does the trick.
  4. Colonel

    best backup software

    You tried using the Backup feature that comes with Windows?
  5. Colonel

    Chameleon with DSDT override

    Making me log in after so long just so I could download the files to upgrade my Hack... bah.
  6. Colonel

    Mac OS X 10.5.5 Kalyway COMBO UPDATE

    I tried updating to 10.5.5 from a vanilla 10.5.0 retail install and I'm getting this after I reboot. I added AppleDecrypt to the InstallAtStartup script and I reinstalled chameleon & extras folder with the necessary kexts. Any ideas on why I'm getting this?
  7. Colonel

    10.5.5 - no more capture in fcp

    Apple released a Pro-Apps update right after they released 10.5.5 that was supposed to fix compatibility issues. Have you installed this yet?
  8. Colonel


    Got a full desktop screenshot?
  9. Colonel

    Soft Update 10.5.5

    gteles, if you've got a 64-bit CPU, Leopard will run in 64-bit mode, so you should already be getting a performance boost. As far as 64-bit Applications goes, I don't think Logic is 64-bit yet, but don't quote me on it...
  10. I tried using boot-132 to boot the retail DVD and I'm getting all sorts of errors about StartupItems. Anyone have any ideas?
  11. Colonel

    Windows 7 M3 Build 6780 preview

    Maybe Windows 7 will be good enough to make me upgrade. My laptop originally came with Vista, but I downgraded it to XP. 7 is looking pretty promising though. If they can implement some decent features, speed up performance, and make things work a bit better, than I'll be one happy customer.
  12. Colonel

    Msn messnger for macbook

    That's very odd... Try re-downloading it and make sure you move it to your Applications folder before you run it.
  13. *cough* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQkwI9VaWRs
  14. Colonel


    O RLY? Please, link me to this Windows version of Adium. I've been looking for it for a while now...
  15. Colonel

    10.5.5 update?

    I tried installing the delta on my quad core from jas 10.5.4... didn't go so hot. I rebooted and it just froze at "MAC framework successfully loaded"... I should probably just reinstall with boot-132 and the leopard retail disk instead of using an OSx86 DVD...