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  1. i dunno, i still think netgear's HD entertainment unit is still a cut above. Netgear HD Entertainer though a-TV is a bit less expensive you have more versatility with the netgear unit.
  2. where to enter boot options...?

    try holding the 'f8' key down while your machine is poweringup/booting. then you should get to the boot option menus. good luck.
  3. 10.4.8 SSE2 boots to desktop

    which update are you refering to? JaS 10.4.8 or Kiko 10.4.8 Update? If it F$%#%^&ed up your computer, there was a very large warning that we put out that said --> Guys please read the actual thread before posting and/or trying the updates. It will save you a HUGE headache. good luck ohh and SleeplessMedia have you tried booting into safe boot ? i.e. when mac is booting hold down f8 until you are prompted. then use a -x -v (enter) to boot into safe boot. try that .. hope it works.
  4. North Korea Tests a Nuke

    i just want my mac pro before we get blown up ... PLEAAAAASEEEEEEE!!!!! too late
  5. 10.4.8 SSE2 boots to desktop

    it looks like you might be able to. i assume that your proc is SSE2 compatable? have you tried the 10.4.7 update ?
  6. MacOS on Apple Computer

    do you think Apple's diversifying will fatten up MAC OS ? since they were able to work with the tools they wanted, i wonder if bending to the wants of the consumer might endanger their platform? dunno just a thought ....
  7. North Korea Tests a Nuke

    just not smart on their part. i worry for the world we live in today. i wonder if they even allow os x in n. korea
  8. Windows Vista RC2 Thoughts

    good work! me on the other hand, im not all too impressed with RC2. i loaded it up and it just loves having a battle with m nvidia video card ... EVEN though i ran the MS vista compatability software and it said im good to go. meh ... im not too anxious but i think by the time they send the rtm out, all the little kinks will be worked out. as for now, a'emailing to MS i will go
  9. you can use slackware or fedora .. (i have more exp with fedora) for the fs ..if you have windows clients you can setup the server as a samba server as well as a NFS server. MAC OS X works fine with samba as well as linux. but it would just be easier to use NFS if you have all linux machines . but i doubt thats the case. for my network i have a samba share that my mac and windoz machines use. for my linux i just nf mount what i need. within the fedora install you can install samba/nfs/apache and limit all the extranious {censored} you dont need via their installer (which is very clean and easy for the unexperienced). you have a pretty simple setup so keep it simple. plus you dont want to load your server down with alot of extra processes that you dont need. i would pretty much just load the base system/nfs/samba/apache/sendmail and some other useful tools (up to you on that one :mellow: ) check out www.samba.org, www.apache.org, and google like crazy for nfs setups/config help. good luck. ohh id also recommend keeping your server ip static.
  10. Clean, Single Booting

    did mine straight up ... just minus all the partition 6gb to mac (at least ) blah blah blah .. started the install->disk utility (created partition formatted set to extended journaled)->fdisk set to active and continued with the install ... dont follow what i just typed, i was trying to give you an idea of how it went there is another post around here about using just a single OS ... do some searching it will save you a load of headaches hehe ... good luck.
  11. PS3 vs. WII Apple Style

    and i can pre order when !!!!! /drool
  12. grats to you sir ... i may be headed down that road soon too damn addictive machinery
  13. 10.4.8 SSE2 boots to desktop

    no prob ... i love a good challenge Thank you for cranking out a fine product ... ive seen some nice performace from networking and over all OS usage in the 4.8. even for my sse2
  14. 10.4.8 SSE2 boots to desktop

    did you make sure you file sharing and all the goodies were turned on still in your network system configs ?
  15. 10.4.8 kiko (no activity monitor)

    looks like this guy might be having some of the same problem you might be having. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?s=&...st&p=201703 good luck...