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  1. I have adjusted my bios to boot to my HD(and only my HD), it just sits there with a blinking underscore. I went all the way through the installation with Tubgirls disk (first out of three to actually get my AMD 64x2 to get through the instillation. ) It optimized the volume, said it was rebooting and now nothing. Like I said it's like absolutly nothing happenned. I've wasted probably 20 hours so far this week on this project. I'd love to be having sound problems, ethernet problems right now. But I can't even get into the damn OS. I would be glee as a baby with candy if I could be in OSX experiencing ethernet problems right now. Hell even an apple logo would make me happy. 120GB PATA (using all of this for mac) 500GB SATA 4000+ 64x2 AMD MSI K9AGM2 2GB (1x2) Kingston
  2. Yeah, I'm downloading tubgirl as we speak. But I am fully expecting it not to work. I'm not sure if it's against the rules, but the torrent I have only has about 2 trackers on it, do you know of a good source of the torrent so I can load the trackers and get the last 20% or whatever is left done? If it's against the rules thats fine but the DL is going on two days now. I just started my Vista download aswell, so I can quit using my roommates computer if TUBgirls release doesn't work. Thanks //TL
  3. Okay, so I tried this project about a year ago when I had some freetime with a p4, I've been busy since then but now I'd like to pick it up again. I had OSX running great back then, but I've had nothing but headaches with this new project. I've moved to a AMD 4000+ 64x2 so obviously it's not going to be AS easy of a process but I should be able to atleast get passed phase one. Machine: AMD 4000+ 64x2 MSI K9AGM2 2 GB Kingston 500 GB WD SATA HD I have used tried two disks (didn't really want to delve into Leopard just yet) Mac OSx86 10.4.9 (Uphuck v1.4a) The Uphuck version built for AMD's. I boot into the disk and it gets to a screen at which it tells me that I need to Restart my Computer. I've tried a few different things but never got this disk to work (If you have any ideas for getting around this that would be awesome as well!) EDIT: After reading the kernal, this disk had the same problem but skipped over that error somehow. Or possibly that screen came up because of that error. But according to the kernal I'm getting the same error. But the disk only came in at 1.3 GB and I heard some "things" so I decided to go with the JAS disk. CURRENT DISK JaS AMD-Intel-SSE2-SSE3 with PPF1 & PPF2 I keep getting this CPU > num_cpus panic. I've done the whole "-x cpus = 2" as instructed by other posts on other websites. This seems to get me further than before but then I get the same error again. Its like it took that number of cpu's for a while, and then checked again and it was back at the default setting or something. Please help me get this to work I don't want to just throw Vista back on there. Thanks bros Trevor
  4. 10.4.4 Install DVD

    Warnings for your bandwidth limit? What? You get sold bandwidth by how much data you receive? Sounds like Cuba(before they cut off their citizens completly)
  5. Linksys Wireless G - WUSB54G

    In my case and in atleast 2 other people's, the WUSB54G will not work even with the ralink inerds. I openned mine up and it says ralink right on it yet it never worked for me.
  6. 10.4.4 Install DVD

    Your ISP won't ban you unless you get reported, and that's if they're anal. Most ISP's will hardly give you a warning if you get reported. They know when it's serious, and they also know when they're just getting a mass mailer from a company who found your ip address. You're not going to get reported for one, and even if you did, your ISP wouldn't care unless you have a history of warnings.
  7. Is OSX really safer than Windows?

    As have I, yet the longest I've ever had Windows without having to reinstall is about 8 months. I always keep uptodate with windows updates, firewall, av, and anti-spyware, yet somehow something always goes wrong. I look forward to seeing how long this mac installation will survive
  8. Hi, I have 10.4.3 and my system has sound and itunes will play a song but no sound will come. I searched the forum and found the excact same problem but it was never fixed. Thoughts?
  9. fried computer for real

    For a first-generation nerd that guy is pretty damn funny.
  10. will apple 10.4.3 to 10.4.4 update work?

    ^Oye, how do I install the full dvd without whiping my XP partition? I have the universal 10.4.5 disk but it kills my xp partition every time.
  11. Whats does your desktop look like?

    Theme: Royal Vista 1.5 Wallpaper: Deautomate 7.1 by Beaucoupzero (DeviantArt)
  12. Ranting, please don't hate me.

    That's how I feal aswell. I understand that linux can be made to look well, and has the advanced features that Vista will have. But It just takes so much time to customize everything to make it look good. I think the distros should strive to make the OS look great out of the box, not just promise, oh well if you spend hours upon days like these guys did, you can make yours look like the screenshots on our website. Well I don't have that kind of time unfortunitly.
  13. Essential Windows Programs

    Itunes Firefox DamnNfo BsPlayer VLC Player DVD Shrink / AnyDVD Trillian Pro FlashFXP utorrent Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 Alcohol 120% WinRAR Photoshop Office PowerIso
  14. will apple 10.4.3 to 10.4.4 update work?

    I actually made a post of this which is probably at the end of the first page or the top of the second. I tried downloading the update and it didn't work (I was told it wasen't going to work but I wanted to try anyways). I'm trying to find patched upgrades.