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  1. Azureus

    thankz pu7o works a treat!!
  2. [HowTo] Building my first OSx86 box...

    yes i created a small 20 gb partition first and installed osx on it ,, i also disabled beam syncronization still xbench result are the same ill post the results in a while im downloading it now and will make the necessary changes and then get back with results
  3. [HowTo] Building my first OSx86 box...

    I changed my Hard disk to a Hitachi Deskstar 7kt250 but my xbench scores didnt differ they r still the same !! its still 80 also i disabled quarts extreme but its still not making a difference in my xbench scores.. am i doing some thing wrong ?
  4. [HowTo] Building my first OSx86 box...

    alright then i guess ill hold on to it untill some nice drivers turn up
  5. [HowTo] Building my first OSx86 box...

    i still havent received my hard drive ....anyways advice me on buying a Graphics card for my board ..which is fully compatible with macosx .. coz im bored of not watchin movie and i want to dual boot this machine with windows on another hard drive and run my HTPC .. so basically i need a graphics card compatible with both
  6. 10.4.4/5 199$ mac

    need some kext pm me too.. ive received a lot of help from this forum .. bearcat , bofor and many more
  7. [HowTo] Building my first OSx86 box...

    Thnkz bofors i should say lovely tutorial ....im out tomm to buy a 250 gb hitachi ..also i checked out on the different sku's you got but its basically the same drive with both the numbers written on them http://geek.pricegrabber.com/search_techsp...asterid=8451346 i hope it helps speed up my xbench results !! also if theres anything else i should know before buying it let me know '. or anyother hard drive better than this one .
  8. [HowTo] Building my first OSx86 box...

    thankz bofor the hitachi's are available here ,so i guess u just saved me alot of money ....thankz again.. is there a difference between these 2 drives ? if there is which one to buy ? http://geek.pricegrabber.com/search_techsp...asterid=8351965 http://geek.pricegrabber.com/search_techsp...asterid=7831125
  9. Zydas is working on an x86 wireless driver

    yeh im waiting for the zydas x86 drivers too ....i have a planex g card ..wid zydas 1211 chip ....just waiting for the x86 drivers
  10. [HowTo] Building my first OSx86 box...

    hi bofor ....i see you know the best deals around ,, could you tell me where is the best deal for a 36GB raptor 10000k ? also ive never ordered online ..i buy it here locally in india ....but this hard disk aint available ..so give me a little knowledge about how much are the charges for sending it to india if i order from new egg or somewhere ? is there like a lot of duty charges ?
  11. building my own mini

    looks lovely let us know when ur getting done with it
  12. utorrent for windows azureus for mac ..pretty good never crashes and i download a lot wid good speeds
  13. please give me a link if anyones got a port scanner working for x86 ?
  14. 10.4.4/5 199$ mac

    the Mobo i recommended is a DDR board (D915GLVGL) ,,but it aint got an agp slot .. its got a PCI EXPRESS
  15. any one got a nice port scanner working on a Hackintosh ?