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  1. Cool, trying this now. Mark
  2. Where is this file? 'com.apple.Boot.plist' - there is one in the Extra's folder and another in the /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration folder. Which to I add the ethernet entries into? Can you post example of yours? Mark
  3. Having no luck. Can boot without CD now - good. No audio, wireless or ethernet - bad Useless lump of laptop at the moment. arrrrrhhhh.
  4. This is good stuff. Installing now. Already got my Dell Mini 9 installed and working great and the install on my 1720 has 21mins to go... then the difficult bits start.. hope I dont muck it up!! Thanks mate Mark
  5. Veeoh

    Temperature Monitoring

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a temperature monitoring program for Windows XP running on an Intel Mac Mini dual core? I tried MotherBoard Monitor 5 but wasnt sure what board to set during install and it plain didnt work with my selection! During the 'heatwave' in the UK my mac is getting pretty hot in its location in my TV cabinet and I want to have some protection to shut it down if it gets too hot. Thanks all! mark
  6. Veeoh

    New release: Apple Boot Camp - 1.0.2 Beta 1

    can anyone extract the new windows drivers? not got access to a mac to mount the dmg and am having large issues trying to convert the dmg.
  7. Veeoh

    10.4.6 Applications Won't Launch

    is this an AMD machine?
  8. Hello, I have installed MacOS 10.4.6 onto a firewire external drive, and was wondering now how to get the machine to boot off of it Is this indeed possible and if so how? Muchos Gracias. Mark.
  9. Veeoh

    Skype unibin is out..

    nope , doesnt work for me..
  10. Veeoh

    Hi, I am new....and would like help.

    tomato torrent or Bits on Wheels
  11. Veeoh

    Boot Camp Guide Draft

    pretty much nailed that on the head - nice guide.
  12. Veeoh

    Leaving soon..

    Good luck - did 13 years in the Royal Navy Its fun, enjoy it. =V=
  13. Veeoh

    omni driver for ATI with QE/CI/GL

    What a {censored}..