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  1. thanks guys, I'll have another go very soon - I ran out of time through the weekend
  2. Man o-man, I've forgotten everything I used to know (and that wasn;t a lot) 4th install, I can install 10.5.1 Kally and upgrade to 10.5.2 easy enough but the graphics are hosing my system. Ive tried this titan route and also nvinject postr install Questions: in 1a can I just drag and drop? and then open terminal and type in the chown / chmod line? in 1b the same file is marked for editing twice, readin through the thread, do i just edit that one and not the other two (dalseman & geforce)? Do I add the new string on, or delete the old ones and replace it; and why does it not have the form 0x00c810de&0xff0ffff that is noted elsewhere in the thread? Can I edit this by copying and pasting the info.plist file to the desktop, editing it there and copying and replacing it back? When I do this do I need to do anything before rebooting Jeez this is like walking thru treacle coming back to this.......steep relearning curve If there is a complete step by step somewhere, can you please point me to it, thanks!
  3. "..If only it were so easy for ATI... " I'm back after being away for 2 years out of the loop, so this made me laugh out loud remembering how I bought an X300 to get the screen resultion change Wow, big progress, I'm installing 10.5.1 right now, and this thread is EXCELLENT thanks a lot **check out my old sig the dell 9300 is back to the 6800go and the other laptop is now an M90, thats next if I can get this running lol
  4. go on then, boot your macbook pro into windows and run 3dmark5 from futuremark and see what she (x1600) does No goading you, I'd love to see myself, and yes I know its synthetic but it gives a good indication of what frame rates you can get in the current demanding games
  5. ZX81

    Software Piracy

    I buy games to support the coders (and they are cheap), but do infrequently torrent apps because they are so expensive (geared to industry). I tend to torrent tv shows and books/audio reqularly. Incidentally try adobe darkroom in windows, its a free beta download, awesome (so far!)
  6. ZX81

    3 words story

    made Jas stay
  7. ZX81

    3 words story

    slipping on KY
  8. ZX81

    3 words story

    a pink g-string
  9. ZX81

    Sex before marriage?

    ahh all this uninformed adolescent angst what a load of cobblers. ONe good shag and you'll be good as new. Kickers gentlemen, get of the soap box think about getting into those knickers How can you be a sexual guru if you afraid of knickers? NOw thats a question and a half. Discuss, in your own head only, please......
  10. http://www.thinksecret.com/archives/macosxleopard/0608wwdc/
  11. ZX81

    Sex before marriage?

    ..and that would be why you posted/lamented your girlfriend is leaving you to go to the states?... to get some north american timber?
  12. http://www.dailytech.com/article.aspx?newsid=3001 NVidia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! macvidia and _np are already poking at the kexts Yeeeehhhaaaaaaaa
  13. Hi gang, I need help here, my system just boots straight to osx without letting me enter any boot options I need to start as -s so that I can delete some kexts which are hanging my system at the apple logo (happened when trying np_ 's beta 2 build 2 driver) I have 10.4.6 image running on a second internal drive. I am using chaino and boot.ini to get the osx start option. Here is my boot.ini file in windows [boot loader] ;timeout=10 default=multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS [operating systems] multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition" /fastdetect /NoExecute=OptIn C:\chain0="Mac OS X" I cant for the life or me remember how to set the boot options, I hit F8 on laptop powerup which takes me to os selector, either windows or osx, but when I move the cursor to osx it just boots immediately. I had a previous install which let me enter the boot options for OSX I can also use acronis os selector (its deactivated now) but that too just boots right away with no option to set boot options Any ideas? I have done numberous searches, no results, thanks
  14. I snagged the jas dvd from the pirets bay Doing an complete reinstall, but cant select the individual patches on installation, its either all toggled on or all toggled off.................thats weird, now I can select individually on 4th attempt, booting now Used this workaround from Bodoche: (THANK YOU VERY MUCH BODOCHE!!!!!!!!! (&JAS!!) ".... post May 10 2006, 02:31 AM Post #213 Microsoft Bob * Group: Members Posts: 2 Joined: 14-February 06 QUOTE(bodoche @ May 8 2006, 11:38 AM) * I've the same problem, though for me it's more about AppleIntel8264XEthernet.kext and IOPCardBridge that don't load. I have also something like this : IOPCardFamily differs from requested version com.apple.iokit,IOPCIFamily. I have a IBM T42. I've tried with 10.4.6 JaS, 10.4.5 universal intel.amd ss2.ss3 and 10.4.4 that is on the JaS DVD ( i just don't install the upgrade 10.4.4 to 10.4.6). hmm... I solved my problem. For some unknown reason when I reinstalled JaS 10.4.6 I had a beter result : - after installation, if I reboot, the DVD still inserted I got a kernel panic - if I remove the DVD and reboot, I get the famous b0 error. kernel panic error : - boot on DVD, once the installer there, open a terminal and copy from the DVD the mach kernel to your HDD cp /mach_kernel /Volumes/<your HDD>/ (I also copied mach, but I'm not sure it is necessary) b0 error : - it doesn't work because your partition is not active, therefore you cannot boot from it. solution - boot on DVD, open terminal - execute diskutil -list and keepnote of your HDD, mine is disk0, the mac os partition is diskos1 on my computer - execute fdisk on your disk + fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0 + p (display partition) + f 1 (will flag the partition 1 as active) + write - reboot and it should be ok. I hope there is no mistakes, I wrote this by memory. good luck!........"
  15. ZX81

    intallation problem and B0 error

    http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?showtopic=17843 see if this guys work around works, did for me with my b0 error
  16. This 15.4 notebook looks to compete head on with the new mac notebook Looking the specifications of processor and graphics options (ATI 1400 imminent seemingly) it shouts compatible to me anyone got one? they are much less than a mac notebook dell canada site, canadian dollars http://www1.ca.dell.com/content/products/p...DHS1&l=en&s=dhs
  17. you guys made the beeb http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/4816520.stm
  18. maybe we should send him an nvidia card
  19. yes it works great, you need the IO80211-wireless kext search 1450 in hardware section, and there is a thread with the kext you need, and instructions how to load it; its back a few pages cheers It was in drivers in hardware Here you go, works great: http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?showtopic=8275
  20. ZX81

    X700 and other PCIE ATI Radeon finally work

    ok ok ok, I ment wake me up when we get higher than 1024x768 on an X300 in a dell 9300 with a 1440x900 native screen (back to sleeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppp .......................
  21. ZX81

    X700 and other PCIE ATI Radeon finally work

    wake me up when 1. you can get higher resolutions on an X300 or, 2. nvidia drivers materialise (c'mon diegomax share the work load with the community, its not as if your going to get any cash for your troubles anyway) meanwhile, back to windoze........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  22. ZX81

    X700 and other PCIE ATI Radeon finally work

    Well my 7800gtx is back in.... Without the resolution being able to changed from 1024x768 it doesn't make a difference to me have QE or CI for web and mucking about Handier to have the nvidia card in for XP work too
  23. ZX81

    The funniest collection of funny headlines

    Here's another frm British paper: "Sterility may be inherited"
  24. ZX81

    X700 and other PCIE ATI Radeon finally work

    I tried hooking up to my LCD desktop panel which has native resolution of 1280x1024, still only get 1024x768 (My laptop has 1440x900 native) I edited the com.applebootlist file correctly I am booting using acronis bootmanager which takes me to the darwin bootloader It says Vesa 2.0 ATI X300 Mobility 127mb, M24(?) Initially I thought it was the screen as dictating the resolution as other dell 9300 users or dell 6000 users with a higher resolution native screen can get higher resolutions in tiger But the external monitor has not changed anything, unless tiger still thinks its seeing the laptop LCD How do you boot 10.4.5 if you get a higher resolution, why does it say Vesa 2 when it has this ATI workaround Could do with some help here, I'm stumped thanks
  25. ZX81

    Intel (R) PRO/Wireless 2200B/2915

    You can get a working in OSX86 dell truemobile 1450 on ebay for $25US or less