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  1. cpu-z under windows http://www.cpuid.com/cpuz.php
  2. myzar

    Tubgirl 10.4.10

    the 6100 on board gfx doesn't work don't install the nv driver
  3. It doesn't like the dvd reader u are using , it's not uncommon . Install it in vmware on the native partition , mount the iso with dtools , vmware iso builtin stuff doesn't work with osx just like your dvd reader
  4. from that blurry shot i can see nforce ata, hfs block errors , ioerrors etc, is it a mcp51 ? Looks like you need to use an ide hd.
  5. myzar

    Safari 3 (Now Windows compatible)...

    Not something to whine about but something to laugh about, safari3 under windows looks like a big joke. You can only laugh at such abortion of a web browser. I can only hope it's only intended to be the iphone sdk where you can test your wannabe javascript programs , because you can't really take it seriously as a browser under win
  6. myzar

    InsanelyMac is for sale

    this isn't exciting at all , anyway we'll see , if it's just a matter of making money it will be quickly boycotted by anyone that matters and it will quickly die and a new board will show up. Don't forget that isn't the moderator but people that post interesting stuff that really matters.
  7. This doesn't make anysense postpone an os just to write a bunch of vista drivers for common hardware. I don't buy it at all. Maybe they finally figured out that leopard would be such a giant failure without adding new features and a new gui
  8. myzar

    10.4.9 AMD Test 1

    you need appleacpi.kext and appleapic.kext from 10.4.8 or try the 10.4.9 beta kernel
  9. myzar

    10.4.9 AMD Test 1

    If you can get in vmware it's either natit crapping out or your id isn't in one of the nvidia kexts or the new nvidia kexts hate your card. First check the id in all the kexts , if it's in try with titan , try booting with -f -x too
  10. myzar

    the new anti vista page on apple.com

    why get an x86 clone with a broken bios and some proprietary {censored} when you can get the real deal for half the price and with the parts you like more
  11. scary i would send anyone using such garbage on vista on forced rehab asap
  12. myzar

    Vista Brute Force Keygen Appears

    nice in the worst case scenario it will take 4251340956347970092761057892936100000000000000000000 years lol You have more chances to win the lottery than generating a working key
  13. HuH so the only reason to get an apple x86 clone is a better looking case ?
  14. Macdrive 6 was junk i don't want even think how {censored} a beta is. My advice stay away from macdrive or atleast backup anything you don't want to loose