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  1. Hey guys... first of all, thanks again for all the awesome, hard work that goes into this. After many hours of troubles and tinkering, I have a fully working "HackBook Pro"... it's a Vostro 1500 with iAtkos V 2.0i My laptop does not have bluetooth, but I want bluetooth... so I ordered a 355 bluetooth module from Dell (it's only 20 bucks)... my question is: once I physically install the bluetooth, will OS X recognize it upon reboot? Or, should I plan on a re-install of the OS? Does anyone know? Thanks in advance.
  2. First of all, I know this has been discussed. I've read post after post of possible solutions and still... NO luck. I have a Dell Vostro 1500 and I installed iATKOS V2.0i ... I used Kristoff's guide for iATKOS v1 and went through the 11 minutes and 20 seconds "waiting period" and I'm in Leopard right now... it's working BEAUTIFULLY (unless I reboot). If I turn off the laptop or restart, I get nothing but a blinking cursor. I tried: repairing the MBR using one of the tools on UBCD and Hiren's boot cd I tried: fdisk -e /dvd/rdisk0 update f 1 w q reboot I tried installing with Darwin efi and non efi. I tried setting AHCI and ATA in bios... still, blinking cursor. If I boot with OS X dvd in dvd-rom drive, I get the black screen and I try waiting the 11:20 but it doesn't work... it only works the first time during initial install... so as long as I don't shut off my computer, this is working very well... (sigh) My Specs: Vostro 1500 / Intel X3100 graphics (yes I ticked that on install DVD) / 7200rpm 160gb hard drive / 4gb RAM I had a Dell 1395 wifi card that didn't work so I ordered a 1390 and had it shipped from Dell. I put that in and it worked right out of box, so that was nice! I just can't figure out this boot issue. If I pull up SYSTEM PREFERENCES / Startup Disk / the only startup option is: network startup... it doesn't even show my Mac drive! I tried adding boot flag to disc using gparted. Note: I formatted drive as MBR... I tried GUID but I got an error message and it wouldn't even install. I'm losing my mind here. If anyone has solved this issue, PLEASE help me out. Thank you in advance. I really need to figure this out. If someone makes a suggestion that WORKS, I will send that person $25 through PayPal. It's not a lot, but it's a little "appreciation" if someone can help me.
  3. iATKOS v1.0i Dell Vostro. Need Help

    I am having the same exact problem... I have the 1395 as well and I can't get it to work =-(
  4. Vostro 1500 Darwin "stuck"

    So, I brought my Vostro 1500 to work with iAtkos v1.0i ... I put the disc in and Darwin bootloader comes up and says "press any key to insall Mac OS X" ... I press a key and it keeps recycling to the "press any key" it doesn't go past that... now, I have the instructions from Kristoff where it says to pull the power cord out when the screen goes blank... I forgot power cord at home... is this my problem? I mean, it seems kind of strange the "no power cord" would cause Darwin to stick at the boot screen... I made sure BIOS was set for AHCI and Flash Cache Module is OFF... do I have a bad disc or is this really because I'm running on battery?
  5. Question about iAtkos 1.0i

    I'm in the process of downloading iAtkos 1.0i ... it's only 2.44 gb ... is this right? I thought most of these were around 4.3 gb ... does anyone know?
  6. Wow... AWESOME, well-written guide... Now, I found iAtkos 1.0i.iso and I'm downloading it. It's only 2.44 gb ... is this right? I thought most of these were around 4.3gb... Am I getting the right torrent?
  7. Not sure, but if you find out it might not be (or if you don't want to have to build) I have a perfectly working "hackintosh" I'm selling: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...c=47759&hl=
  8. Computer For Sale

    Never Mind... computer is SOLD
  9. X1600 X1650 Questions

    I appreciate your input and I did search a LOT and I had problems in the past too (with 10.4.8) and each time I posted a question, no replies. I appreciate when I do hear something, but I spent hundreds of dollars trying different hardware that (according to HCL and here) work. Then, I sell the parts on ebay and lose more than half what I spent... it's getting too expensive. I'm thinking I should just stick with 10.4.7 ... works great with my hardware. I apologize if I sounded ungrateful... I'm certainly not... this whole OsX86 things has shown me how great Apple's OS is and when I can afford it, I'm going to buy an iMac. So, thanks to everyone for their hard work... I just don't have the patience to keep upgrading... and have it not work.
  10. X1600 X1650 Questions

    So, I spend two and a half days downloading 10.4.8, burn it, back everything up (always a good move) and try to install... only to get a "errors occurred, try installing again" (or words to that effect)... I give up. I went back to 10.4.7 with GMA900 and I'm selling my video card on ebay. I asked for help on here and I notice people are less helpful these days. I see a lot of posts where nobody answers. We're not all super-techies and a little nudge here and there is really appreciated... I guess I'll just stick with 10.4.7... (sigh) My hardware is supposed to work with .8 but no go I guess
  11. X1600 X1650 Questions

    maybe part of my problem is I'm using 10.4.7... time to upgrade maybe...
  12. In regards to Asus P5GV-MX ... does anyone know if Mifki or Semthex Kernel is best to use with 10.4.8 on this particular board? Thanks...
  13. System Profiler Fix.mpkg

    Colonel... thanks so much for the FAST reply and the link... appreciate it! Also, in regards to Asus P5GV-MX ... does anyone know if Mifki or Semthex Kernel is best to use with 10.4.8 on this particular board? Thanks...
  14. System Profiler Fix.mpkg

    I have an Asus P5GV-MX mobo and I found a link for a few fixes for using 10.4.8... one of the things was to d/l System Profiler Fix.mpkg ... I clicked the link and got a "page not found" ... does anyone have this file? Or link me where to d/l ... please and thank you !!!
  15. X1600 X1650 Questions

    OK... I've read forum after forum and the HCL 10.4.7 wiki... the HCL list shows the Gigabyte X1650 pro PCI-e as being compatible with 10.4.7 using Borisbadenov patch. So, I bought this card and ran the patch and rebooted... just got a blue screen. So, I wiped the drive, re-installed 10.4.7 with the ATI graphics patch on the install disc... same blue screen. I then read a post here that said that patch doesn't work with the 1650, just the 1600 1800 etc... can anyone confirm or deny? I was trying to use the DVI... is that my problem? Is there a way to get the 1650 to work with 10.4.7 or should I buy a 1600 pro? HELP PLEASE... or should I try installing 10.4.8 ??? Does anyone know if that has built-in drivers that work with 1650 ???