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  1. modbin

    APFS.efi without verbose boot

    Try this. I didn't test it! It's up to u. offset 0x48A46 original 0x75 replaced 0xEB
  2. modbin

    APFS.efi without verbose boot

    apfs-748.1.46 offset 0x3DE7E original 0x4D8B4E18488D0D492F0300488D15692F030041B85A030000E860670000 replaced 0x9090909090909090909090909090909090909090909090909090909090 offset 0x3F81A original 0x75 replaced 0xEB offset 0x432EB original 0x74 replaced 0xEB offset 0x44559 original 0x55 replaced 0xC3
  3. modbin

    SMC keys knowledge database

    Anyone knows the SMC key for fdesetup authrestart?
  4. modbin


    You can see the Firmware error in install.log OSInstaller[599]: ROM Features failed to open IORegistryEntry! Which means u don't have IODeviceTree:/rom@0 but something else.
  5. modbin

    Clover General discussion

    It is already working. Not that far away. You posted there already. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/313468-smc-the-place-to-be-definitely/ No, it's not qemu. It's running on the QUO Mobo. And yes it's using SMM.
  6. modbin

    FileVault 2

    'fdesetup authrestart' stores the FV2 unlock key in mem and on supported machines in the SMC. That happens if u upgrade OS X on a FV2 Volume on reboot. No need to enter the passwd on the FV2 uefi unlock screen.
  7. modbin

    Clover vs Ozmosis...

    Use bcfg cmd from inside the shell to add drivers/apps. This info is there for more than 10 years now though.
  8. modbin

    Clover General discussion

    Dear Slice, pls send probing in Linux and Windows of that http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/313468-smc-the-place-to-be-definitely/?p=2301381 Otherwise it's just {censored} and u successfully made an efi app to print some info
  9. modbin

    SMC The place to be, definitely!

    Can u probe it in Windows and Linux also?
  10. modbin


    boot0ss is part of a legacy bootloader like chameleon. Which means u r booting legacy using the CSM...
  11. modbin

    SMC The place to be, definitely!

    It's a virtual device created on firmware level. U can access it within any OS booted by the firmware. It is still accessible after the EFI Exit Boot Services Event.
  12. modbin

    SMC The place to be, definitely!

    Nope, it's a software based SMC running on AMI Aptio. You can probe it in Linux, Win, OS X or in Shell like above. The main thing is u can boot OS X without fakesmc.kext.
  13. Try with the original firmware and let us know.
  14. That is on vanilla firmware or Ozmosis?