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  1. I recently installed OS x86, and I think I need the Castillo drivers to allow me to change the resolution. After some googling I found the Castillo main page, but it appears to be down. Is there any other place I could find it? Thanks.
  2. I'm thinking about building a new computer in the coming weeks. I don't need the absolute top of the line performance, but I'd like to get the most for my dollar. I was thinking about some kind of Radeon X1800 PCI-E card, but DirectX 10 concerns me. I don't play games as much as I once did, but every once in a while they're still great fun. My question is, if I bought a current generation DX9 card today would it be compatible with the DX10 games of tomorrow? I'm not sure if this is something that a mere driver update could fix. If in fact DX10 cards will be completely different it seems like a good idea to hold for a while before building a new system. Thoughts? Suggestions?
  3. Which part of the US is the best

    Obviously people are going to vote for where they live... But Upstate NY in the late summer / fall is absolutely beautiful. Otherwise Northern Cali sounds nice.
  4. Linux vs. OS X

    Excellent point. Compare linux 3 yesars ago to linux today. Imagine 3 years from now! What if then, and even now, you could buy a computer with Linux pre-installed and all hardware configured? Maybe there could even be classes that show you how to install programs. (Not using the command line, but something like Synaptic) Then I don't think it would be that difficult for the average Joe. This is a major difference in the main 3 OSs. Linux does not (I know it does, but it's not at all common) come preinstalled on computers. Look at all the problems we're having installing OS X on our own...
  5. Whats does your desktop look like?

    My Windows desktop: My Ubuntu desktop
  6. Windows Genuine Advantage (spit)

    Best workaround I've found: Go to Google, type in "mublinder", click I'm Feeling Lucky
  7. My advice would be if you want a computer to only run windows, then buy a computer that's built for windows. Also, the heat from the MacBooks should be a huge deterrant. From personal experience I'd say a Turion 64, or even better, a Turion 64 X2, is a great mobile processor. VERY low heat, and great battery life. www.mwave.com You can customize a notebook there, or browse a multitude of pre-configured options. HP / Compaq also lets you customize to order from their site.
  8. Linux vs. OS X

    Couldn't have said it better myself. Only I'd like to add is that once the steep Linux learning curve peaks it is wonderful. It took me a little over a month, and about 5 seperate isntalls of Ubuntu Dapper to get things right, but once I did it's been all down hill. OS X is very nice, but I feel it is limiting and at times even frustrating for a more advanced user.
  9. Ubuntu the evil bizzle

    Just remember, MacOS X works on VERY limited PC hardware. While Ubuntu, and Linux in general, has MUCH wider hardware support, there are still configurations that just don't play nice. I run Ubuntu on my laptop as its only OS, but the LiveCD doens't even boot on my desktop. Rogabean - What don't you like about Ubuntu?
  10. Waiting

    I'd say it's worth waiting not for the graphics, but to see what CPUs will be used next. The Core Duos are nothing to write home about and in some cases are not even fater then a G4 or G5. It may be worth your while to wait for a Core 2 Duo Conroe or whatever mobile equivalent of that exists in the coming months.
  11. Am I correct in assuming that a Pentium D 915 Presler has the same architecture of a Pentium D 930 Presler and therefore is just as compatible with OS x86?
  12. The price of an Apple

    After doing a little research and comparison shopping of my own I see that you are correct. Mac's really aren't overpriced for what they are! I guess what I really want, in a perfect world, is to buy some new parts, use alot of what I already have, buy OS X and just install like I would Windows or Linux. That way i wouldn't have to buy an entire new system. I've also found that the reason I thought Apple's were overpriced was due to the fact that Apple only uses relatively high end hardware that just plain costs that much. My current laptop has a Turion 64 CPU with the ATI Xpress 200M chipset. This was a relatively inexpensive ($900) computer, even when upgrading to 1GB RAM and a dual layer dvd burner. This computer runs Ubuntu Linux (quite well I might add) and I see no reason to need to revert to Windows. Although it probably won't happen and I fully understand Apple's reasoning for NOT doing so, it would be very nice to have the freedom to use Apple software and not be required to use expensive hardware.
  13. Dubya's forign policy, and now as we are starting to see the reprucussions domestic policy as well, was horrific right from the start. Iraq is spiriling towards civil war with no end in sight, his administration has not addressed environmental issues one iota, they let a major US city fall off the map (New Orleans), and I think the US deficit speaks for iteself. But George is not the only one to blame. It's the whole neocon / corporate entity (Cheny, Wolfowitz, Exxon Mobile, Halliburton, and the like) that has crippled the world. The elections this fall will be crucial to progess.
  14. Yeah High School has become rediculously easy. They don't teach you anything of real importance, it's just regurgitation of facts. I think I've learned more in my first two years of college then in all of high school. But if high school was run like college half the US population would be dead due to alcohol poisoning. lol
  15. I've been scouring the HCL to find the compatible hardware, and all the entries for the Core 2 CPUs say they work 100%. But this doens't make sense to me becasue there is not one motherboard listed as compatible that supports the Core 2 Duos. Anyone know how the 965 chipset plays with OS x86? Maybe something like this Intel board? http://www.intel.com/products/motherboard/dg965wh/index.htm I would assume the audio and the new inegrated video are not compatible. If that's the case what boards are people using with the Core 2 Duos?