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The Ultimate Web Browser


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This article marks the beginning of a new series we’re starting for the community - The Great Debates. Every few weeks we’ll ask a poignant question regarding some controversal or important topic affecting Mac users.


We really want to involve the entire Mac community in these discussions... not just our forum members. So invite your friends. ;) Think of it like a pick-up game of basketball that’s open to everyone but just happens to be hosted on our court. (We're opening up the discussions to non-forum members to contribute as long as the ability isn't abused!)


We’re kicking it off with one of those frequent existential crises for most advanced computer users. What Mac internet browser is the greatest?


The choice is made a little simpler in Windows - one of the biggest choices, IE, is automatically out of the running, leaving most geeks to choose between Firefox and Opera.


The situation gets stickier with the move to a Mac. Not only do you have Firefox and Opera (and IE, that monstrosity), but a host of other choices, not the least of which is the standard OS X browser, Safari.


So what is your browser of choice and why? Which is the best and which should reign supreme? Is it important that some browsers need plug-ins or extensions to match the functionality of others? And what about the all important open source factor? What factors are you still looking for in a browser?


What say you?

On Mac I'm all for Safari. Even since the Public Beta, I've been a Safari fan all the way. It seems to be the fastest and the nicest looking. If they could just get a Windows port, that would be a dream come true.


For Windows, I'd have to go for Firefox. IE is nice, but it just doesn't have all of the spam blockers and virus protection that Firefox has.

In my opinion, I like browsers that are easiest to use and organize. I use firefox because it has a great popup blocker, tabs, and a download manager. It is also easy to clean the temporary files, and there are tons and tons of plugins.


I like Safari too, but I'd rather just stick with FireFox because I am so used to firefox.


IE = Terrible. That's all I can say. IE7 may have features, but where do you think microsoft got the ideas for IE7? IE sucks.


Opera: I've never really used it, but I've heard it is the very best. But I don't want to say anything until I really use it


In My Opinion, the best browser is Firefox because it is free, safe, easy and customizable

My current favorite is FF for os x. But there are some "glitches" i've noticed.


- if the left mouse button is held down too long, the right-click menu pops up

- tool tips show up randomly onscreen

- text cursor gets stuck when it's not above the ff window

Opera 9 has just captured my Default Browser position. Camino is second on my list followed by Safari. I like Firefox for XP but I find OSX has much better options for surfing.


Why I like Opera, well its simple and clean. I have found that it displays some pages I visit quite frequently better than Camino.


----Forgot to Login!!----



I use Safari almost exclusively, Put simply I like the look of it!


The piece of safari I find invaluble is the text size button, its amaysing how often I -lose- my glases...

Opera anywhere!


I use Opera 9.0 on my OSX and XP as default. I am using Opera Mini on my Java Mobile Phone too! :poster_oops: This is the fastest web browser ever! Plus ad/popup-bloker, download manager, widgets and more...


FireFox is too slow with TONS of loaded plugins... sucks!

I always said opera, ftw and I'll keep saying it


I've been using it for years now so it's never been about the compatability and the such cos back in the day it couldn't display anything remotely useful. It's just the ease of use. They did tabs long before anyone else, and mouse gestures, and keyboard shortcuts and they did them all so well that nobody's been able to match them since. Still nobody has the contained windows that opera has in windows and linux (though not, that I've ever been able to tell, in OSX, which the opera forum people tell me is because it doesn't fit with the OSX style). Evrybody else just wants to be like opera.


Also, the text size thing, opera was doing that when firefox was just a tinkle in some programmer's eye, more to the point it does it for the whole page, got to love the zoooooooooooom.


I'll also say that camino is very pretty, it just is.


Oh, and, this is my first post round these parts, hello.

I like to have the same browsing expierence across all platforms so I use Opera.


I know that Firefox is cross platform, but for some reason i think it is weird on OSX.


I will use Camino and Safari on occasion, but over all Opera can't be beat!

Hands down camino is the best. I recently downloaded the addon camitools which basicly turns it into an opera killing, firefox bashing machine. Camino is pretty, smooth and easy to use...truely a pleasent browsing experience. Occasionally I will use Safari though.


Don't really see what all the fuss was about with Opera. When I was distro hopping I would use opera just because it was more stable than Firefox and better than that pitiful Konqueror. The mouse gestures are a nice thought...but clunky to use. Everybody is doing tabbed browsing today (except Microsuck IE ) so that's a given....and I don't give a {censored} about themes. Just give me a style that matches my OS and I'm good. I don't want some glossy black style with glowing blue buttons...what a f***ing eyesore. One thing Opera did get right was the saved sessions though....but I have that on Camino thanks to Camitools.

Although I'm primarily on Windows, I'd have to say FireFox for both Win and OSX. I haven't had much use with FF OSX, but if it's any good on a Mac as it is on Windows, then that'll be my choice.


The few times I have been on OSX for surfing I've used Safari and aside from afew differances (like clicking on the refresh button, instead of pressing F5 on the keyboard - although, I wonder is this a Mac thing or just a Safari thing?), I like Safari.


@colonels1020: If Apple could port over more than just iTunes, that'd be awesome. In addition to Safari, I'd like to see iPhoto and iCal ported over for Windows.



for windows, i choose FireFox, for OSX i have to go with Shiira.

they both are very very fast, and have great support for websites...


but i still need my IE as some parts of my university websites require use of IE...

thats pretty sucks... another thing is for some reason web admins here in israel

like to use web based video players such as castup and such... unfortunatly they work only on IE... some of them kinda support FireFox... but most doesn't...

On Windows it's crystal clear - Opera 9.. on MacOS I'd still choose Opera, but Camino is close second with highly applish style.. Firefox is pointless in comparison..


just bring me mouse gestures system-wide in OS X just like on Windows using StrokeIt..

Opera is by far the best.


It works on Windows, OSX, and Linux. It saves your tabs when you close the window, which is essential for me. I know its possible to get a firefox plugin for that, but Opera just seems to much more advanced.

Camino, hands down. I'm too used to Mozilla browsers to switch to Safari, although it is nice. Also, Firefox development is slowing recently. Releasing early and often (the open source way) isn't quite working anymore since the project is bloating a little bit. Camino still has that open source edge.


Also, Firefox looks like pure {censored} on the Mac. :(


Camino's got what I want, so I'm good.

Opera, never change although no plugin


why i will choose a browser which i cannot use plugin?



>Fast surfing

>less Ram requirement

>Mouse Gesture

>Session Saving (open from last time)



>quick search(g abc, google abc)

>tab recycle



>slow surfing

>ram eater

>no mouse gesture inside but addons

>no session saving but addons

>no notes but addons

>slow search



>no mouse gesture

>no session saving but addon

>no notes

>slow search

>slow surfing


any reason for you still using safari / firefox?

I like firefox. Opera didn't used to be free, I mean honestly free without forced advertising. Is it free now? If so then maybe I'll try it again - it is a nice one. but firefox has one drawback and so far IE is the only browser that does this right:


tabbing through html forms that contain select and checkbox/radiobutton elements only works properly in IE. Firefox, Safari both skip over dropdowns and checkboxes. Try logging into gmail and tab to the "remember me" checkbox. only works in IE. try entering your address with a province/state dropdown and a country dropdown. only works in IE. You have to manually click on the item in the other browsers.


If Firefox/safari would just get that fixed then it would be nearly perfect. If it is fixed then let me know, but I use firefox every day and it hasn't ever worked for me...




On Windows: Big duh there, firefox


but on OS X I would have to say that there is a 3 way tie for me because I constantly switch between camino,firefox and opera although I guess if I had to chose one that I liked the best it would have to be camino, its visually stunning and simply put a very nice browser. Opera and firefox dont look to much different than there windows counterparts and run about the same as they did on windows so Im pretty much used to them as Ive been using them forever. So I guess just because, without a good reason; I like camino a little bit more than firerfox and opera but I use them all about equally lol. oh and IE for OS X shouldnt be allowed to be on the internet ^_-. (or on anyones mac for that matter)

Guest Guest

Opera is now completely free for personal use from a money point of view. That is to say, you don't pay forit and there are no adverts but it is closed source.


As for remember me cookies and the suchI find they work most of the time in fx under linux.

All I know is that the 2 biggest programs I use at work need ie6: Marketlinx Tempo, online banking, and quickbooks Online. Nether one runs on a mac (any browser). I am lucky though codeweavers chose me as a tester from crolssover for mac. I can run ie6 right from osx. It has some buggs and it is slow to launch. I perfer just launching parallels.


Anyway... I wish that safari or firefox would get what ever it needs to run those applications.

I do like the way Safari renders pages, the colors seem alittle crisper or something. But my browsing habits make Firefox the browser I use most. I seem to frequently want to just drop firefox. I don't like it as much as I do on Linux and Windows... I think I'll try Shiira again today.


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