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I've never installed Chrome on any computer I've used, primarily because Google is satan and I trust that company about as far as I could spit a seed.


I started out using Safari, and switched to Firefox. Only recently installed and started using Opera.


My understanding is that Opera is best for slow internet connections (DSL) and slow or memory restricted computers, and Firefox is better for fiberoptic/high speed cable with plenty of hardware firepower.



You have no idea how good is Chrome;)

from such a product to make meaningful bad is just totally idiotic ;)

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There was a time when Firefox was a reliable browser, loved by everyone. Small incremental releases where there to fix bugs. Then this madness of jumping release numbers began, just because Chrome was doing the same, and ever since at every new release Firefox brings some new problem. Unfortunately all browsers are {censored}, as are most operating systems (I have especially in mind Windows 8 and Linux with its crappy desktop environments and drivers), except maybe for OS X. If I only could I'd give up computers altogether.

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I was particularly bitter when I wrote the above. But basically I haven't changed my mind.

Nowadays you don't know if the worst {censored} comes from Microsoft or from open source.

Firefox shove down our throat frequent updates. Almost every new release brings new bugs. I have set Firefox to never check for updates, and I keep using the last good working release for a long time. I have seen many Linux distributions doing the same. Often annoying bugs get carried through several releases, like the very annoying "close multiple tabs" confirm message, even if it is disabled.

And then we were shoved some crappy Linux desktop environments, like KDE 4 and Gnome 3. No wonder Linux doesn't manage to go much above a 1% market share. Honestly, if in the past I recommended Linux to friends and relatives, now I would never do it.

Open source developers have an incredibly inflated ego. True, they work for free. But what about users' satisfaction? Once it was paramount. Not any longer. I'll never forget KDE developers saying "Who needs users".

Apple could take advantage of this, if it weren't for their blind hardware policy.

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Alessandro, don't think i have any intention of being a pain in your OS, if you forgive me the lousy pun, but it's the second time you make a statement (the first being here: #8 ) that could lead people to think that Aaron Seigo was the author of the infamous "who needs users" motto. This is not only false (source: http://aseigo.blogsp...ealization.html) but rather unjust, since not only he didn't write that, but also he spoke strongly against this attitude, as you can see in this excerpt from his answers to the comments in his blog's post i linked, and i quote:


Aaron J. Seigo said...
> Aaron, you've become very patronising.



f you read half the email i've received in the last day and a half, you would be amazed at the level of naivety that people posses on these topics. which is fine, because i'm naive on virtually every topic in the known universe of thought. i don't go around lecturing plumbers on how to install toilets or architects on how to make blueprints, though. i like to think i have slightly better sense than that.


now, i've received some really well thought out arguments, both pro and counter to my blog, and i appreciate those conversations.


it's the ones that say things like "who needs users? we'll always exist even without users or developers or resources because it's Free software and Free software never dies!" or "it's all about choice! you can't limit my choices!" that are so blatantly off the mark that make me take a step back and consider the level of understanding among the people who have visited my blog over the last few days from /. (my blog is not intended for that audience, btw)



I think it was not your intention to wrongly attribute anything to Aaron Seigo, and you probably are used to talk to people who follow the Linux scene and know the facts. But many (in this forum, i'll boldly guess most of) people doesn't know the facts, and Aaron can end up bearing the stigma of other people's sins. Sorry to bother you with that, but since the hackintosh scene is itself growing in relevance and you're one of its leaders, i think this had to be clarified.


All the best!


P.S.: on the topic, Safari is currently on a status where - at least in OSX - has more integration and cool features than any other browser, so i think it's Safari FTW.

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Theconnactic, it is perfectly possible that I am wrong. As I have already said recently, being the administrator of InsanelyMac doesn't make me a god.

It should be seen how this urban legend about Aaron Seigo came about. It is something which happened many years ago, so you don't find a lot if you google.

All I could find is this: http://news.cnet.com...9981288-16.html and it seems to prove that you are right.

I'll replace Aaron Seigo with "some KDE developers" or something to that effect.

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Firefox everywhere because I like firefox for It's multitude of add ons, and extension support even on android!

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