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    run osx apps on linux?

    no probs, I prefer the new title, though I fear the topic may have died a horrible death
  2. shadebug

    run osx apps on linux?

    I did a quick search and found nothing and I figure this is the place to ask. So anyway. There must be a linux/unix program for running OSX apps in much the samke way that wine runs windows apps. For those of us with incompatible hardware or who worry about the dubious legality of actually running osx86 on anything other than a mactel it could be very useful. Now, as a bit of a layman I would assume that an osx runtime environment type thingy would be far easier to build than wine since osx essentially runs on a unix anyway, though I may be wrong. I only ask becasue I was sitting in the #wine channel on irc and somebody was asking about running photoshop on wine. It occured to me that a buttload of software that doesn't run on linux is natively supported on osx, not to mention any of my osx games. Either way, I've drawn this out far too long for what'll probably just be a load of responses linking me to the thread that already exists about this. In short, is there a program for running osx apps in x86 linux?
  3. shadebug

    The Ultimate Web Browser

    I always said opera, ftw and I'll keep saying it I've been using it for years now so it's never been about the compatability and the such cos back in the day it couldn't display anything remotely useful. It's just the ease of use. They did tabs long before anyone else, and mouse gestures, and keyboard shortcuts and they did them all so well that nobody's been able to match them since. Still nobody has the contained windows that opera has in windows and linux (though not, that I've ever been able to tell, in OSX, which the opera forum people tell me is because it doesn't fit with the OSX style). Evrybody else just wants to be like opera. Also, the text size thing, opera was doing that when firefox was just a tinkle in some programmer's eye, more to the point it does it for the whole page, got to love the zoooooooooooom. I'll also say that camino is very pretty, it just is. Oh, and, this is my first post round these parts, hello.