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  1. Hey guys check it out! I remembered seeing an awesome uTorrent application that was rejected from the official Apple application store so i went looking for it in other places on the web. It turns out that the developer has just done some touch ups to make everything 3.0 savvy and has released the app for free on a site called the www.theiphonebay.org . Its an awesome app and its very well designed! check it out and give it a download. http://theiphonebay.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=297 PS: Heres a screenie from the site i linked to
  2. http://theiphonebay.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=21 Check it out guys :]
  3. how dare they get some money for spending alot of time on the site....what a travesty.....>_>. Come on dude I was just saying thanks cause I like the site, no need to come in and be dickish and sarcastic.
  4. I just wanted to say thank you for your dedication to keeping this site alive and fresh. We members who have been around since the beginning (some of us who were lurkers like myself back in the early days) are very opinionated and arent afraid to let you know about how we feel about our community and how we think things should and shouldnt be, but i just want you guys to remember that i myself and im sure all the other members are appreciative that you care to keep this place going. I decided to send this message out to you guys because i see a lot of negativity on the forums as of late and i figured you could use a little positive response. So thanks from a long time member and even longer time lurker. Grav3Mind
  5. Feedback on new website!

    yeah Ed that totally makes sense, i didnt think about that.
  6. Feedback on new website!

    AAPL stock spark Def. loading much faster now. was taking anywhere from 10 seconds to 30 seconds before, now its around 1 or 2. and yeah i knew about the widescreen mode i just thought that maybe there was a way for you to code the frame to be adaptive and stretch everything instead of one boxframe if one post is much larger than the others.
  7. Feedback on new website!

    I def like the new layout. looks good on my widescreen I think as of now i only have 3 things that i didnt like. 1. the add at the top is ridiculously huge and sticks out like a sore thumb. totally takes away from the cool theme. 2. AAPL widget still not working *EDIT: Works (after a long loading period) in Safari and IE7. But does not work at all in FF for me. 3. I think that the "News" and "Forum" could be different or cooler and also all those icons all togather are to big (possibly just because of my big widescreen monitor) and just something that i thought would look cooler would be to give the bar thats right below the "news" "Forums" and all that, a gloss look and possibly make the blue a bit darker. (this obviously isnt a bug or whatever lol its just a suggestion ) Ok i gotta edit this for a bug update Shouldnt the whole frame stretch instead of just the one? I deem this photo titled "lol wut"
  8. Are Mormons Christians?

    Pro Troll. you dont care about any of this, you only care about getting people pissed off. Go to 4chan or something.
  9. Georgia Guidestones Defaced

    *hands you a tinfoil hat* good day sir.
  10. I Couldn't Believe My Eyes

  11. You mean other than this? because this is the solution i got from JaS himself.
  12. at boot just type maxmem=4000 (i do 3850 just to be on the safe side..and if this doesnt work then try all the way down to 2000 and if its still happening then this isnt the root of the issue) For those of you who care WHY this fixes the kernel panics, it has to do with Jmicron Sucking ALOT....because anything 4 gigs and above jmicron cant handle in osx..i guess it goes into a seizure or some thing if your rig is awesome :] PS: IF this works then you can add it to the boot.plist to automatically do it so you dont have to type it EVERY time your system starts :]
  13. I get random kernel panics when doing to much

    Well i have 4 gigs of ram exactly. Would that cause it?
  14. i just dont understand it. if i leave the computer on for to long or if im doing something intensive like running parralelles or something demanding like that its prone to Kernel panic. I thought maybe it was a heat issue but i looked at the fans on both my cpu and my grfx card and there both working...however it doest look that there ever changing speeds, so this could possibly be the problem...i dunno just trying to make sense of this. if anyone has any advice id sure appreciate it.
  15. iDeneb v1 10.5.4

    You make a perfect release then complain :]