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  1. johnniecarcinogen

    Kernel Panic during installation

    Check your BIOS and see if you can change your HD controller from IDE (or SATA) to AHCI.
  2. johnniecarcinogen

    gts450 supported?

    A little slower but on 10.6.6 with the nvidia fermi driver. At least it works.
  3. johnniecarcinogen

    VoodooHDA and 32/64 bit...

    There are 2 separate kexts, google can help you find the 64bit one.
  4. Chicago- just type the flags, the default theme profile was changed and it is just hard to see the font. On the 'purple sata ports', there is an option in the BIOS under integrated peripherals (not the top) that is by default IDE (jmicron) but can be changed to AHCI.
  5. Are these kexts also 64 bit?
  6. johnniecarcinogen

    jailbreaking question

    If it is unlocked you can use a non at&t (or whatever wireless service Apple wants you to use in your respective country) sim card and the stock apple os. The only hitch is that you may lose some minor service functions like the visual voice mail but the phone and apps will work fine.
  7. Basically the title says it all... I've been doing this for a while and I think you guys will like these. Posted here.
  8. johnniecarcinogen

    Firefox 3.0.10 Optimized for Intel macs (osx86)

    I optimized 3.5b4 and it seems to be the fastest, do you know the CVS tag for 3.6a by any chance?
  9. johnniecarcinogen

    Firefox 3.0.10 Optimized for Intel macs (osx86)

    Updated to the current release... Yes, I'm going to try the 3.6 branch out with these optimizations tomorrow.
  10. johnniecarcinogen

    Best OS X install 'Welcome' song

    I think it was the song that played when you installed panther (10.3). /shrug I never had a PPC, tight song/video though: What do you think would fit for snow kitty?
  11. johnniecarcinogen


    Disable the hard drive security password in the BIOS.
  12. ※ 'Betts' icons or 'Carbon' integrated but official 3.0.10 release code used in order to maintain compatibility with extensions. ※ Compiled with gcc 4.2. ※ No PPC code. ※ Optimized for core2duo+ processors. ※ Localized builds. (the more popular languages this time) Download Here.
  13. johnniecarcinogen

    iPhone video recorder (broken)

    *edit, cant keep it from crashing* Poor quality and rough but I've done the hard part, here's a proof of concept. I have been able to get better quality/resolutions now. I have to ssh into the phone to get the files atm, but I am glad i got it working.
  14. Sell it and get a Blackberry. Or make the iPhone do what you want.