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  1. Brings back memories. Good times. I remember copying one of the first VMware images over to a second hard drive, setting it as master, and booting it. It was 4AM and I screamed, I was that happy. I also recall testing br0adband's copy of 10.4.4 before he released it to the world. Man, that was a lot of fun.
  2. Who is Mash?

    Well then, I'll be damned! It'd be nice to know your name, Mash.
  3. You need to check your grammar. 'It's', not 'Its' on that last sentence. I could understand if this is IRC, but this is front page news. Just letting you know. ~Expo
  4. OS X Annoyances

    Hey, it's good old Exposay with a few things. First, awesome idea Mash and company! Second, an idea for an app. Windows that snap to the edge of the screen! Just like in Windows with allsnap. http://ca.geocities.com/ivanheckman@rogers.com/ I would love love love love love to have something like this. Anyway, keep up the good site work guys.
  5. Where's MacVidia!?

    Okay, so it isn't coming to an end... But where can I get the driver right now?
  6. Where's MacVidia!?

    Looks like we're both SOL. Damn.
  7. Where's MacVidia!?

    Both links no longer work. Anyone have an archive?
  8. The Ultimate Web Browser

    Camino, hands down. I'm too used to Mozilla browsers to switch to Safari, although it is nice. Also, Firefox development is slowing recently. Releasing early and often (the open source way) isn't quite working anymore since the project is bloating a little bit. Camino still has that open source edge. Also, Firefox looks like pure {censored} on the Mac. Camino's got what I want, so I'm good.
  9. Mash, you screwed up on the font on the front page. Fix, pronto.
  10. Windows Media Center 2005 Patch!

  11. All I can say is, "Awww, {censored}."
  12. How long until this happens again? http://digg.com/apple/OSx86_Project:_Repor...tly_Exaggerated