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The Ultimate Web Browser

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Guest Guest

I find the best bet for sites that only allow IE is to just use an alternative, I try to even the balance by encouraging sites that don't allow IE ;)



Opera, never change although no plugin


why i will choose a browser which i cannot use plugin?



>Fast surfing

>less Ram requirement

>Mouse Gesture

>Session Saving (open from last time)



>quick search(g abc, google abc)

>tab recycle



>slow surfing

>ram eater

>no mouse gesture inside but addons

>no session saving but addons

>no notes but addons

>slow search



>no mouse gesture

>no session saving but addon

>no notes

>slow search

>slow surfing


any reason for you still using safari / firefox?


This is your opinion not mine :P


I still love Safari, for me is very fast, is visual-clear and simply to use, very very light and reactive. The User Experience is better then on any other browsers and it don't kill you with useless notification as "Are you sure you want to open 1500 tabs?" it do that without any problems like the finder does with folders and documents (not like Windows)

The only lack of Safari is the incompatibility with some sites, that's why I use Camino sometimes.

FireFox suck on the Mac. And Opera is good right, but the user interface... it doesn't make me feel at home and the labels are quite difficult to organize.


So I think


for Mac: Safari


for Windows: FireFox

Firefox runs faster for me than IE in Windows, plus it's an actual decent browser, so I use it in Windows. Firefox also runs faster than Safari and has less problems (I don't have 3D acceleration in OS X), so I use Firefox in OS X as well. The linux distrobution I use comes with Firefox, so I use it.

Windows: Firefox

Mac OS X: Firefox

Linux: Firefox

Guest Mohannad

Easy one for me


Mac: Safari

It's so simple and such a clean interface. Im not really into customizing and having 10000 buttons on my browser. Safari in general is very straight forward and works very well. I've had less problems with it than with FireFox


Windows: IE

I know I know, I'm going to be eaten alive for picking this but frankly, it works and it works well. It is a security risk like crazy but I'm running my PC under Parallels anyway so it really isn't that big of a deal for me. No shared stuff and I use it mainly to either test my web pages (so IE is a must) or to run beta programs and stuff on there. In any case, I don't care at all what happens to my Windows install because I can just re-install in about an hour.

On Macs I mostly use FireFox. There are a few little things about Safari that bug me, and there are a few plugins that I really like to have around. The thing that annoys me most about safari (and maybe it's just me) is that it seems to be a huge struggle to get it to actually stop loading a page when you click the "stop" button.


On windows (when I am forced to use it), I use FireFox or Opera. Mostly FireFox.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall... what's the best browser of them all?


"That's easy" the mirror said, "the best browser is Camino - I swear on my head".



Yep, I like Camino. It's firefox, but more beautiful. Start up time is short, tabbed browsing is easy, and I like it (although I still have Safari and regular firefox installed).

since i switched to mac i've been using Opera i find it to be much more powerfull than firefox which requires a lot of plugins/extensions and such.. the only disadvantage is that it's not open source.. still it's free.. i heard a lot of good things about Camino.. i might just give it a shot..

Safari is a decent browser.. if i were to choose between it and firefox.. i'd go with Safari cause it takes up a lot less resources.. and is just as fast

On mac, safari. It's what comes with OS X, works nicely and streamlined for me, and is perfectly fast with my 8Mbps cable connection.

For Windows IE7/IE7+ on Vista. I know this may get eaten up, but as long as I browse safely, and have an AV, IE is fine, and it's the fastest browser I've ever used, it's very compatible, and I just like IE7+'s interface. IE6 is fine for Xp too.

Linux/Unix/BSD: Firefox. Opera to me is just trying to be too much for a browser, while it's lightweight, and sometimes debatably faster, and does pass the ACID test, it just has too many incompatabilities for me. It is easier to compile though. Not only that, but most distros just come with Firefox/Thunderbird/Sunbird already included, and they're integral to the system with custom theming and auto updates.

Overall: I'll take IE7+ on Vista first, Safari on Mac second, and Firefox on Linux third.

since i switched to mac i've been using Opera i find it to be much more powerfull than firefox which requires a lot of plugins/extensions and such.. the only disadvantage is that it's not open source.. still it's free.. i heard a lot of good things about Camino.. i might just give it a shot..

Safari is a decent browser.. if i were to choose between it and firefox.. i'd go with Safari cause it takes up a lot less resources.. and is just as fast


Firefox is open source. :graduated:

Guest Brainscan

OmniWeb hasn't been mentioned.... It has my favorite implementation of tabbed browsing, and a unique widget that lets you edit the content of a textarea field in its own window. Essential for how I maintain web sites.


For most of my surfing, though, I use Safari.

Simple for me: Firefox, which I personally consider the best application of all times (maybe rivalling GNU Emacs and LaTeX, ok, but...). All three of these app's always worked just perfectly for me on both platforms I use (*nix and [although only when forced :graduated:] windoze) - I do not quite understand people complaining that this or that does not work: a friend of mine insisted on using the old Mozilla suite 'till about a half a year ago (yet, now he's hooked on FX, too)...


Why FX? Main reason: Plugins, which you do either not get for Opera and Camino or, as for Safari, they even ask money for those plugs... I use quite a list of them, too - of which the essential ones are:

  • Fasterfox (ok, could do without, but its sooo nice...)
  • Adblock & Filterset (you get something similar for Camino afaik)
  • Tab Mix Plus (omg, how can you call it "tabbed browsing" w/o that one???)
  • Biobar & bioFOX (yeah, I'm a Bioinformatician, therefore...)
  • Web Developer (another "couldn't live without it")
  • GooglePreview (ok, thats pure Geeky-ness)
  • Bookmarks Synchronizer (yet another must with 4 machines in different places... and no, I am not willing to pay for .Mac if Linux offers such functionality for free!!!)
  • Sage (love it, all my RSS feeds, BlogSphere stuff etc. neatly packed...)
  • VideoDownloader (Google)

As long as this list is not nearly met by any other browser (even Safari's pair-for-use plugs don't support this list), there is no question about browser preference, but hey, then - taste is something you don't argue about :D. Ah, and before I forget, the main reason: FX is Open Source and Free Software, the best thing being you can progg your own apps into Gecko using FX/XUL as "frontend"!!!



In Vista Beta 2, my preferred browser is absolutely IE 7+


In XP, it is withoutadoubt Firefox


If I am ever to get a computer preloaded with Vista or upgrade my current rig to Vista, I will probably permanently switch to IE 7+.

Windows = Opera 9

Mac OSX = Opera 9


I have been a fan since the late nineteens and have tried all the other browsers daily but nothing works as great as Opera. And to not worry about extensions is great!!

I'd personally have to say my choice is Firefox. Why?


As a web developer its important to have a browser than can help debug sticky situations. I write a lot of Javascript, and deal with CSS daily so its important that if an error presents itself, the browser can do most of the work for me without me going insane. Safari is instantly out of the running because its Javascript implementation simply isn't up to scratch (it even tells you so!), and Camino (although very lovely, personally my second in line) doesn't have the necessary addons (that I'm aware of) to make it a powerful developer tool aswell. Firefox simply stands out with addons like Firebug, CSSViewer, and most of all the Web Developers Toolbar. I would like to make the switch to Camino - but from what I believe the tools just aren't there. I would love for someone to correct me though.


In summary...


Firefox, Camino, Opera, Safari, lynx :)

Mac: Opera w/ Safari. Sometimes Opera for Mac is annoying. 9 rocks though.

Windows: Opera. There's no other choice. Seriously.

Linux: Opera on a fast machine (QT bogs on slower ones), Firefox on a slow one.

both camino and flock are reat. i personally like the look of flock better, but they both are built on mozilla technology. in windows i wouldnt be caught dead using IE. firefox is what i use in XP.

Guest Guest

You know, a program sometimes just has to feel good. Do stuff you expect it to do. Have buttons where you expect it to have. Show you feedback when it's doing something, and on what it's doing. 99% of users don't care about fancy plugins, extensions or the like. They just need to search stuff in Google, to check their webmail, open some basic pages.


On Windows, IE7 is starting to look good. You get all the ActiveX niceties/nightmares AND tabbed browsing. The first beta(s) (I just tried the first and the latest) had a lot of problems with rendering, the last one(s) don't/doesn't. The interface is over-simplified but not as bad as Firefox's. I still find the necessity to reload a page whenever you decide to download content or activate whatever was considered insecure, unnecessary, but apart from that it's real-websites-out-there-compliant, fast, easy and goodlooking, and of course very well-integrated into Windows.


On OSX, Safari is definitely the worst "mainstream" browser out there. Full of rendering bugs, terrible debugging, javascript anomalies... it's a nightmare to develop advanced web-based applications for it. Then again, it seems to run Flash content (which more or less guarantees compatibility) faster than the other options available on this platform.


I've got a serious personal problem with everything Mozilla-related ever since I took a look at its source code , and I don't like the security problems I read about. Moreover I especially hate its Spartan interface which more than anything else exhibits an inability to simply organize a GUI that demands to be more complex, so Firefox is not my choice. I also seem to have a complete disinterest in each and every fancy extension they develop for it... I just need a browser that works, that works quickly, and that renders the damn stuff the way it was supposed to. BUT that treats me as a user that knows what he is doing, out-of-the-box. Which, I know, places me outside of its target group. Anyway, Safari being that bad, it might be considered an option on OSX.


... which makes Opera the best choice on OSX. Personally, I find the default GUI style it shows on OSX quite disgusting, but that's easily fixed by installing another skin. It...just...works. And it's fast. And on Windows, tests say it's the most secure browser. One of the few things I don't like about it is the lack of feedback you get while loading a page; the only 'advantage' Safari has for me on OSX, and only important for those on a slow connection (I'm living in small village in Spain...).


Thank God the banners have gone, and I hope Opera has got a long future ahead of them, as they seem to make very solid products within a solid philosophy. The kind of program you'd wish existed as open-source...

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