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  1. The Ultimate Web Browser

    don't know what exactly you mean by that but: you can select a pop-up progressbar at the bottom of page with detailed info while loading the site or simple progress indicator within the adressbar while the page loads you can as well choose to have a delay between first reception of data and start of actual rendering, which is defaulting at 1s if I'm not mistaken, or you can turn it off so the page renders instantly as the data come in.. this provides you the 'feedback'? in any case - if it's sensible, there sure is way how to do it in Opera, w/o any plugins.. (really the only thing you need to do apart from personalising settings is find the right skin for the OS you're running in)
  2. The Ultimate Web Browser

    On Windows it's crystal clear - Opera 9.. on MacOS I'd still choose Opera, but Camino is close second with highly applish style.. Firefox is pointless in comparison.. just bring me mouse gestures system-wide in OS X just like on Windows using StrokeIt..
  3. ALPS Glidepad beta driver

    I'm on Dell D600 with ALPS Glidepoint 4.34 or so loading native in 10.4.5, working just fine, but no scrolling etc. after I installed this driver, mouse stopped working.. tried deleting the files that were installed, but the mouse didn't came on until I replaced the ApplePS2Controller.kext from a backup made on 10.4.3.. anyway, before and after install it was still detecting ALPS 4.34, the difference was that the mouse didn't work but i got the missing options in mouse preferences.. tell me what to do to help you with debugging, I have to say I didn't try the debugging kext yet, should I?