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  1. Take One, Leave One

    Admired ______________ Spit or Swallow?
  2. Conroe Mac Pro?

    Did you update to 10.4.8? I have a MacBook also.
  3. Conroe Mac Pro?

    I was snooping around some files after updating to 10.4.8 and noticed a new string in /System/Library/SystemProfiler/SPPlatformReporter.spreporter/Contents/Resources/SPMachineTypes.plist MacPro is listed twice MacPro1,1 PacPro1,1,Quad I wonder if that means there is going to be another Mac Pro release without quad processing or just the upcoming Mac Pro with 2 x Core 2 Quadro.
  4. Stoplight 1.0 Bugs

    Bug: Maximizing Terminal.app shows two title bars but disappears when you resize the window. Bug: Cannot remove an item form the exclude list after it has been added. Edit ~/Library/Preferences/com.fluoridatedcode.stoplight.plist to remove items.
  5. FTP on a MBP running OS X

    If you just want to access your FTP server read-only, you can use Finder. Command + K opens the "Connect to Server" prompt. Type in the ftp://address of your FTP server.
  6. Mash's RAM Problems

    I order all of my ram through newegg.com. I just browse through the comments to see if people had any compatibility issues with the ram mobules.
  7. Macbook roast

    You can run two instances of chess (drag a copy to your desktop) and set both to computer vs computer. That will definately peg the processsors at 100%.
  8. borisbadenov ATI X1000-series Solution

    I may have an idea to get dvi to work. After playing around with my MacBook and adding an external display via the mini-dvi to dvi adapter, I noticed that I can set which display to act as the primary display. I sold my hackintosh a week ago so I can't try this out. So if you have a working setup but are looking to get dvi work, try this for me. 1. Boot with the display connected to the vga port. 2. Edit ATINDRV.kext: <key>IOMatchCategory</key> <string>IOFramebuffer</string> to <string>IONDRVFramebuffer</string> 3. Delete the kextcaches & reboot. 4. Open System Preferences > Dispalys If I remember correctly, this will give you an new option in the display preference pane for monitor expansion / mirroring. You should get something like this: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?act...ost&id=2779 5. Select "Arrangement" 6. Try and drag the menu bar from one display to the other. (Not the actual menu bar but the representation of it in the preference pane) 7. Switch your display from the vga connector to dvi 8. Reboot. Let me know if this works or not.
  9. I got a new virus idea

    If i remember correctly, the purpose of a virus is to continuously infect other computers. It's not practical to have a dead "host".
  10. If I remember correctly, XP only supports up to two processors. Not sure if that includes two dual core processors.
  11. Yeah, i tried it this afternoon. And now i have an Asus EAX1600XT on order...
  12. The first thing you can do is fix the logo at the top of every page. The reflection effect is cool and all, but the "y" is off.
  13. 2GB (2x1GB) PC2-5300 DDR2 667MHz CL5 200-Pin SO-DIMM Patriot Signature PSD22G667SK FREE SHIPPING http://shop4.outpost.com/product/4789099
  14. New Flip4Mac Beta Posted

    http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en it's finally out of beta