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  1. xequence

    The Ultimate Web Browser

    Opera is by far the best. It works on Windows, OSX, and Linux. It saves your tabs when you close the window, which is essential for me. I know its possible to get a firefox plugin for that, but Opera just seems to much more advanced.
  2. xequence


    Winamp is horrible in my opinion, almost as bad as iTunes. Yes, I am on a mac (sorta) forum posting that I hate iTunes as a player =P When I get OSx86 installed, ill hope for a foobar2000 port to OSX. Or use it in darwine.
  3. I thought vista didnt run at all in vmware, as it only emulates a 16MB video card. Is it different in the new beta?
  4. xequence

    Legalize it?

    Legalize weed and some other drugs (Shrooms, LSD) but make other drugs like Cocaine, Heroin, E, etc, more illegal. Its simply priorities. Do you want to take the time to arrest someone with some weed, or would you rather arrest someone with cocaine?
  5. xequence

    Best Software Names

    Azureus is a cool name.
  6. Google. I HATE yahoo! I dont want a clunky bloated page with ads :/
  7. Takuro, those are nice =) If I get OSx86 running on my computer ill have to use one of those.
  8. xequence

    Unsatisfied with OSx86?

    XP only crashes for me when I open up UT99. The video card driver fails or something. But that happens very rarely...
  9. xequence

    Vista Gaming (a resource hog)?

    I think it will be slightly better then that for the final release. It will take people awhile to start using it for games.
  10. xequence

    How Many Progs can YOU run?

    You mean unlike their windows cousins ;P
  11. xequence


    You can use ubuntu install cd to install grub. Just basically stop the install as soon as possible and skip forward to install grub, dont install the accual OS if you dont want to. (Just google for "restore grub with ubuntu cd" or something)
  12. xequence

    Linux Needs...

    Wow, you honestly burn dvds with the console? O_o K3B, Graveman, Gnomebaker, etc I dont know about any other distros, but I do know all you need to do is a simple command that is in the ubuntu guide to set the root password. I used linux and it worked great. I know nothing about editing or compiling anything to do with the kernel, or anything else for that matter. I dont know what a plist is ether. OSX just works because it is on apple hardware and is really integrated and stuff. Now, take that away, and youve got OSx86 =P Works great for some, but needs alot of other work for others. (Like kext, whatever that is ) I dont see what is so great about photoshop, but I do know people like it alot. And iTunes...? Why? It is horrible. If anything, foobar2000 should be ported instead
  13. xequence

    DVD image hangs in vmware

    Wow, thats a good idea Ill try it, thanks EDIT: Did that and got an error: http://www.wezlanator.com/image/users/xequ...x86%20error.png Ahhh! Another Edit: It seemed to work =) Thanks alot I am installing to vmware right now
  14. Ok. My specs first: AMD Athlon 64 3400+ Venice (SSE2 and SSE3 supported) ATI Radeon Xpress 200 Integrated Graphics 512MB RAM 200GB 7200RPM SATA ATI RS480 Chipset (says north bridge) and ATI SB400 (says south bridge), but another page on Everest Ultimate says the chipset is ATI Radeon Xpress 200, AMD Hammer Realtek RTL8139 Fast Ethernet Adapter (PCI) ATI SB400 AC'97 Audio Controller (PCI) And the computer is an HP Pavillion s1129n, if that helps. Oh, and it's a desktop. I have a dvd image of osx86. It is MacOSX_10.4.4DVDPATCHED_Myz. I have vmware 5.1 and when I load it up it seems to hang right after the black "darwin x86" screen. There is a light grey background with a darker grey apple logo and a little spinny thingy below it. I have had it on for about 40 minutes now and it doesent do anything. Yes, the spinny thingy spins Does anyone have any idea what is wrong? (Yes, ive searched around. Hopefully I didnt miss anything addressing this same problem though) I have around 230MB RAM allocated to it. Basically I want to try out to see how well I could install OSx86 in vmware before I accually install it on another partition. So, with that said, so I dont have to make a new topic about it, also... Anyone see any problems with my hardware for OSx86?
  15. xequence

    The ethics of file sharing

    Why? For every song/movie/application pirated there is no way every one of them would have been bought. No chance. I doubt anything over 5% of the pirated stuff would have been bought, and its probably much lower.