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  1. I use an external usb floppy drive that I picked up on the cheap. Works fine
  2. 10.5.6 Released!

    Running iDeneb 10.5.5 - Vanilla Updated to PC_EFI_v9 Patched DST Used ~PCWIZ OSx86 Essentials Downloaded the Combo Update Installed > Rebooted > System Rebooted again > Logged in Had to reinstall Audio driver for ALC888 Got that from ~PCWIZ OSx86Tools From about this mac CPU shows 4ghz, I think I need the SMBIOSResolver to fix, is this right?
  3. I've been running a hackintosh since the days the first Dev Kit CD came out. And I haven't had a problem, sure a few failed updates, but now the I'm running a vanilla kernel, this thing is rock solid. I say go for it!
  4. Hey JaS thanks for the release!! Much Appreciated! So I'm trying to get this on a IBM Thinkpad T42 SSE2 ATI Radeon Mobility 9600 After it installs it hangs for a while at InterfaceNamer: Unable to update UUID it will then boot, but it takes me to a Blue screen with just the mouse Boot with -x and i can get it in OK. I had to install PS2 support, and I think Intel Chipset Drivers and the old USB kext. I thought I would just post my results for anyone else with a T42!! Thanks again JaS!!
  5. @BuildSmart Are you still looking for info I have a Intel DG31PR that I can run this util on. If you want.
  6. @InsanelyOne Try this, it's an old trick that we used when we would have issues with our Dell's at work, Dell told us to do it. 1. Take out the Battery 2. Take out the RAM 3. Take out the CD-ROM Drive 4. Take out the Hard Drive Now let it sit for a while like over night and put everything back in starting with #4 - #1 Try booting. This used to work every time we had Latitudes that wouldn't boot, or had display issues. That Lappy would be fine for 6 months to a year, and if it happened again we would just do the steps again. Hopefully it will work Good Luck!
  7. I'm trying to get Leo installed on a Precision 470 also, but I keep getting a "Waiting for root device" Did you get this also? If so how did you get around it. I have a SATA drive in this thing also. Maybe I need an IDE........
  8. try this somewhere on the keyboard you should have a way to use an external monitor. On my IBM its Fn+F7, yours might be the same. Or it could be Shift+F7 usually it is a function key that has a little pic of a monitor on it. So when you get to the grey screen, hit Fn+F7 or whatever your key combination would be. See if that gets you to the login screen.
  9. @uPod So you can get it to load? But on reboot you just get a plain blue screen? Do you get a mouse?
  10. [How To] GMA900 with QE and CI support on Leopard.

    Have you tried the paperclip trick on the external vga port? I have a x41 running Tiger. I used to have to press fn+F7 while booting until i put a small piece of wire jumping the 2 pins on the external port. Search the forum for the exact pins. Works like a charm though.
  11. TabletMagic for TabletPCs

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! I was able to line the pen up with the cursor and no more drifting to the left!!!!!!!
  12. TabletMagic for TabletPCs

    @_azure What are the values for your tablet on the "Extras" tab. I have an X41 and the cursor drifts as i go from left to right. Thakns
  13. PC to elaborate a little on Wayfarer's idea, the ability to fix the permissions on maybe just one kext. For example you edit info.plist, then you just need to fix the perms on that 1 kext and empty the cache instead of having to fix all the kexts.
  14. TabletMagic for TabletPCs

    I have also found this info for an IBM X41. Tried the values but didn't work for me. I'll post it anyway incase someone else has a X41 (==) Wacom using pressure threshold of 15 for button 1 (==) Wacom General ISDV4 tablet speed=9600 maxX=24576 maxY=18432 maxZ=255 resX=2 540 resY=2540 suppress=2 tilt=disabled (==) Wacom device "stylus" top X=0 top Y=0 bottom X=24576 bottom Y=18432 (==) Wacom device "cursor" top X=0 top Y=0 bottom X=24576 bottom Y=18432 (==) Wacom device "eraser" top X=0 top Y=0 bottom X=24576 bottom Y=18432
  15. TabletMagic for TabletPCs

    @Scott Thanks for all your work on TM. I found this on thinkwiki for the X41: Section "InputDevice" Driver "wacom" Identifier "cursorCW" Option "Device" "/dev/ttyS0" Option "Type" "cursor" Option "ForceDevice" "ISDV4" Option "Mode" "Absolute" Option "TPCButton" "on" Option "TopX" "500" Option "BottomX" "18000" Option "TopY" "-6000" Option "BottomY" "18500" EndSection Section "InputDevice" Driver "wacom" Identifier "stylusCW" Option "Device" "/dev/ttyS0" Option "Type" "stylus" Option "ForceDevice" "ISDV4" Option "Rotate" "CW" EndSection Does any of this help with finding the values to put into the extras tab? I tried the BottomX and BottomY values but it still drifts as it moves to the right.