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    msi wind wifi?

    nothing has moved with WIFI nor Sound input for a while now as the replacements are 'cheap' the interest has faded its a shame because the 4211 and wind lovely machines with osx!
  2. adurbe

    Need a Kext Hack (8187SE)

    No luck so far :-(
  3. Its all about finding out WHY it disdnt work... Did you have kexts installed for your graphics card for example? were they updated in the update? Just because you selected vanilla does not mean you can use all the updates from apple
  4. adurbe

    Need a Kext Hack (8187SE)

    If all goes to plan Ill be installing iAtkos v4i on my Avent 4211 on sunday Ill try my best to get the wifi up and running! Wind isnt a wind without wifi!
  5. Downloading now Im going to be trying this on my MSI p965 Neo (old version all worked except sata which I updated later) But also.. I have a new toy to try it on!!!!!!! An Advent 4211 p.s. And advent 4211 is an MSI Wind in disguise
  6. Using an sata dvd drive I have booted and installed leopard on my sata hardisk using iatkos 1.0i For some reason my new install seems unable to show anything connecting to the jmicron controller. what it cant see... IDE maxtor 200 gig hd in hfs+j - tiger installed Sata Maxtor 500 gig hd in NTFS (using 'shared jmicron port') - this drive is also not visible when connected to SATA IDE DVD-RW What it can... WD 120 on SATA - leo installed + Vista on 2 partitions, both visable SATA DVD-RW They are not showing up in system profiler nor diskutil. I have installed the kext from my previous osx tiger install (uphuck 10.4.8 r2) which mounts them all fine but still I cannot see the drives! Any ideas?
  7. adurbe

    What is the purpose of vanilla kernel?

    I am running the vanilla kernal and have updates what apple has thrown out so far. please remember I have not yet tested it on a full os update as they havent released one :-p
  8. I have now done a kalaway install EVERYthing works except what is on the jmicron ide channel. any thoughts?
  9. adurbe

    Kalyway IATKOS Blinking Cursor Fix

    I had the blinking cursor, it was in-fact caused by my monitor not being supported! Have you got another 'generic' crt you can try it with?
  10. adurbe

    Leopard on osx86?

    Well done lads, if you are this close its still impressive work!
  11. MSI_p965_Neo_Bios_Screens.pdfRe-adding the screenshots as the old one seem to have died
  12. Well Done!!! Did you have the same bios settings as I used? Did you vmware it also? Did you select the same options as quoted above? Id be interested in narrowing down what the fault point was
  13. I got that error when my moniter was unsupported, swapped it for an old crt and it was happy again
  14. adurbe

    AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Im getting an odd bug In skype when i have a text chat it cuts my sound reselecting the sound device via skypes prefs recognises it again everything else seems to work fine including video and audio chat
  15. anyone having any luck? or questions for that matter?
  16. adurbe

    AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    with the 5.1 setup ichat does not work :-( no audio in either direction with 3 port setup works as expected
  17. been playing around, r3 installs fine using the same method (although mac version of vmware) on the 120 sata on which windows used to reside (using only options listed above)
  18. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry465431 on how to setup 5.1 surround sound audio
  19. adurbe

    AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Worked out how full 5.1!!!!!!!! ok, installed the pkg with 6 ports (not digital) Go into Applications/Utilities/Midi Audio Setup 'Audio' menu create an agregate device and selecting all your outputs select the agregate device click configure speakers - make sure they are all right save it as default output :-D All done!
  20. adurbe

    AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    tried the latest beta sadly to no avail running and msi p965 neo board, realtek 883 - simple sees no sound card only just found your post! Im trying that now ;)works for 2.1 but not up to 5.1... a step closer though :-D giving his one a go now :-)LOTS of posts to go through! You guys have been improving EVERY page!! With 6 ports all ports work!!! now i just need to get osx to use more than one at a time :D
  21. Hello Everyone!Sorry for the delay, moved house and have only just got internet back!!I have attached a pdf containing shots of each of my bios screensworks everytime with Booted into vistaVMWARE v6 (trial version) - other OS (not 64bit) - persistent writing to drive - I installed to a maxtor drive connected to the IDE Options Selected - network and audio disabledInstaller uphuck 1.4i r2 - used as iso and as a burnt CDOptions selected:main sytemazurilia audiorealtek networktitan (for the 7600gs - fully working)ich8 (not the 'r' one)jmicron patchalso i boot between windows and osx using harddisk boot priority in the bios instead of faffing with a boot loader MSI_p965_Neo_Bios_Screens.pdf
  22. Hey legen,I dont have sata converter nor drive. I did a vmware to native install which now have EVERYTHING working (including graphics(CI/QE), sound and network):-)only thing was my acer moniter was not supported but i luckily had an old delll one which was Might take me a few days but i'd be happy to put one together for you (and anyone else who wants it) in the meantime Installer uphuck 1.4i r2 First set the bios to RAID for the chipset (not IDE) VMWARE - using persistent writing to drive - I installed to a maxtor drive connected to the IDEOptions Selected main sytem (bet you never would have guessed ;-) ) azurilia audio realtek network titan (for the 7600gs - fully working) ich8 (not the 'r' one) jmicron patch I decided to install the other applications included also, but not the ntfs-3g as I was more comfortable installng that later (which now works btw)I'll write a more comprehansive guide once I have a chance but hope this helps a litttle in the mean time!
  23. Ive managed it!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D After ALOT of trying ive finally cracked it! Yay! ANYONE need any help with this board i'd be more than happy to help!
  24. Using uphuck 1.4i r2 I can reach the installer Did you use this dvd? What options did you select? It seems to run the installer but it boots to a flashing "_" and gets no further THANKYOU for this, I was litterally scanning around in hope of finding a more compatible MB!! If you can help you will save me circa £100