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  1. From Hackintosh to Macintosh

    RE: gwprod12: "I have to admit money isn't..." This is directed at the point made by gwprod12 (which I do agree with, but I wanted to shed my wordy light on it a bit and maybe put that idea in perspective). Start of a long rant - this isn't meant to disagree with your post gwprod12, I'm just putting in other examples that might expand on things a bit. This isn't actually directed at you accusingly, just amusingly. :-) so you only use an opensource linux distro that has no corporate funding behind it then? Since if you have a problem with Steve Jobs and his management of Apple, the only successful manafacturer of non-windows consumer pcs in the world (IE, only real direct microsoft AND compaq and HP and dell etc etc competitor), then I guess you must have a problem with how every other major entrepeneur pc/computer software ceo runs his business (and I wouldn't blame you). Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Fiorina and Capellas, those are people you wouldn't want to buy a used car from. They're incredibly tough people who have proven themselves as business leaders. The only difference is that Jobs is fighting against all of the others single handedly. He's the opposition. Sort of like Szulik of Red Hat. Another person I wouldn't buy a used car from. So you must be using one of the publicly freely maintained linux systems and using one of the alternative motherboard manufacturers out there like ASrock (good heavens, inconsistent build quality there, I know I own some ASrock stuff myself). Because if you use any pc from any major manufacturer out there, whether or not you run windows on it currently, there was a small $$$ paid to microsoft by the company. And if you hate Steve Jobs, the underdog who is trying to regain his original position as the true creator of the modern personal computer (I know he bought the technology from Xerox, but he's the one who thought to put it into a small complete personal computer).... well then you must just DESPISE the other ceos who team up every day and thank each other for their multibillion dollar share of the world's computing pie. Red hat, mandrake, and many other distributions included. Maybe you use debian on a custom part pc as I do. My linux box is purely mine, I didn't pay the big guys anything to make it. Of course, it's parts wouldn't exist if it weren't for Bill Gates, so in a way even that machine is cause for me not to sleep at night. That's why I'd rather pay for a new Apple product from the man who is single handedly trying to fight the world's computing corporations together as a whole and release his own unique system with it's own ways of doing things. Sure Jobs is a great salesman, a tough leader, sure he used to be famous for firing anyone who looked at him the wrong way (my brother used to work for Apple, although he left on his own terms by his own decision many many eons ago). But if Jobs weren't in charge of Apple it would require someone equally egomaniacal to lead the company or Apple would no longer exist. Remember Commodore? Recall Atari? Great products, great companies, good kind thoughtful reasonable men in charge of the companies. The commodore Amiga was technologically the best computer of it's day. By the way, it was the first computer with a custom created unix-based graphical operating system with unix shells and an alertative windowing environment. It beat out OSX on an Apple computer by about 15 years. But those companies don't exist any more because people like Jobs weren't in charge. Ok, I'm done. that was a fun rant! I feel much better now. Please disregard the whole thing, you're a smart guy, I like your posts, I just had to try to put some equality on this scene - for those people who might be influenced incorrectly by your post, it's not just Steve Jobs who is evil based on your standards. It's every successful computer company's CEO. Of course, like you, that's just my own opinion. Don't bother backing up your claims, I'm not saying I disagree with you. I just wanted to add some other examples to it that, at least for me, are equal or worse than the example of Steve Jobs. Cheers, Dkelley
  2. The Ultimate Web Browser

    I like firefox. Opera didn't used to be free, I mean honestly free without forced advertising. Is it free now? If so then maybe I'll try it again - it is a nice one. but firefox has one drawback and so far IE is the only browser that does this right: tabbing through html forms that contain select and checkbox/radiobutton elements only works properly in IE. Firefox, Safari both skip over dropdowns and checkboxes. Try logging into gmail and tab to the "remember me" checkbox. only works in IE. try entering your address with a province/state dropdown and a country dropdown. only works in IE. You have to manually click on the item in the other browsers. If Firefox/safari would just get that fixed then it would be nearly perfect. If it is fixed then let me know, but I use firefox every day and it hasn't ever worked for me... Cheers, dkelley
  3. omni driver for ATI with QE/CI/GL

    I've got the naked woman feature in one of my own drivers, it's a ton of fun
  4. Digital Performer 5.1 universal binary out!

    Yes but I can't find anywhere on their site if it's a unibin. Anybody know?
  5. the graphics aren't a downgrade, the 950 is superior in many ways to the 9200 of g4 minis. The graphics are upgraded and can now actually handle core image and all of the other osx goodies! Along with 3d, although you'll have to keep the texture rendering to a minimum quality if you're playing 3d games. It will work just fine for this stuff - I don't believe what people seem to have been expecting from the smallest form factor pc ever made!?!? There is NO ROOM for a fancy dedicated graphics card in there, no ability to handle the heat from such a card, no room for a fan for a fancy graphics card (it would have to be shared with the cpu fan which I doubt could handle the extra heat). This is a tiny little computer with seriously high performance, it's the ultimate portable digital audio computer already out of the box (digital in and 5.1 digital out???? that's unheard of in a computer this size and price). The higher priced one has a dual core processor - think about that for a while and stop complaining so much. This blows away most of the pcs and hackintoshes that you're all typing these complaints on. Get a grip - this is a seriously nice machine. It's not for gamers in particular but can handle it ok as long as you understand that you'll have to reduce the detail of your texture rendering - I can live with that ok. It's not now and has never been a PVR. You can buy an external PVR solution for this or any mac from elgato systems which is truly excellent. If you work with pro audio as I do then this is THE system to own due to it's portability and connectivity compared to laptops and workstations. Anyone here who wants better than GMA950 graphics, I would love to see your solution printed on here as to how you intend to fit it in the mini, keep it cool and powered with the standard power supply (oh yes, and as quiet as it is now), and keep the price as low as it is now (599 for core solo and 699 for core duo). If you can present that data accurately and are able to defend your evidence and prove it's possible (in good theory) then I will be the first to back you up and help you to submit your job application to Apple's HW team. PS - I'll be buying one (core duo) once I'm able (buying a house right now so no go on extra toys). Best of luck, dkelley
  6. good idea, however upon reading about it I believe it won't work on the macintel. It's worth a shot though (there's a usb "driver" for osx-qemu that must be installed, I'm not sure if it'll work since it appears to be a ppc only app - you know how ppc and intel apps don't like talking to each other, and how ppc "drivers" don't work on intel systems. So I'll just have to play with it and see I guess. I'll let you know. Anybody have thoughts about the memory error? I wish I could remember the exact error but I'm not near the hackintosh right now. it was a specific type of memory it said it was low on, something dossy like possibly extended memory maybe. UPDATE: never mind, I'll play with it some before saying any more about usb :-). the text made it sound like I had to install a native driver to the host os as well, however there doesn't seem to be one for osx. there is however the guest os patch so I'll try playing with that. I believe though that if usb worked in Q on osx then the Q dev guys would say so in their docs.
  7. update - I tried running Q on a hackintosh with no luck - it seems to run, but my win98 hardfile dies with a lack of memory error (it has 256 megs though) and also I suppose since the hackintosh is using a usb keyboard q doesn't parse that properly or something like that because the safe mode prompts don't respond to keyboard input (press 3 for safe mode, 1 for normal, etc). I'll report my bugs - the usb keyboard thing is probably important for them to know about at least.
  8. Flash with safari 2.0.3 on 10.4.4

    the slidebar flash bug has existed in safari from day one. I'm a web developer and have found it only to happen in safari, not in firefox or anything else. You can't work around it yet - just keep complaining directly to apple about it so they will finally fix that stupid display error! dkelley
  9. first advice, use 0.8.0. Get it from here. Next, go with the oldest windows version you can get away with for the software you want to run. xp is slow under q, 2000 is useable, 98 is actually quite good. ME is newer than 98se but ME has a lot of bugs and mistakes in it's design, so even though you could go with ME you'll probably find that 98se runs better and it runs the same apps as ME anyway. 98SE is definitely better than 98, although I think you can update 98 to 98se if memory serves me - but I've been wrong before. make your hardfile at least 1200 megs to install windows 98 or me, 1400 for 2000 or xp (xp actually REQUIRES at least 1380 megs or something like that to install or it'll error on the formatting stage). once you've created the hardfile, installed the os, tested it, run it etc, if you have to move it from one physical machine to another you can zip it. that'll make it between 3 and 4 times smaller. then unzip (or unrar) it at the other end (for example, on your osx machine). if you install windows 98, be sure to go into the control panels and double click the internet one and start the internet connection wizard (or start the icw however you want, that's just how I do it). If you just double click on IE you'll get the msn dialup setup wizard - ewe, yucky! delete that msn legacy {censored} right away. while you're at it, you can go into your network prefs and delete the dialup options - you only need lan and don't want any software you install under 98 to think you have a modem installed or you'll be in "windows internet setup hell" (patent pending). oh yeah, and to make the 0.8.0 qemu see your native cdrom drive (without having to turn your windows install disk into an iso), setup the QemuMenu.cd file like this: -cdrom \\.\d: -boot d replace the d: with whatever drive letter your cdrom drive is. eg: for f:, it's like this: -cdrom \\.\f: -boot d the -boot d means it'll try to boot from cdrom. change it to -boot c to boot from harddrive. rename your QemuMenu.cd file to something else (like QemuMenu(off).cd if you don't want to boot from your cdrom or from any cd image files. if you do want to boot from a cdrom iso image, drag it into the dos window when prompted by qemu's setup config thingy (yes, that actually does work, but only for isos, not for real cds). UPDATE: one more thing - if you try all this and are still screwed up (ie, don't understand qemu's awful interface on windows), I can post my config file, but it's long and I wouldn't say that I'm an expert at all, just that this is what worked for me. Use at least 128 megs of ram for win98 under qemu unless you don't have much physical ram on your system. 64 megs isn't enough for anything useful with modern applications on windows, even with win98. the os still only needs 64 megs, but apps need 128 to 256 typically at least for fast operation. dkelley
  10. Virtual PC

    this is why I'm currently using Q (qemu for osx) to run windows 98 without cpu emulation on my imac core duo. it's excellent, free (although I donated to show support) and is pretty much the same thing as virtual pc (without a couple of features like drag and drop). down the road virtual pc will be good software for intel macs, but it'll always be behind Q which works TODAY.
  11. by the way, my install of windows 98 second edition on my imac core duo using q 606 runs perfectly, I mean really perfectly, windows update works perfectly, etc etc. Special note though - if you're installing windows 98 and don't have your original key handy and go grab one from the net like I always do (I have an original key, just don't know where it is any more after 8 years), when you install 98 on your windows version of qemu, disconnect your network cable when you come to the part where you enter your cd key. wait until the next screen comes up (after successful key install) then reconnect your network cable. surprisingly enough, windows 98 se actually checks the microsoft site's key database so it'll tell you that your key is bad if you let it check online. if you don't, all will be good, and you won't have to worry again (even with windows update as I've discovered - my install key still works fine). It's a relief for those of us that actually purchased windows 98 se way back when and just don't keep track of 8 year old cd keys very well.
  12. yes, that's how I installed win98 on q (through windows qemu) and got it running on my imac core duo. I copied the hardfile from windows to mac. WORKS!! Just a note - I donated to the Q interface guy(s) (on the q link above) - he deserves it for coming up with a great user interface for Q. OSX is the easiest to use implementation of Qemu anywhere, and although installing oses under Q isn't too reliable yet, running them is excellent. don't forget, they're only in alpha stage right now... give them some time to create a release version of Q for osx and it'll blow us all away.
  13. Windows PE

    Ok - it's been a WEEK since the last post, did anybody actually TRY this? I only just read about it this minute or I would have tried a long time ago. I'm currently working with Q to run win98 on my imac core duo which is fine but rather on the slow side (until the amazing q and qemu coders get further in their work, it's amazing that it works this well already at all!!). If the xp bootable cdrom concept works then it might be a good start. Although it's a pain in the ass to have to boot another OS from a startup cd or floppy, it's how many people dual booten linux and windows for years so it does work and is considered a standard acceptible way to dual boot if one must. Not IDEAL (ideal would be a grub-style bootmenu to choose your os) but still functional. Maybe if the xp cdrom-runnable version works then one could customize it to copy most of the contents to a partition on your mac drive and the cdrom could switch the default windows folder to the hard drive from the cdrom for sake of systemfile reading speed. That's a total layman's explanation and I put no thought into it at all, so probably a ton of holes in the logic. Just a wild thought. What do people (who know more than I) think? dkelley
  14. that's a great sign actually - I'm so happy that Apple are finding and fixing the bugs in their new software so quickly! For the record, I downloaded the updates and installed them (on a hackintosh and an imac core duo) and they work great. excellent bug fixes, Apple's showing that they're listening to complaints, and they're also doing good testing themselves. I have a feeling part of this is because they rushed out the imacs so quickly that they forced the software dev teams to release code that hadn't been as thoroughly QAed as most software should be before release. But either way, it worked great before and it works even better now.
  15. There will be performance and (possibly) display issues on some applications which make extensive use of opengl and/or directx within windows. At least until more work has been done on making darwine route that stuff to the mac's display routines at least. However most of that apps SHOULD work as long as you copy the contents of a real windows xp machine's system32 folder to your wine/c_drive/system32 folder. If any of them don't work it's because of said display problems or unusual hardware-direct calls within the software, or possibly the software takes advantage of bugs within windows that don't exist in darwine (it's been known to happen before). Apparently photoshop 6 works, and I'd bet that newer versions work too as long as the installation is figured out. Most advanced windows apps throw so many files around in so many locations during startup, and require so many third party apps to be installed (including MS stuff like media player and it's dlls, quicktime and it's dlls (on windows version), etc.), that they won't just "install" without a bunch of work being done to your darwine install first. The apps might work eventually, but installing them is sometimes not an easy chore. That's why it's easier (maybe not entirely 100% licensed-legal though) to copy your windows xp system folder(s) to your darwine folder(s) first, and also install other standard windows apps first if needed (like media player 10 or whatever). Most of what can be installed using that commercial wine implementation (don't recall it's name now) also run under normal wine with more difficulty during installation, and therefore will install on darwine with the same difficulty once darwine implements all of the features that linux-wine does. Currently darwine doesn't quite match linux-wine though, so your mileage may vary. This is why I put my money on Q. I think it will run more apps more effectively once it's complete, and it's soooooooooooooo close that I'm expecting it to install and run windows xp within days at this rate. This guy is coding new versions by the hour, it's unbelievable. Sit and watch - Q is basically the same thing as vmware as for it's usage on intel osx, it's what many of us have been waiting for. Darwine is great too, but I'm expecting more compatibility from Q.