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[Pre-Release] macOS Big Sur 11.3

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The update took a long time for me as well but went smoothly.  However, I seem to have lost my backlight slider, brightness keys and ability to adjust screen brightness.  I'm thinking that a Whatevergreen update may be required.


EDIT:  After tinkering with my screen brightness issue, I determined that my DSDT had the most basic PNLF device.  I removed that from my DSDT and used the more recent, commonly used SSDT-PNLF.aml that is available on Dortania's Github.  That worked and all of my screen brightness functionality has been restored.  Yay!

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It seems I got back a problem of sometimes needing to replug my HDMI cable to the TV to get it to show something, happens occasionally after wake from sleep. This problem was fixed before, maybe there is some Whatevergreen patches/injections that cannot be applied anymore?

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3 hours ago, Common_Sense said:


Same for me, I cannot connect to my Homepod mini anymore.

Might be a regression from the work done to get stereo pairs working. I just wanted to check here as I haven't seen anything anywhere else yet. Lets hope we get Airplay 2 system audio like thought.

17 hours ago, bisdak4920 said:

Thank You Friend @bisdak4920 

in my Final 11.2 (20D64) the update to the 11.3 beta1 does not come automatically,

despite activated SIP and authenticated root = enable


Does anyone have any idea why that doesn't work with 11.3 beta?


Before that I could load any beta and RC at 11.2, with the same settings in Open Core 0.6.6

1 hour ago, SavageAUS said:

Is it just one new patch?
Is it needed on all AMD?
Which one is it?

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new patch (DhinakG - cpuid_set_cpufamily - force CPUFAMILY_INTEL_PENRYN - 11.3b1)

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