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  1. I don't use WEG at all and updated without issues, though I also only have macOS installed and no other OS.
  2. Pavo

    OpenCore Discussion

    1. As you can see from the below code snippet ApfsDriverLoader is not being built with DEBUG options. You can look at the code yourself at https://github.com/Pavo-IM/ocbuilder/blob/master/OCBuilder/release.command applesupportclone unset WORKSPACE unset PACKAGES_PATH cd "${BUILD_DIR}/AppleSupportPkg" mkdir Binaries >/dev/null || exit 1 cd Binaries >/dev/null || exit 1 ln -s ../UDK/Build/AppleSupportPkg/RELEASE_XCODE5/X64 RELEASE >/dev/null || exit 1 cd .. >/dev/null || exit 1 applesupportudkclone cd UDK applesupportpkgclone ln -s .. AppleSupportPkg >/dev/null || exit 1 make -C BaseTools >/dev/null || exit 1 sleep 1 unset WORKSPACE unset EDK_TOOLS_PATH export NASM_PREFIX=/usr/local/bin/ source edksetup.sh --reconfig >/dev/null || exit 1 sleep 1 echo "Compiling the latest commited Release version of AppleSupportPkg..." build -a X64 -b RELEASE -t XCODE5 -p AppleSupportPkg/AppleSupportPkg.dsc >/dev/null || exit 1 2. All OCBuilder does is clone the repo of the kexts and builds the master branch of that repo. So if there is a kext issue its an issue that the owner of the repo needs to fix, not OCBuilder. buildrelease() { xcodebuild -configuration Release >/dev/null || exit 1 } echo "Cloning IntelMausiEthernet repo..." git clone https://github.com/Mieze/IntelMausiEthernet.git >/dev/null || exit 1 cd "${BUILD_DIR}/IntelMausiEthernet" echo "Compiling the latest commited Release version of IntelMausiEthernet..." buildrelease echo "IntelMausiEthernet Release Completed..."
  3. Pavo

    OpenCore Discussion

    Hibernatiionfixup.kext does nothing For AMD hacks, Hackintool doesn't work well with AMD hack to generate USB mapping. You need to do it the old fashion way of mapping. https://github.com/khronokernel/Opencore-Vanilla-Desktop-Guide/blob/master/AMD/AMD-USB-map.md
  4. Pavo

    OpenCore Discussion

    Make sure you are also updating the FwRuntimeService driver and BootX64 module when updating opencore module.
  5. Pavo

    OpenCore Discussion

    Either by using Kernel > Emulate or PlatformInfo > SMBIOS
  6. Pavo

    OpenCore Discussion

    Then write your ACPI patches to only be effected when its macOS, this is easily done with a if {} else {} statement in the SSDT. Look at the examples.
  7. I know of 100s of users that are using different chipset of Asus motherboards and none of them are having any issues. Myself including with my "Asus z9pe-d8 ws".
  8. So... I assume you are representing "those large number of users". I have been using OpenCore since it was in 0.0.1 one 3 different system configs, with and without UEFI and most importantly AMD setup with out any issues at all. All features work that are described in the documentation. I am not sure of what "design decisions" that does make some motherboards not work properly in Opencore. You also have to remember that OpenCore is still in the "beta" phase of its development cycle. If you have the knowledge and skill to fix some of these "motherboards not work properly" I would assume @Download-Fritz and @vit9696 would always appreciate a PR.
  9. Those "large number of users" simple do not take the time to delicately read the configuration documentation, which will result in them not being able to use Opencore. It has nothing to do with "design decisions".
  10. Pavo

    OpenCore Builder 5.7 (NEW)

    Might wanna read the readme. https://github.com/Pavo-IM/ocbuilder/blob/master/README.md
  11. Pavo

    OpenCore Discussion

    The BootX64.efi is basically a re-directing module. That is what UEFI looks for in drives in order to add it to the boot menu entry for your mobo. If you are installing Windows it "could" potentially replace that file for its own which will make the BootX64.efi file direct it to the Winblows boot.efi (windows bootloader) location. Again I suggest you disconnect the drive completely that has OpenCore EFI on it and install Windows on its own.
  12. Pavo

    OpenCore Discussion

    Because Winblows installs it own EFI, which will delete any existing EFI currently on the ESP. It’s best to completely disconnect the drive that you have your opencore EFI on when installing Winblows.
  13. Pavo

    OpenCore Discussion

    It will compile the latest commits on GitHub.