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  1. iGPU has been added to AGPMInjector for version 2.0. This will add iGPU AGPM properties based off what CPU type your SMBIOS selection is. If you have CSM disabled and iGPU disabled in BIOS you do not ever need to check Yes for iGPU enabled. AGPMInjector_2.0.zip
  2. If you are calling unlocked "overclocked" you need to use Piker's ssdtgen script with a different option to match what you are overclocking to.
  3. Ok maybe I may have mis spoke on calling those "mobile" GPUs, a better way to explain it is those GPUs, while those are dGPUs they're power distribution isn't. They receive they're power in which a way that is similar in how mobile GPUs work in power distribution wise. If you look at how the MacPro4,1/5,1 control their GPUs, it is the same way that PC desktop GPUs are powered, an external power connection that isn't part of the logic board's (motherboard for PCs) power distribution. So with that being said, it seems more logical that the control-id for "desktop" designed GPU power distribution would be the same as the MacPro4,1/5,1 GPU power distribution, which is why I am saying control-id=18 make the most sense.
  4. Ok thank you for testing, I will push an update to git.
  5. Agree but I will look into adding support for iGPU in future update. AMD AGPM settings still use AGPMController. There may be no difference in Speeds, Temps or Idle Temps but power being sent to the device is effected. AGPMController control-id 18 is for desktop dGPUs, so if you are using a desktop dGPU and original settings from system AGPM and if the control-id is say 17 (mobile dGPUs) you are limiting the power being sent to the device theoretically. I have seen a much smoother power usage when using the correct control-id for desktop dGPUs.
  6. The kext injector is only for dGPUs for right now. I will look into adding support for iGPU in the future.
  7. No, your control-id is 17 because hex converted to decimal is 0x11 hex = 17 decimal, 0x12 hex = 18 decimal
  8. Will look into that, thanks for the feedback.
  9. Depends..... From your sig I see you are using 7700k CPU which means you should be using iMac18,3 SMBIOS. The AGPM settings for that SMBIOS have settings for both iGPU and GFX0. But the control-id for the GFX0 device is 17, which is for mobile GPUs. discrete GPUs should be using control-id 18. So in theory yes you should use this app to generate a injector kext to change the AGPM settings to use the right control-id.
  10. It is actually OS version independent, the app will parse the System/Library/Extensions/AppleGraphicsPowerManagement.kext on the system you are running the app on and generate a injector kext for that version of the system. I have only tested it for HS and Mojave but theoretically it could work for older OSes also.
  11. AGPM can work by itself if you are using the correct SMBIOS and GPU combination. Most the time the AGPM settings are wrong though because most GPUs in real Macs are mobile GPUs. This AGPM kext injector generator app will generate a AGPM injector kext with the correct settings for discrete GPUs. Right now it only supports what SMBIOS AGPM supports natively but if there are use cases out there that the SMBIOS isn't listed in the app, I could use that feedback to update the app.
  12. Whatevergreen handles AGDP not AGPM. I have not tested it in S/L/E or L/E, only EFI/Clover/kexts/Other
  13. I would like to introduce you to a new app I just go done creating. AGPM Injector, its an app to generate an injector kext for Apple Graphics Power Management for discrete GPUs. AGPMInjector