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  1. Intel CPU hardware vulnerability

    I think it would have been easier for you to write which ones weren't afflicted lol
  2. Intel CPU hardware vulnerability

    sure, I'm on 10.13.2, gonna do a benchmark then update to 10.13.3 and check if there is any performance improvement and post here (since, where else would one discuss it)..
  3. Inject FB Name For AMD Radeon RX Vega 64

    Could you explain this a little bit. Which AIDA64 version and how did you find it.
  4. HWSensors3

    was searching for this. maybe it would be good to put this in a readme.text in the SuperIO folder...
  5. [pre-release] macOS High Sierra 10.13.3

    Is there any way to find out what they change in those updates? Do they have something like release notes somewhere???
  6. macOS 10.13.2 Update is out

    Well, I dont know much about kextpatcher.kext, you are probably best off asking Mork. The only thing I know is that I need to set the "CFG_FB_LIMIT" property to the number of my ports to get sleep to work in 10.13.2 (it was not needed in previous versions).. Supposedly you could do this via SSDT injection too, but I failed after counltess amounts of reboots, so I give up on SSDT lol Maybe you don't need to do this, maybe it gets set correctly for your GPU.. You can test by using "ioreg -lw0 | grep CFG_FB_LIMIT" in terminal. But anyways, if you do need to change it, here is how to do it. >rightclick "AMD9xxxControllerPatcher.kext" >show package contents >open Contents > Info.plist in a texteditor >change the properties you need >install the kext Maybe you can find something here... I didnt research it myself, since I can hear my GPU when its stressed lol, so I dont need sensors http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/299861-hwsensors3/page-21
  7. macOS 10.13.2 Update is out

    Try adding Lilu + whatevergreen kext. If you installed 10.13.2, you might want to add the AMD9xxxControllerPatcher.kext.zip and modify it to mach the number of ports on your GPU to get sleep working. My Sapphire RX480 used to stop fans when idle, but this is now broke in 10.13.2. It only works on initial boot (fans stop), but after waking from sleep, they keep on spinning permanently.
  8. macOS 10.13.2 Update is out

    Happens to me too sometimes. Usually I do redownload it again until it works. Also, I think clover will select the right partition on its own upon reboot.. if not you just select the partition which has "install MacOs" in it until it dissapears, then you can boot from your original partition.
  9. macOS 10.13.2 Update is out

    Yeah I know, I save it like it should be, but later, once I open it up again it becomes what I posted. Anyways, I'll keep using "AMD9xxxControllerPatcher.kext.zip" fro now..
  10. macOS 10.13.2 Update is out

    Same here, tried everything and always failed. For some reasom macIASL refactors the code upon saving and it breaks. So I'm guessing this could be the reason..
  11. macOS 10.13.2 Update is out

    I never understood how to inject those SSDTs... Change the "Sample.dsl" to match my GPU card and convert to .aml with(macIasl) and put in EFI>CLOVER>ACPI>patched ???
  12. macOS 10.13.2 Update is out

    Can confirm, this one works on my RX480 too. Is there any other way to set the CFG_FB_LIMIT besides using this kext?
  13. macOS 10.13.2 Update is out

    Sounds like something that slice should read and add to Clover...
  14. macOS 10.13.2 Update is out

    ​Sleep issue fixed for AMD cards?
  15. [Pre-Release] MacOS High Sierra 10.13.2

    Yeah, I heard it works on 10.13.1 too, but as far I know this update contains only emojis or some pointless stuff, so I dont feel really inclined to waste time on it.. EDIT: just updated to 10.13.2. Sleep still not fixed (RX480). Injecting ATI + setting fb to Dayman does fix sleep (as bbmatias3 claimed), but the cards fans keep on spinning during normal use (which they shouldnt - at least not when idle) EDIT2: adding whatevergreen.kext fixed the idle fan issues too (I removed it before upgrade, because it was not needed with RadeonDeInit flag)