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  1. Shaneee

    AMD Ryzen Kernel update question

    Bootloader - Clover kept up to date. Kexts - FakeSMC and plugins for temps, NullCPU, RTL8111, Lilu + Whatevergreen for GPU, Modified AppleHDA for audio Kernel - Latest on my GitHub Config - Specific for each setup
  2. Shaneee

    AMD Ryzen Kernel update question

    Instructions are included with latest release, https://github.com/Shaneee92/AMD-High-Sierra-XNU/releases
  3. You used the latest one here, https://github.com/Shaneee92/AMD-High-Sierra-XNU/releases It's confirmed working on FX. 10.13.5 though you need to roll back alot of kexts to get the prelinkedkernel to compile.
  4. The t10 kernel was @AlGrey so it's thanks to him not me Also for USB if it's Ryzen you've got google [NEW] NATIVE USB SUPPORT [RYZEN CPUS ONLY]
  5. @linjimmy Nice. Can you share the full benchmarks and the output of sysctl -a so we can check info is correct.
  6. Can you post full output of sysctl -a please. Also try opening TextWrangler and see if it crashes.
  7. I can't replicate the issue with colour change in PS. I know about the warp stabilizer crash and I'll look into it when I've got time. @fagneroliveira Can you test this kernel with the FX. Copy to S/L/K and run sudo kextcache -u / to compile prelinkedkernel.test Remove it if it's there first. Then boot Clover with kcsuffix=test kernel.test.zip
  8. Run this app I made to fix the Adobe CC apps, https://www.dropbox.com/s/gt3cbuaxt4y2njm/Adobe CC Fix.zip?dl=0
  9. Ohh ok shall work on the Leaf7 features. At least your video issue is fixed there. Also Please go to https://forum.amd-osx.com to report this panic
  10. Boot with verbose and see what's causing the issue.
  11. Any errors when booting? Works on my Ryzen 5 2400G.
  12. That's ok then. Try this kernel with the boot arg -enableleaf see if there is a change in playback. Use kcsuffix=test to boot with it once you've built the prelinkedkernel for it. kernel.test.zip
  13. Do you have any settings enabled in Clover for the CPU or the APIC.aml file from my Discord? If so remove them.
  14. Can you share a CPU-Z screenshot from Windows and the full output from sysctl -a please. Also test latest kernel. Use kcsuffix to test it.
  15. Great. Can you test this one please and if it boots fine the same sysctl output please. You can use kcsuffix=test to boot it once you've run sudo kextcache -u / to build prelinkedkernel.test kernel.test.zip