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  1. Ok Clover kext injection isn't working either. I was experimenting with minimal edits to the source. I'll revise the original source with my updated changes again without the OPEMU and upload once done. Without OPEMU a few apps crash on startup. Something I'm doing is breaking kext injection and I don't know what... Even using my original source Clover doesn't inject for some strange reason. I'll upload another test once I sort it.
  2. I think it would be best for Admins/Supervisors to make their own so they have full control over it. Wouldn't take long for the IM followers to join.
  3. No sign of the 10.13.4 sources yet but I've revised my kernel a bit. This version has no OPEMU. If there are issues with FX etc I'll add it back in. I've not managed to fix the core/thread count on Ryzen yet. This is working just fine on my test partition but doesn't on my main drive for some reason. Please test and report. https://www.dropbox.com/s/4ufho6p323twp06/kernel_minimal_test.zip?dl=0
  4. +1 on that. Much easier to use in my opinion. Also CorpNewt if some of you know him has an excellent bot which will store your hardware, links, quick tips etc.
  5. Debug kernel instantly reboots I'm afraid. I'll work on it when I've got some extra time. Can't get the debug kernel to boot I'm afraid. Although I see no sound assertions for AppleHDA on boot. Only assertions is for USB audio.
  6. None that I could see no. Where's the kernel log on 10.13 though? I checked the system log.
  7. It's still loaded but no audio. Here's the IOReg output with de10eb0b replaced and AppleALC injected. https://www.dropbox.com/s/0jnouri3muvfqhj/Shaneee’s Mac Pro.zip?dl=0
  8. I was trying to get AppleALC to load using this patch from MacPeet, https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/311293-applealc-—-dynamic-applehda-patching/?do=findComment&comment=2609512 AppleHDAController was indeed then loaded onto HDEF and HDAU as both AMD vendor IDs.
  9. That's what I did for my update too. Just had to make a UEFI Clover USB then update Clover on the SSD from FX to Ryzen.
  10. Guys chill. The IM Team are working as hard as they can to overcome the incompatibility issues with the forum software update. IM will become as it was before you know it
  11. Shaneee

    Ryzen Clover Installation Guide macOS Sierra

    Apple have not released the 10.13.4 sources yet so no kernel. It's possible to use the 10.13.3 kernel but you need to roll back a good few kexts so best stick with 10.13.3 just now.
  12. Yeah the kexts were loaded but no framebuffer attached. I'll post an ioreg later after work. Edit: I've attached the IOReg with the device ID added to the AMD kexts. Shaneee’s Mac Pro.zip
  13. This is as far as I can get with the AMD kexts and the device ID added. They load but the frame buffer isn't loaded. I've tried loading all 7 frame buffers included in the X1000 kext with no luck. From the tests Gigamaxx did there seems to be more luck spoofing as Intel graphics there. More support may come from integrated Vega though, hard to tell.
  14. Shaneee

    USB Audio Stuttering/Crackling

    Tried with HPET enabled and disabled so I don't think it's that. I'd tried with bus ratio before to no effect but wouldn't hurt to try again. The clock runs at the correct speed.
  15. Ok so I was having issues with on-board and HDMI audio using VoodooHDA. No AppleALC due to AMD setup. VoodooHDA was crackling on on-board and couldn't sort and there was no HDMI output. So I bought a Sabarent AU-MMSA USB Audio device. Issue is it's acting just like the on-board audio was. With or without VoodooHDA being injected. Any suggestions? https://i.imgur.com/AU5uzEQ.png https://i.imgur.com/I1tmrhk.png