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  1. mnfesq

    Finder Up

    Check out the new version. I added one for Dark Mode.
  2. mnfesq

    Finder Up

    Version 1.0.1


    Until I installed Mojave, I used an app called Finder Up-button v1.0 to provide an "up" button for navigation in Finder. To me, the back button alone is inadequate and I like the level up button that comes in Windows Explorer. The Finder Up-button stopped working in Mojave and, beside, used the graphics style that ended with Mavericks. The one I developed is really amateurish but it looks pretty good. It also has a bug in that it gives an error message when you try to use it in the root directory of a drive. I have no objection to anyone who wants to improve on this and post it in this thread. Likewise, it would be nice to have one for macOS dark appearance. Hopefully, this will get the ball rolling. To use it, put it in Applications (or anywhere else you want). Then, open Finder, select customize and drag it from Applications (or the folder of your choice) to the toolbar in the location of your choosing. I put mine next to the forward and back navigation buttons.
  3. mnfesq

    NVMe Temperatures in macOS

    Thanks Allan. I saw that article before I posted this. The article shows a way to monitor NVMe drives but not to change their behavior. Someone on this forum (sorry I forget who) developed a command line app to obtain SMART info for NVMe drives and I used that originally to monitor my NVMe temp. It prompted me to buy a copper heatsink for it but that only cooled the drive by about 5C. Now, iStat Menus has a sensor that reads NVMe temps and VirtualSMC will read NVMe temps using HWMonitor. I typically use my laptop on my lap because, at lap distance, I don't need to use reading glasses. But I can feel the burn on my leg when the drive heats up over 70C. I really don't know why it would run so much cooler in Windows. smarter To use the app, just drag it into a Terminal window and type the disk number you want to check. For me, my NVMe is disk0.
  4. I have a Toshiba 512 GB M.2 NVMe drive (THNSF5512GPUK). It is my boot drive for macOS and I am currently running beta 11 of Mojave but the macOS version does not seem to make any difference. There is a huge discrepancy between the temperature of the drive when idling in Windows 10 versus macOS. In the photo of Speedfan below, the NVMe drive is listed as HD1 and the idle temp is 39C. In macOS, the idle temp is typically in excess of 61C. Has anyone had different experiences with their NVMe drive? Any ideas what is causing the excessive heat in macOS? (In all fairness, I would expect some increased temperature in macOS since it is the boot drive. Windows 10 is installed on a HDD so that the NVMe drive is truly idling. Still, the temperature discrepancy is very significant and, when running my virtual machine of Windows 10 -which is different than the installation of Windows 10 on my HDD, the temp is usually around 70C.)
  5. mnfesq

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    Version 18A389 installed perfectly and, for the first time, I am able to use AppleALC and have AppleHDA working, including HDMI audio. VirtualSMC is working great and I never would have thought there would be an improvement on FakeSMC. The Mojave Beta experience has been very positive for me and my laptop's performance has been very good, operating temperatures are lower and the only thing that still needs improvement is the temperature of my NVMe drive, which still feels hot when my laptop is sitting on my lap. I'm looking forward to the release of Mojave so that 3rd-party app developers will update their apps to be fully compatible with Mojave.
  6. mnfesq

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    Interesting. Mine is only 1.55 GB.
  7. mnfesq

    HDMI Audio on HP Envy 17-ae100

    No go on any of those or id 12, which is brand new for the HP Envy. However, I tried a patched version of AppleHDA and attempted to backup the original but it didn't back up so now, I don't have a clean copy of AppleHDA for Mojave Beta 8. Could you please upload yours so I can try these with the correct kext? Thanks.
  8. mnfesq

    HDMI Audio on HP Envy 17-ae100

    I don't know if VoodooHDA is a problem but most people are not as familiar with it as I am. I am willing to use AppleHDA but so far, I have been unsuccessful with it using layout-id 3, 13, and 28 along with AppleALC.kext. My codec is Realtek ALC295. Here's the screenshot you suggested: Thanks.
  9. mnfesq

    HDMI Audio on HP Envy 17-ae100

    So I tried this out last night without success. Your explanation is excellent and I see no reason why it wouldn't work. However, I have some observations: I have been trying to use Whatevergreen and, initially, I lost QE/CI. I was able to get it to load after a few more attempts and it worked in some ways but not in others. It seemed to be an adequate substitute for IntelGraphicsFixup and CoreDisplay, but not for NvidiaGraphicsFixup. Using Whatevergreen instead of NvidiaGraphicsFixup, I lost HDMI video. HDMI video returned when I restored NvidiaGraphicsFixup along with Whatevergreen. Whatevergreen also broke sleep on my laptop for some reason so I am back to using IntelGraphicsFixup, NvidiaGraphicsFixup and CoreDisplay without Whatevergreen. Also, based on your analysis that HDMI is coming from my UHD 620, I changed my config.plist and removed Inject Nvidia in Graphics. That prevented my laptop from booting with NvidiaGraphicsFixup. Restoring Nvidia injection with NvidiaGraphicsFixup resolved that issue. I am using VoodooHDA rather than AppleHDA and I have started experimenting with a switch to the Apple driver. I have not been successful yet but, I tried some different configs in VoodooHDA and, while normally when I select HDMI audio, the audio indicator in the menu bar is grayed out, once I got it so that it remained black but the volume indicators were gone (which might be normal since HDMI audio is controlled by the device's volume control.). It didn't really matter, however, because I had not sound coming from the HDMI audio device with that configuration. One last thing, when I run IOReg Explorer, it still says that my connector type is 0004, not 0008. EDIT: I've been working on this for a while today and, using some patches Toleda has on his Github, I have been able to change the connector type for FB@1 to 0008. Here's a new IOReg file. Still, no HDMI audio. Still, I get no HDMI at all unless I use NvidiaGraphicsFixup. mnfesq's HP Envy 17.zip
  10. mnfesq

    HDMI Audio on HP Envy 17-ae100

    Here you are. Thanks for taking a look. Let me know if you need me to post anything else. mnfesq's HP Envy 17.zip
  11. My laptop has the Intel UHD 620 IGPU and an Nvidia MX150 DGPU that is disabled in my DSDT in order to get macOS to boot. The BIOS does not allow me to select my GPU. I have to use the Intel. However, my HDMI port is physically connected to to my Nvidia gpu (at least I believe it is.). Initially, I could not get HDMi video or audio to work. I installed the NvidiaGraphicsFixup.kext because I learned that recent beta versions of Mojave allow dual graphics cards. I could not get my Nvidia gpu to load but, to my surprise, HDMI video works. HDMI audio, however, does not work and I really don't know what, if anything, I can do unless I can get the Nvidia gpu to load. Any ideas?
  12. mnfesq

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    What I ended up doing for now is to download the update in Firefox saying that my system is running 10.13 and it let me download/install the update. I'll wait until the final version of Mojave is out to decide what I want to do. Thanks.
  13. mnfesq

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    It is my understanding that Adobe Flash Player is not supported on Mojave and is not likely to be in the future. I'm getting much too frequent pop-ups to install the most recent update of Flash Player but the update button on the webpage is greyed out. What do you think? Is it time to uninstall Flash Player? Lots of websites still require it. Just view those websites with a different browser that still supports it?
  14. mnfesq

    Intel UHD 620 QE/CI problems..

    I know this is off-topic but I had the same shut-down problem once I got my video working. I was able to fix it by removing the IntelGraphicsDVMTFixup.kext I had installed following a tutorial I read on this forum. Also, if your HP Envy is the same as mine, I have video working with Kabylake ids.
  15. mnfesq

    Intel UHD 620 QE/CI problems..

    You need to remove the IGPU/GFX0 devices (and maybe PEGP devices) from your DSDT. However, once you do that, your DSDT/SSDT won't compile if there is an entry that points to that device and it's not there. I realize, however, that there is not a Clover patch that creates the IGPU device. That could be created in a custom SSDT and MacIASL should be able to locate it and modify your SSDT references to it. Please post your current DSDT/SSDT's and I can give it a try, although there are people out there who are better than me at customizing DSDT's. I also noticed in Clover Configurator that there is an option to remove OEM DSM methods and it gives you the option of removing the DSM for Intel HD Graphics. That should allow you to add a custom SSDT with a custom DSM for your IGPU device. You might want to try that option and save the DSDT it creates (without the IGPU OEM_DSM) and post that. (I could try that on my laptop since I have the same GPU but I can't guarantee that it would work on your laptop.)