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  1. mnfesq

    HP 17-by0062st won't shutdown properly

    I think you have the right patch for your DSDT but for some reason, it's not working. I would make a post in the DSDT section of this forum and try to enlist MaLd0n's help. If anyone here can fix this, he can. Also, although I didn't check it, it's possible that power functions are handled in an SSDT in addition to your DSDT. That may be why just patching your DSDT didn't work. Good luck.
  2. mnfesq

    HP 17-by0062st won't shutdown properly

    Well, I've had you barking up the wrong tree and it's my bad. I've been thinking that the problem was with your DVMT because I had that issue when my laptop wouldn't shut down but that was a different problem. I found the fix that worked for me in a thread in the DSDT post I made for my laptop. The fix requires a DSDT patch. Here's the patched DSDT. Replace the customized DSDT in Clover/ACPI/Patched and let me know if this works for you. DSDT.aml.zip
  3. mnfesq

    HP 17-by0062st won't shutdown properly

    Does shutdown problem persist when not using Whatevergreen? If so, please post output of RunMe again.
  4. mnfesq

    HP 17-by0062st won't shutdown properly

    It's in 2 places -- Device ID and ig-platform-id.
  5. mnfesq

    HP 17-by0062st won't shutdown properly

    Looks like the Device ID should be 0x19168086 and the ig-platform-id should be 0x19160000. Sorry about that. EDIT: Interestingly, the 1916 data worked for you previously but it is really intended for the desktop version of UHD 620. The laptop version should use 5916. I'm not sure why this is the case for you.
  6. mnfesq

    HP 17-by0062st won't shutdown properly

    Try using the DSDT.aml and SSDT-3.aml in Clover/ACPI/Patched. Use the new config.plist. You still have lots of entries in config.plist that seem to be unnecessary to me. Also, I would consider removing your AppleHDA patches and just use the Lilu plug-in AppleALC.kext instead. Lastly, I have had better results using VirtualSMC and its plug-ins instead of FakeSMC. Archive.zip
  7. mnfesq

    HP 17-by0062st won't shutdown properly

    It is needed for UHD display but not for UHD620 GPU. Just Inject Intel in Clover and use Fake ID in Intel GFX 0x59168086 in Clover. Whatevergreen does take care of that but it does a lot more and it may (or maybe not) be causing your shutdown problem. Until I have more info from the RunMe app, I'm just guessing and don't really want to do that anymore.
  8. mnfesq

    HP 17-by0062st won't shutdown properly

    Why do you need Whatevergreen?
  9. mnfesq

    HP 17-by0062st won't shutdown properly

    Yes, but none of the patches were related to the shutdown issue. I renamed devices, added a PNLF device, shut off my DGPU, patched my battery settings and set the brightness keys. Use the RunMe app and post the results here. RunMe.app.zip
  10. mnfesq

    Glitches and Lags with UHD 620

    Something is telling me that this is not a video problem. It might be a disk problem or memory problem. it also seems like it is more likely a hardware problem than software. Can you confirm that you have no similar problems running Windows or other OS? EDIT: After reviewing your debug files, it appears that something weird is going on with your system memory. Does it display accurately in System Info? You might also want to try injecting Intel graphics in Clover. I didn't see a DSDT patch for your PCI ID for your GPU. I use Fake PCIID 0x59168086 for Intel GFX.
  11. Someone reported success with your setup by removing the FakeID for IntelGFX. Here's the link:
  12. You probably don't need to install windows to find out your device id for your gpu. Just use DPCIManager. Here's the link and disregard the malware warning. It's a false positive because it can get beneath your OS to read the device ids. https://sourceforge.net/projects/dpcimanager/
  13. mnfesq

    need help with intel HD 620

    Have you tried other ig-platform-ids? While mine works fine with 0x59160000, your's might be 0x591B0000. There are others as well. Check out this post: https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/334899-intel-framebuffer-patching-using-whatevergreen/?do=findComment&comment=2626282
  14. mnfesq

    need help with intel HD 620

    I'm assuming you still have AppleALC in Clover/kexts/10.14. If so, you can check the boxes for AFGlowPowerState and ResetHDA in Devices in your config.plist. I'm also assuming that your graphics still are normal once you wake your laptop from video sleep. I added a PNLF device so you should have have a slider bar for brightness. Can you adjust brightness now? I'm pretty puzzled about what could be causing your graphics to be so distorted on boot up. While I doubt it is the cause of your problem, it wouldn't hurt for you to update your version of Clover.
  15. mnfesq

    need help with intel HD 620

    Well, maybe if we "clean house" we will stumble on a solution or the problem might just disappear. So I propose that you put all of your custom kexts in Clover/kexts/10.14. Get them out of L/E and Clover/kexts/other (at least until 10.15 comes out). Stop using FakePCIID and the wifi kext that you are using with it. Switch over to the Lilu kext for wifi. Stop using FakeSMC and switch over to VirtualSMC and use all of the kexts that come with it for battery management and sensors. Only use 2 kexts for BT - PatchRAM2 and FirmwareData. Use the config.plist I have attached and put the attached DSDT and SSDT-1 in Clover/ACPI/patched. Let me know how it works. Archive.zip