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  • PunkNugget

    Now here are the winners for MacMod of the Year for 2013...

    Here is the link to all the winners for MacMod of the Year 2013! Come and claim your PRIZES !!!
    MacMod of the Year 2013 WINNERS !!!
    Congrats to all the winners and everyone else who placed their entries. Once again, these were some amazing custom builds !!!

  • ErmaC

    Happy New Year 2014!

    By ErmaC, in OSx86,

    To all our users, we the staff of InsanelyMac wish you a Happy New Year 2014!.

    To all our users, we the staff of InsanelyMac wish you a Happy New Year.
    May the 2014 bring these wishes to all of you.
    Warmth of love, comfort of home joy for your children,
    Company and support of family and friends.
    Bye bye 2013...

  • Alessandro17

    MacMod of the YEAR

    By Alessandro17, in OSx86,

    It's that time of year folks and we're here giving you the chance to vote for your favorite MacMod of the YEAR !!! All you have to do is go to this link:
    and vote away !!! Go to the person's MacMod post you like most and vote. Remember, you can only vote ONCE and please make sure you say - YOU GOT MY VOTE !!!
    A tally of all votes will counted on each person's MacMod post. Here are our GIVEAWAY prizes:
    1st prize: $50.00 Newegg.com gift card
    2nd prize: $30.00 Newegg.com gift card
    3rd Prize: $20.00 Newegg.com gift card
    The deadline is December 31st 11:59 PM. All awards will be announced January 7th. We look forward to seeing who the winners will be. Good fortune to all and Merry Christmas !!!
    Special thanks go to PunkNugget, who has put a lot of work into this project and has funded the prizes out of his own pocket.

  • fantomas
    Apple has done something it hasn’t done before with a major release of OS X, announcing today during its iPad event that it will release OS X Mavericks, the latest version of its desktop OS, later today for free to all users.
    Mavericks is available starting today for iMac and MacBook Pros from 2007 or later, 2008 MacBook Air, MacBook, and Mac Pro or later, and the 2009 Mac mini or later.
    Apple first showed off Mavericks back in June at its WWDC developer conference and has since seeded several betas as well as Golden Master release followed by silent update to the GM release that could likely be the version Apple ships later this month.
    Despite not receiving a radical visual overhaul like iOS 7, OS X Mavericks includes over 200 new features and many big new user facing features like iBooks, improved multiple display support, iCloud Keychain, new Finder features, Maps, quick reply and lock screen notifications, auto-updating apps, and a number of under the hood enhancements to improve battery life and performance.
    source forum discussion

  • theconnactic

    Today, iPhone users will be able to download the latest and greatest iOS iteration, deemed by Apple's Tim Cook as the biggest change to iOS since the iPhone. Will users embrace this new world? Or will they rather stay out, just like happens with then much anticipated Microsoft's Windows 8? The dice have already been rolled, but Apple better learned from Microsoft's mistakes, for its own good.

    The biggest change perhaps began when Apple senior industrial designer, Jonathan Ive, also took over iOS design, after former iOS chief designer Scott Forstall. This is big deal: it's the first time ever this happens in the Cupertino giant's realm. Never a designer had so much power in the company. Not coincidentally, iOS7 will be a departure from much we know about iOS. Expect a less skeuomorphic, more flat design. Ironically, something in the lines Microsoft has been doing for a while with its Windows Phone user interface. (http://news.cnet.com/8301-13579_3-57603350-37/behold-jonathan-ives-apple/)
    Developers will have to adapt, and this adaptation period could lead to some trouble and this is a thing Apple should be a lot concerned with: since Android consolidated itself as serious competition - and market-share leader after that - one of the most heralded advantages of iOS devices to their usually cheaper Android alternatives was the solid rock stability of iOS, at the expense of user and developer's control of the environment. iOS has been up to now a safe and joyful garden with huge walls. Will costumers be willing to be inside this walls if it becomes not so safe and joyful? I don't think so, and neither do Apple, so they released tight rules for the App Store concerning the new iOS: in a few words, the apps which cannot adapt will be left out. I'm sure most developers had plenty of time to make the necessary changes with the various iOS7 betas, but it won't be surprising if a significant number of apps seem to be a little rushed out. (http://gigaom.com/2013/09/14/why-ios-7-forced-developers-to-redesign-their-apps-for-experienced-smartphone-users/)
    So, we're all waiting. It will be exciting? It will be frustrating? Today we'll know.

  • ErmaC
    Chameleon now has a bootloader-implementation from Enoch, through which you can activate the various video cards such as Intel Ivy Bridge and Haswell. All without dsdt edits or EFI strings.
    This is especially useful for Laptops PC, but also for Desktop systems without a dedicated video card.
    Keys available for org.chameleon.boot.plist, read below:
    During last week I redesign part of the Intel Injector (gam.c/gma.h)
    due to the new hardware (Haswell).
    Enoch Injector port to main Chameleon Trunk code: 2262
    I rename the key flag (thx Micky1979 and bcc9):
    - For Ivy Bridge the old keyflag HD4K-ig is now deprecated the new name is IntelCapriFB (match with Apple kext name for that hardware)
    ex: IntelCapriFB=a_value from 0 to 11
    - For the Haswell the recently introduced key flag HD5K-ig is also deprecated and the new name is IntelAzulFB (Same things... match with Apple kext)
    ex: IntelAzulFB=a_value from 0 to 15
    I also introduced the ability to inject a custom AAPL,ig-platform-id for both kind of gfx (Ivy & Haswell) the keyflag is InjectIntel-ig
    ex: InjectIntel-ig=09006601 (a flipped 01660009)
    The priority is:
    1° InjectIntel-ig
    2° IntelXxxxFB
    3° the default setting (based on BIOS memory for Ivy, and default ig for Haswell)
    Example of data into org.chameleon.Boot.plist
    <key>IntelAzulFB</key><string>9</string> Here we go:

  • ErmaC
    Pandora's Box beta2

    Pandora's Box is a new Tool that can be used to create your own installer for Lion 10.7, Mountain Lion 10.8 and newly arrived Mavericks 10.9 from either the retail app or its .dmg image file.

    Also included is a post-installation utility to apply additional fixes after installing or updating OS X.
    These features are great, but you will see Pandora's Boxbeta2 also adds some additional functionality to the installation process. Since much of the configuration and customization can be done during the OS X installation process, once completed, you can immediate boot into your newly working OS X install without any additional setup.
    Pandora's Boxbeta2 is available for download in our Downloads Section
    Here is the complete change log from Beta1:
    Newly designed interface with preference and settings
    Added HTML Credits System integrated directly into Pandora
    Added the Help manual (integrated in OS X)
    Added Sparkle Software (self Update of Pandora's Box)
    Added support for OS X 10.9 Mavericks DP1
    Added check for missing MBR patch (to continue in GUID)
    Fixed bugs with bootloader in post-install
    Fixed bugs with creating the Recovery HD partition
    Fixed bug with missing AppleIntelE1000.kext installation
    Added kernel flags and Intel HD4000 support to the bootloader options
    Added modules for Enoch bootloader
    Enlarged Laptop section, with two different kexts for battery support, LegacyAGPM.kext for better power management of Nvidia cards (different for Lion and ML).
    AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext patch, available during installation
    Added log system (during installation and post-installation), with "notifications" in ML and Mavericks.
    Added RTC patch for Mavericks
    Added GenericUSBXHCI.kext, for Lion, ML and new build for Mavericks
    Added AppleATIATA.kext (ATI PATA and SATA controllers)
    Switch from Trim patches to Trim Enabler.app for non-Apple SSD
    Added latest HWmonitor stuff from kozlek project (FakeSMC.kext, Plugins and HWmonitor.app)
    Added Rotate Daemon (fix for AMD7000 cards)
    Added OpenCL patches for Lion and ML in differents cards/OS X versions
    Added Intel HD4000-HD3000 support on 6/7 Series chipset
    Added Desktop version of LegacyAGPM.kext for better power management of Nvidia cards (different for Lion and ML).
    Added Repair permission and rebuild caches on others Volumes
    Added Backup Hackintosh files function
    Improve stability on each OS X versions when creating the Pandora System Options (on the fly).
    Deleted the ACPI folders, now the .aml tables can leave into InsanelyBox directly.
    Other minor bug fixes

    Watch and Participate to the Beta2 Testing here: Pandora's Box (Beta 2 Testing)
    InsanelyMac Staff

  • Ed
    The wait is finally over, Tim Cook made good on his promise of doing something special for the Mac Pro.
    Apple today gave a sneak preview at WWDC of its all-new Mac Pro that its engineers are still working on, unveiling a relatively diminutive black cylinder form factor that is dwarfed by its outgoing predecessor.
    Like the current Mac Pro, it's been designed around air flow, but with cool air being drawn in from underneath and hot air being expelled upwards, not too dissimilar from the ill-fated G4 Cube from 2000.
    Indeed, it's in fact smaller in size than the PowerMac G4 Cube, at just 6.6" diameter and 9.9" tall, compared to the Cube which clocked in at 7.65" square, and 10" tall due to its elevation for air intake and cables into the bottom.
    Based on the new-generation Intel Xeon E5 chipset, the new Mac Pro will pack 12 cores like the current model, but with PCI Express gen. 3 and 256-bit-wide floating-point instructions.
    A first for any Mac are dual GPUs as standard, with the ability to power up to three 4K resolution monitors(!). Apple are hard at work on an updated version of Final Cut for video editors to take full advantage of this cutting-edge hardware. The GPUs are AMD FirePros with 6GB of VRAM.
    Like with all current Apple hardware, the new Mac Pro does away with legacy technology such as optical drives and hard disk drives. Instead, storage is handled by next-generation PCIe flash storage.
    Unsurprisingly, most of the size and weight loss is down to the removal of the PCI slots, meaning expansion is handled solely through the 6 Thunderbolt 2 ports (up to 20Gb/s) on the rear of the new Mac Pro - illuminated by white LEDs no less. Connectivity is rounded off with USB 3, Bluetooth 4.0, 801.11ac Wi-Fi, dual Gigabit ethernet and HDMI, plus audio I/O.
    No word on an exact release date, which is no surprise given the uncharacteristic nature of this "preview", but one could hazard a guess that it may ship with the newly announced Mac OS X 10.9 "Mavericks". Will we finally see a black Apple mouse & keyboard to match the svelte gloss black gorgeousness of this new Mac Pro? Maybe even some high-end Retina Cinema Displays to boot? Place your bets now...
    Head on over to Apple's new Mac Pro preview page on their website for more juicy pics and details.


    The topic of openness between iOS and third party developers has been revisited again with words directly from the company’s CEO Tim Cook.

    The topic of openness between iOS and third party developers has been revisited again with words directly from the company’s CEO Tim Cook. The topic was brought to light once more in an one hour interview in the midst of the D11 conference where Cook said that access to iOS application programming interfaces would slowly be accessible to third party developers on a higher function level integration. Cook was asked a question on whether iOS in the future become a more “open” OS to developers where Cook responded to AllThingsD saying:
    “Of course. On the general topic of opening up APIs, I think you’ll see us open up more in the future, but not to the degree that we put the customer at risk of having a bad experience. So there’s always a fine line to walk there, or maybe not so fine.”
    Sounds like there might be an open door down the road for developers into the world of Apple’s APIs with Apple at the control hand of is allowed to developers. Seems like the little wiggle room of openness we receive in OS X might trickle down into the iOS platform as well.

  • Ed
    This incredible Apple I computer in full working order was auctioned on the weekend for a whopping $671,400.
    Reported by the Bits blog over at the NY Times, the buyer who scooped one of the very few remaining working examples of Apple's first ever computer "was a wealthy entrepreneur from the Far East, who wishes to remain anonymous".
    Interestingly, this latest example of the Apple I was purchased in faulty condition for $40,000 earlier in the year, and its new owner cleverly fixed it and restored the unit to full working order before hopping on a plane to California and managing to get Steve Wozniak, Apple's only surviving co-founder, to sign it, ensuring maximum value when the bidding ended.
    The video above shows the Apple I executing basic code and even producing ultra-low resolution "character art" of Apple's founders, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs.

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