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  1. MSI gt72 2qe

  2. MSI GT72S 6QD for macOS High Sierra 10.13.2 (17C88)

    Hi. I have MSI GT72 2QE. I've replaced GTX 980M with GTX 1070. It is working in OSX Like a charm. Does your laptop has Optimus? Can you switch gpus it windows or in bios only?
  3. MSI gt72 2qe

    Did you install Nvidia Graphics fix up and lilu kexts?
  4. MSI gt72 2qe

    Finally. GTX is working! I've replaced it with GTX 1070, replaced screen with 4K
  5. MSI gt72 2qe

    Sometimes I had the same in Yosemite. In Sierra KLM is working correctly again
  6. I have the same issue. after wake up only 2.4Ghz wifi are visible
  7. THANKS!!! That's it!
  8. After this patch my wifi has started working in sierra installation But after installation result is the same (no wifi) Any ideas?
  9. Strange Internal Monitor behaviour

    Do you have MXM version of 980M or integrated on the motherboard?
  10. MSI gt72 2qe

    Is all working fine? P.S. GeForce 980M should work too with nvidia webdriver, but it doesn't. Some guys have luck with it)
  11. MSI Laptop SteelSeries Light Controller

    Great!!! Thank you!!! It is already works at GT72
  12. MSI gt72 2qe

    At first you should switch Geforce to Intel. Geforce 980M doesn't work yet.
  13. MSI gt72 2qe

    Send me screenshot pls. I have El capitan now. Without any problems
  14. Compatible M.2 wifi cards

    I didn't cut anything. I replaced old wifi with this one, powered on my laptop - wifi is working. I couldn't pair my iPhone6+ with MSI osx book. It is writing '... is not supported'
  15. Compatible M.2 wifi cards

    BCM94352Z is the only one supported in OSX wifi yet. Could you use ebay? I bought my BCM94352Z at ebay. it is working greatly!