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  1. Chat is down?

    Is the Chat already online again? I'm asking because I keep getting an empty window when try to enter the chatroom. Or have there been any configuration changes so that I have to modify my firewall rules? In case of yes, where can I find which IP addresses and ports are used?
  2. GetmacOS

  3. I'd suggest to use the Apple provided drivers in Windows after the firmware flash as they match the device now. You'll never know what exactly has changed and the ASUS driver might have problems with the Apple firmware. Mieze
  4. In case of a transmitter hang, the driver would reset the NIC every few seconds and unless there are those messages there is no indication for a driver bug. Looks more like a DHCP or routing problem. You might also want to try to disable EEE (select medium manually) as it sometimes causes strange things Mieze
  5. AFAIK the chip supports auto crossover. Mieze
  6. No, but I doubt that any packet has ever made it too the NIC. In case of a transmitter hang, the driver resets the chip so that there would be log messages indicating a chip reset every few seconds but there isn't anything like that. Please check the network statistics of the NIC and report back. Mieze
  7. There is no indication for a driver problem in the kernel logs. The NIC seems to work fine. Please check the network configuration as it might be messed up causing such strange behavior. By the way, your ACPI data needs some attention as there are several ACPI related errors in the log file. Mieze
  8. According to the specs, there shouldn't be any problems with this chip. Get me the kernel logs with at least one complete boot sequence and we will se what's going on. Mieze
  9. 10 month without update? That's nothing for a driver and provided there is no new hardware to support, no significant change in the driver interface or in OS power management, there is no need to update a properly written driver for years. That's what the military calls collateral damage and as Macs also support Windows 10 there are several supported scenarios in which this kind of damage may occur (a Aquantia card in a TB to PCIe expansion case attached to a Mac running Win 10 and High Sierra). Mieze
  10. It's obvious that the drivers are still full of bugs which also explains why the Aquantia firmware is applied to cards from different vendors because flashing firmware of a card from a different vendor without explicit consent of the user and in a way that the card won't be recognized by its native drivers anymore is not only stupid but also illegal as it literally causes damage to the card. Another example for Apple's excellent software quality! Mieze
  11. It might be possible to patch the driver in a way that it performs the firmware update anyway but this would require you to reverse engineer the driver's start() function in order to find out which conditions must be met for the update to be performed. Unfortunately this is far from being trivial and not done within a weekend. Mieze
  12. New Driver for Realtek RTL8111

    Why? These are debug messages output by the debug version of the driver, which is for debugging only. Production systems should use the release version of the driver which doesn't output these lines. Mieze