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  1. @Zyphrax: Unlike 3rd party drivers Apple's ethernet drivers are tightly coupled with IONetworkingFamily.kext virtually making it impossible to roll back a single driver. A rollback of the IONetworkingFamily.kext is also not a practical solution as it may result in severe compatibility issues with other kexts (WIFI, etc.). Another problem is the fact that the driver requires an Aquantia NIC with custom firmware (specifically made for Apple by Aquantia) and 10.13.3 is the only version which came with the bug that caused 3rd party cards to be re-flashed with Apple firmware.
  2. @ellaosx: This is just a cosmetic issue which is caused by slight differences between the Xcode 8 and 9 build rules. There is no need to worry! Mieze
  3. Thanks for your work. I have one problem, Intel I219V2 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet with your IntelMausiEthernet.kext will freeze a few seconds while 'reopen windows when logging back in' after reboot, particular with a Google Chrome. Can you help me?

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    2. ivan1985


      do you know what can be causing the problem? it happens only when i open the browser, for a few minutes the connection works ok but suddenly the computer freezes and restarts. if i dont use internet everything works fine. i tried other kexts but this one is the only one that works. is there any way i can debug the error? thanks!

    3. ivan1985


      i could finally detect the problem, it was a videocard issue:




      for example when i try to watch a youtube video in full screen the computer reboots, the videocard is a geforce 710 using web drivers and native mac os drivers i get the same error, i would really appreciate if you can help me solve the problem, i tried everything already, thankyou!

    4. Mieze


      Sorry, I'm an ethernet driver expert but my knowledge with regard to NVIDIA GPU is extremely limited because I try to avoid NVIDIA products whenever possible as I don't like their business policy. 

  4. Well, it might have been the result of a messed up BIOS configuration which was fixed by redoing the configuration. Anyway, I'm happy that the problem is solved now. Mieze
  5. The latest prebuilt version requires High Sierra. In order to use it with Sierra please compile it with Xcode 8 using the MacOS 10.12 SDK and 10.12 as the deployment target. Mieze
  6. Your kernel logs are worthless because they haven't been created with the debug version so that there isn't enough information to retrace what happened. Mieze
  7. Already done a few moments ago. Have fun! Mieze
  8. You can extract the DSDT and the SSDTs. Mieze
  9. Mieze


    Which mainboard do you have? According to the problem description, in particular after removing the WLAN card, I have a feeling that it might be the infamous skylake wakeup issue which can be traced back to the BIOS handing over control to the OS after wakeup before all devices have been restored to D0 state. Mieze
  10. No, I didn't need more information, just a little bit of time which is a scarce resource at the moment. Please try this and report back. Good luck! Mieze RealtekRTL8100-V2.0.1d0.zip
  11. This might be a DSDT related issue as method _PRW must be properly defined for a device in order to be able to wake the system. Mieze
  12. Send me kernel logs of the driver created with the debug version of the kext including a full boot sequence and a sleep / wake cycle. Mieze
  13. No because it has a completely different architecture. Mieze WoL in BIOS has really nothing to do with WoL in MacOS. Disable it. I'd check the BIOS settings in order to make sure that the network stack, network boot, etc. are disabled. Mieze
  14. Mieze

    AMD Polaris IDs on Sierra / High Sierra

    @Cyberdevs: I guess it's the VBIOS which is the key. If the card's connector data define at least 2 DPs, MST will be enabled for the card and the DPs are combined. Do you know any VBIOS modding tool which is to able change the connector layout? As Clover is able to load a VBIOS there would be no need to flash anything. Mieze
  15. Mieze

    AMD Polaris IDs on Sierra / High Sierra

    I used MacGen but it's unable to create serial numbers for the 2017 iMacs. As I couldn't resist to try it with Clover Configurator, I've got a valid serial number for iMac18,2 but there is no change compared to iMac18,3 which means that: My 4k display is detected as 5k display. Black screen after wakeup without AGDC disable patch. Edit: The reason why you've got wakeup working might also be located in the connector layout of the card itself because your ASUS ROG Strix has only 1 DP while my Sapphire Nitro+ comes with 2 DPs. Most likely AGDC detects that the card is unable to support MST due to the lack of a second DP and therefore disables it. Mieze