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  1. Hello friend, I would like that you could help me in relation to the kext created by you for lan ntel 82578DM Gigabit (10/100/1000 Mb / s) Ethernet LAN.
    The detail is that to be recognized the lan I must restart after starting cold
    At the initial start verbose puts this:
    IntelMausi Ethernet: Failed to get adapter data with error -3
    I send you the data from my desktop

    Gracias de antemano


    1. Mieze


      Hello davicon,

      unfortunately there is nothing I can do for you with regard to this issue. Either way you you have a broken DSDT causing the driver to operate on something else but the correct hardware or the Management Engine (ME) is blocking access to the NIC preventing the driver from taking control. In both scenarios you'll have to resolve the cause of the problem on your own because it's located beyond the scope of the driver. Sorry!

      Kind regards,


    2. davicon


      Thank you for responding, of course that DSDT just put it and the failure occurs with or without the DSDT, I would like to know where it detects the broken DSDT, on the other hand it could extend a bit what the Management Engine (ME) means or where I can see that, to see if I can inquire more about it and see if I resolve it, in advance grateful

  2. New Driver for Realtek RTL8111

    The fact that it works under Windows rules out a hardware issue but it doesn't rule out a DHCP related problem. Frankly I have no idea what went wrong on your system. Have you checked the BIOS settings? Is the the UEFI network stack and network boot disabled? Mieze
  3. The fact that several users report their cards to be broken since 10.13.4 beta may be the result of a power management issue. In case the latest versions of Apple's driver try to activate ASPM (Active State Power Management) for the chip in order to reduce platform power consumption, you might get strange results, similar to defective hardware, provided the mainboard/BIOS doesn't support ASPM properly or disables it in BIOS. I must admit that I haven't checked the code, so my opinion is based on pure speculation, but it would be an explanation for this behavior which doesn't involve sabotage by Apple. Anyway, I'd take a look at my BIOS setting with regard to ASPM before I consider the card to be lost. As soon as Apple releases the final version of 10.13.4 I'll take a look at the code in order to be sure... Mieze
  4. New Driver for Realtek RTL8111

    It could be almost anything (DHCP issue, hardware problem, BIOS setting, etc.) but there is one thing I can almost certainly rule out: a driver bug! Fix your system in order get it working.
  5. I'd suggest to wait until the final release of 10.13.4 is out and we will see what Apple is going to put us through. In case all the trouble is caused by a bug, chances are high that it will be resolved by then. In case they want to prevent us from using their driver with flashed cards, we'll see how. The number of ways to achieve this is limited (check of MAC address or serial number) and it shouldn't be too hard to find a patch in case of such a scenario. Keep calm as the ! Mieze
  6. According to the problem description I can almost rule out a driver bug. Sounds more like a messed up system (system caches, in particular as 2.3.0. doesn't exhibit this behavior) or a general wakeup issue (DSDT, etc.). Anyways, see post#1 of this thread for instructions how to collect kernel logs in case you find something contradicting my thesis. Mieze
  7. New Driver for Realtek RTL8111

    The driver is working fine, there is no indication for a driver problem in 2.2.2 in particular no reason for a kernel panic. It's your system which is broken (DSDT, system caches, etc.). Please fix your system in order to resolve the problem. Mieze
  8. Chat is down?

    Is the Chat already online again? I'm asking because I keep getting an empty window when try to enter the chatroom. Or have there been any configuration changes so that I have to modify my firewall rules? In case of yes, where can I find which IP addresses and ports are used?
  9. GetmacOS

  10. I'd suggest to use the Apple provided drivers in Windows after the firmware flash as they match the device now. You'll never know what exactly has changed and the ASUS driver might have problems with the Apple firmware. Mieze
  11. In case of a transmitter hang, the driver would reset the NIC every few seconds and unless there are those messages there is no indication for a driver bug. Looks more like a DHCP or routing problem. You might also want to try to disable EEE (select medium manually) as it sometimes causes strange things Mieze
  12. AFAIK the chip supports auto crossover. Mieze