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  1. You can do it yourself. Install Xcode 9, open the project, choose 10.13 SDK and 10.13 as deployment target, and select "Archive" from the "Products" menu. Save the built driver somewhere and install it on your system. Mieze
  2. Here is a new development version (2.3.0d0, release and debug build) of the driver which I'm using for some time now without experiencing any problems. It's build for Mojave and requires at least version 10.14.0 but you may also use it with High Sierra, provided you build from source instead of using the prebuilt binary. Source code can be found on Github. Good luck! Mieze AtherosE2200Ethernet-V2.3.0d0.zip
  3. @momoxx Try the latest development version! Good luck! Mieze
  4. Mieze

    New Driver for Realtek RTL8111

    @mack1 This doesn't look like a driver issue because the driver doesn't handle DHCP itself, that's the job of the network stack. Try to delete and recreate the network configuration and check the router's DHCP server.
  5. @chilledHamza Please clean system caches (No, this is not the kernel cache). Use Google in order to find out how to do this. After that, reboot and recreate the kernel caches. Let's see if it resolves the issue.
  6. I ran some tests with version 2.5.0d0 of the driver and I haven't noticed any problems with WoL. It works as expected. You might want to clean the system and kernel caches. In case a driver isn't linked properly, strange things may happen. I've also seen this many times.
  7. @pastrychef Ok, I will check WoL support in 2.5.0d0.
  8. Correct! The binary I posted is for Mojave but you may build it for High Sierra too, provided you've changed the deployment target to 10.13.
  9. @Matgen84 You've probably got a messed up system which prevents the driver to be linked properly against IONetworking. kext. In order to resolve the issue, clean the system caches (this is not the same as the kernel cache, use the search function to find out how to do this) and, after that, recreate the kernel cache. Mieze
  10. @chilledHamza: Please provide kernel logs showing the issue.
  11. Sorry, no idea at the moment and I don't have the time to get involved because I'm very busy with preparations for an exam at university next week.
  12. @audio geekThis is not a driver issue as it originates in the higher levels of the network stack. In case you you got infrequent connection dropouts you might want to disable EEE as it may cause this problem.
  13. I see no reason why anybody would need WoL as Apple drivers support mDNS offload so that the machine stays visible while sleeping and can be woken up with a connection request using protocols like SSH for example? Mieze
  14. In order to use the device with the Apple driver, it's firmware must be updated with macOS 10.13.3 but as the AQC111's device id 0x11b1 isn't supported natively by Apple's driver, I doubt that it will update the firmware and even in case it does, there is no guarantee that Apple's firmware will work on this chip, it might as well render the chip unusable. Mieze