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  1. It's the "built-in" property which prevents the card from working when installed in an internal PCIe slot but as devices in an external PCIe box don't get this property, the driver accepts the card. Basically the same problem like in older versions of macOS but it looks like the Clover patch doesn't work anymore. Maybe we have to wait until this feature gets fixed in Clover or we have to find another way in order to perform the patch (Lilu plugin). Mieze
  2. @cuzuco I can't reproduce the issue. Looks like the source files or your Xcode installation has been damaged.
  3. There is native support for the I225LM in AppleIntelI210Ethernet.kext. In order to get the I225V working too, all you have to do is to fake the PCI dev ID of the I225LM as described here: https://www.hackintosh-forum.de/forum/thread/48568-i9-10900k-gigabyte-z490-vision-d-er-läuft/?postID=606059#post606059 @lethanhtung The I219V/LM on H470, B460 and Q470 mainboards is also supported by version 2.5.1d1.
  4. I'm sorry but that's nonsense because your sleep issue doesn't have anything to do with the driver.
  5. I reworked chip identification in version 1.0.0d6 to fix the issue. Attached you'll find debug and release builds for Mojave and Catalina. Mieze LucyRTL8125Ethernet-V1.0.0d6.zip
  6. @Brumbaer Thanks for tracking down this bug to it's origin. I'm going to rewrite chip recognition from scratch next week because Realtek's solution is not only confusing but also extremely ugly.
  7. @lisai9093 Use the debug version and take a look at the kernel logs.
  8. I just updated the prebuilt binary in the download section to version 2.3.2 in which I fixed VLAN support (used to be broken in older versions). The binary is for 10.14 or newer.
  9. Here is a prebuilt binary of version 2.5.1d1 which adds support for the 400 Series I219 devices. Have fun with your new Z490 based Hackintosh! Mieze IntelMausiEthernet-V2.5.1d1.zip
  10. @kidooe That's nothing to worry about and it happens sometimes if both devices don't agree on the best speed. it's a hardware issue which can be resolved easily with manual intervention. Mieze
  11. Here is version 1.0.0d5 in which I enabled TSO. The attached archive contains prebuilt binaries for Catalina and Mojave. I verified that it loads under Mojave. In case you want to build from source with Mojave, you have to use Xcode 10.3. Good luck testing! Mieze LucyRTL8125Ethernet-V1.0.0d5.zip
  12. Please stop flooding me with useless screenshots. In case the driver doesn't work under Mojave, try to load it manually in Terminal with the command: sudo kextutil -v 5 LucyRTL8125Ethernet.kext and take a look at the messages. I assume that's a link error because I built the driver for Catalina. Mieze
  13. Mieze

    New Driver for Realtek RTL8111

    @haroldju It's off-topic but your KP is most likely the result of a link error. You should clean system caches as described in post#1 of this thread. Go to /System/Library/Caches and delete all the files inside (including those in it's subdirectories) but leave the subdirectories and symbolic links untouched. After that, reboot and recreate the kernel cache. Mieze
  14. Mieze

    New Driver for Realtek RTL8111

    @hardcorehenry The driver load well in both cases but never establishes a link. Looks more like a hardware problem because the driver is known to work well with chipset 20 and I haven't changed anything which is specific to that device.
  15. Mieze

    New Driver for Realtek RTL8111

    @hardcorehenry As I haven't seen any kernel logs from you, I'm quite sure you made as mistake because the driver is known to work with that chip and there not much I have changed.