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Found 5 results

  1. Fabio1971

    Presentati i nuovi MacBook Air

    Sono stati presentati al WWDC 2012 i Nuovi MacBook Air da Apple con tante novità. Vediamole insieme : Nuovi Processori I5 e I7 da 2,0GHz a 3,2GHz in Turbo Boost. Nuova GPU Intel HD Graphics 4000 fino al 60% più veloce. Schermo retroilluminato LED da 11"e 13" Memorie RAM da 4GB a 8GB. Unità do Memoria Flash fino a 512GB. Connessioni e espansione : Videocamera FaceTime HD a 720p. Fino a 7 ore di Autonomia. Tastiera retroilluminata. Qui una foto con la caratteristiche del MacBook Air : I prezzi dei MAcBook Air : MacBook Air da 11" a partire da £ 1.079,00 MacBook Air da 13" a partire da £ 1.279,00 Fabio71
  2. *** This has been sold locally. *** I'm selling my like-new, absolutely babied, 15 inch Apple MacBook Pro. It's perfect. I'm switching back to PC/Linux because Mac OS X Lion just doesn't do it for me. I must say that this is a great laptop and I hate to see it go; the fact that it can handle great graphics, has a high resolution matte display, and yields a very long battery life makes it one heck of a machine. Specs: - Purchased on March 22, 2011 - 2.2 ghz quad core i7 Sandy Bridge - 4 or 8 gb memory * - Switchable graphics: integrated Intel graphics and Radeon HD6750M with 1 GB - High resolution, 1680x1050 matte display (awesome display!) - Dual or single hard drive * - Dual layer DVD burner, "Apple SuperDrive" * - HD webcam - Matte black, semi-transparent Spec case (awesome) - I get 7 to 8 hours of battery life under reasonable conditions, 9 is possible - Mac OS X Snow Leopard Price and Payment: $1800 + configuration options + actual shipping, or best offer. The only trade I'd be interested in is a Lenovo Thinkpad T520 + cash. Otherwise, thanks for your interest, but I won't be accepting any other trades. Local pickup available (Tampa, FL). Payment options are flexible. * Configurations: Hard Drives and Optical Drive: - It came OEM with a 750 gb 5400 RPM hard drive. If you just want this, the optical drive will be returned to its original, internal installation. - It's currently equipped with TWO hard drives: the OEM drive as the secondary drive, and a 640 gb 7200 RPM Samsung drive as the primary. In this configuration, the SuperDrive is installed in an external USB enclosure that matches the look and feel of the MacBook Pro. It only requires one usb port for operation. Considering the cost of the enclosure, hard drive, and drive caddy, add $120 for this configuration. Memory: - Originally came with 4 gb. - Currently equipped with 8 gb. The original OEM memory will also be included for warranty purposes. Add $40 for this configuration. Protective Case: - Free if you want it, or I can remove and keep it. I won't remove and ship it. - I highly recommend it, but it does add some noticeable weight. It's really nice, though! Condition: - Like new! Really. There's evidence of use, but no damage whatsoever. Nothing my eyes can see, at least. - Original box and everything that came in it - even the Apple stickers! - Receipts/invoices for EVERYTHING. The laptop, case, memory, hard drive caddy, optical drive enclosure, and hard drive. - All the original packaging materials Pictures: Heatware feedback: click here I hope I've been clear in my description. Any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to PM me, email me, text, or call. I'd be happy to answer any questions; there are no stupid questions! Thanks for reading
  3. A die shrinkage isn't all that's coming to broadwell, some minor video improvements have been confirmed for the chip. Which adds VP8 hardware decoding, as well as two independent stream decoders to boost video decoding performance and speed. The TDP can be as little as 3.5W and as high as 4.5 Watts. This is great news for apple! despite only being dual core processors, these pack a powerful punch, allowing apple to create a smaller MacBook without compromising size, battery life or performance. In fact some rumors clam that it'll be even thinner then the current MacBook Air! Stunning! Let me know if you're as excited as I am about what apple has in store for us in the upcoming months! source: MacRumors
  4. The app is finished. After running it automatically get the display data from the first display. If you want to make a patch for the second, change the number above on 2 instead of 1 and press the set display data button. If you have a second screen it will now get the required data. Use DarwinDumper (2.7.6 or better) to get your EDID. In DarwinDumper (2.9.1 or better) open EDID.bin, for older open the EDID.hex file with the open button. Select the Apple Display type to emulate. Press the Make button. Now on your desktop you will get the following new files: - A displayoverride for your display which is patched (probably don't want to use this). - A EDID binary which is patched (handy for 2nd check with edie-decode). - DisplayMergeNub.kext auto tailored for your config (probably want to install this). EDIT: New version V1.1 - Modified driver creation to use the new DisplayMergeNub - Fixed a bug to get 2nd / 3rd / etc display with button (caused crash) - Added basic params override for display to be set as LCD - Fixed Info.plist creation code EDIT: 1.1b - Fixed OSBundleLibraries in Info.plist generation EDIT: 1.2 - Fixed driver file copy bug in case of spaces in path - Added Apple LED Cinema display data and option - Added option for only EDID injection (unpatched) EDIT: 1.3 - Added support for the display classes AppleDisplay and AppleBacklightDisplay (for some notebooks) EDIT: 1.4 - Added IODisplayPrefs check in DisplayMergeNub.kext - Added build target for DisplayMergeNub.kext - Added IODisplayPrefs key in FixEDID for matching on that key - Added optimization for multiple monitors (identical), now you can override each display, even on multiple GPU's individually - Fixed a mistake in just edid override EDIT: 1.5 - Added override for IODisplayPrefs (check/don't check) - Added used display class for the selected monitor auto detection (AppleDisplay/AppleBacklightDisplay) - Updated DisplayMergeNub.kext for handling boolean for IODisplayPrefs use or not EDIT: 1.5b - Recompiled 32-bit kext binary for 10.5 and above - Recompiled 64-bit kext binary for 10.6 and above - Merged both binaries in one universal binary so the kext now works on 10.5 and better EDIT: 1.6 - Added hex2int conversion in ObjC manner (thanks to Marchrius for the hex2int routine) - Changed code to only parse vendor and device once and then convert to int and set the decimal value - So thanks to Marchrius setting the vendor and device values is a lot faster now EDIT: 1.7 - Added version override to EDID V1.4 (fixes some issues) - Added option for adding / fixing monitor ranges descriptor (missing in some EDID's but required by EDID V1.3 or V1.4) - Option for adding / fixing monitor ranges is by default enabled but can be disabled by unchecking the checkbox EDIT: 1.8 - Disabled checkbox for monitor range patch by default (patch can be enabled by clicking on the checkbox) - Rewrote the routine for getting the IODisplayPrefs key and setting the vendor and device id in both decimal and hexadecimal (thanks to Marchrius for supplying the faster routine, I modified it slightly for multiple displays) it now gets the vendor and device id from the IODisplayPrefs key instead of running 2 tasks for getting them. It also is now NSTask and NSPipe based (thanks again to Marchrius). It really is about 4 times faster. - Made override for monitor ranges more generic, it should now work on any display EDIT: 1.9 - List with all the displays implemented from which you can choose (credits: Marchrius) - Reads only once the displays unless refresh is clicked (credits: Marchrius) - Faster setting of display data (credits: Marchrius) - New UI (credits: Marchrius) EDIT: 2.0 - Added display class override to kext - Added display class override to app => This means you can make an AppleBacklightDisplay from an AppleDisplay and vice versa EDIT: 2.1 - Added signed kext - Added signed app (all now GateKeeper compliant) - Added scaled resolutions adding for HiDPI support - More bugfixes EDIT: 2.2 - Added help function - Added remove button for resolutions - Added credits file - Added color profile only patch - Added adding / fixing monitor ranges on no patch and color profile only - Added quick buttons for displays (click menu of display models, type 1 to 7) - Added quick buttons for Display Class (click menu of class, type A or - Added quick buttons for Display Override Class (click menu, type C or D) * For using HiDPI resolutions, use RetinaDisplayMenu, attached below... EDIT: 2.2.1 - Changed synthesized method to direct binding (enables building of 32+64 bit app and adds support for building for versions less than 10.7.X) - Rebuilt FixEDID with a 32+64 bit universal app EDIT: 2.3 - Added iMac Retina panel (iMac14,2) - Added aspect ratio description after panel names (16:10 or 16:9) - Bugfix related to fixing monitor ranges on "Only Inject EDID Unpatched" and "Only Patch Color Profile" EDIT: 2.3.1 - Added MacBook Air panel (MacBookAir5,1) - Added scaleable UI - Added fullscreen app support EDIT: 2.3.2 - Added aspect ratio detection based on first detailed descriptor of the EDID on open of the EDID binary (based on detailed resolution) EDIT: 2.3.2 (2nd build) - Fixed aspect ratio detection, there was a resolution issue and I reimplemented detection based on GCD value (greatest common divisor) NOTE: For 32 bit and 64 bit kext it will need to be rebuilt using an older version of Xcode... Xcode 5.X's clang compiler won't build 32 bit kexts If you have Monitor_Apple.kext or DisplayMergeNub.kext installed and which to patch, remove the kext in /S/L/E and caches, reboot, run DarwinDumper and then run the app, otherwise the display values will be wrong... Enjoy and please give me feedback Source is included Github repo: https://github.com/andyvand/FixEDID Github development repo: https://github.com/andyvand/FixEDID_Devel RetinaDisplayMenu.zip FixEDID-2.3.2.zip
  5. adamisapple

    Get GTA V on Mac

    Hello, I am a fellow Mac user and would love to see Grand Theft Auto V (5) on Mac. It is coming to PC, so why not to Mac? Vote for GTA V to come to Mac here: https://www.change.org/p/rockstar-games-bring-gta-v-to-mac?just_created=true I hope together, we can find a way to bring GTA V to Mac. Cheers, Adam