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  • sportman
    CodeWeavers has announced that they will provide CrossOver Office for the Mac. This means a great deal for all new and old users of the operating system. Ofcourse this will be for the intel line of apple machines. Now the possiblity of running ppc, linux and windows applications all under one OS is now a reality. Many gamers are hoping for the same to happen with the popular linux application cedega. Cedega is a variation of Wine which allows directx games to run on non windows x86 operating systems.

  • bofors

    DMCA Site Policy Discussion.

    By bofors, in OSx86,

    I have renamed this thread to match the content of the posts below. Clearly, the site's DMCA policy is an important issue and the air needs to be cleared. Furthermore, I have personally played a role in formulating and implementing this site's DMCA policy, so if you are unhappy, I am a partly to blame. I plan on responding to the posts below soon and I will repost the original topic later. I hope the site admins will not prematurely lock this discussion and that no one gets banned for voicing their opinion here. However, please keep this DMCA policy discussion within this thread.
    Originally this thread was titled: "What is the problem with reproducing blex0r's results?"

  • depe321

    (OT) Tiger on PS3 ?

    By depe321, in OSx86,

    "The operating system has also yet to be clarified. The integrated Cell processor will be able to support a variety of operating systems (such as Linux or Apple's Tiger). "

  • xSuRgEx
    the guys over @ http://forums.krazynonsense.com/showthread...p?p=448#post448
    are talking about the dev dvd for osx86 being leaked to morrrow the day after.
    i dont know if there is any truth behind this. but it would be great to finaly get our hands on this fantastic OS.
    i hope we can still reach the target for our Dev kit donations. because it will help with the cracking of the TCPA that apple has put into

  • Swad
    Discorocker has compared selected files from three different Dev Kits, and after doing some fancy work with hashes and hex editors, discovered that the files in each dev kit are marked with unique "signatures" (6 bytes long).
    At this point, we have no idea what these markers in only a few of the files means. These could be actual signatures that are a function of the TPM. Or it could be something random done at installation. At this point we don't know much more than that, but I thought I'd update everyone! If I've missed any info, feel free to add on.

  • Brickster

    Rosetta Kernel uses TCPA

    By Brickster, in OSx86,

    We found out that the Rosetta kernel uses TCPA/TPM DRM.
    Currently their are no ways known to get the GUI working on non-Apple hardware, with this protected kernel.
    Even with a SSE3 enabled cpu you will never get the GUI.
    Read more about TCPA here: http://www.againsttcpa.com/tcpa-faq-en.html

  • Ekylypse
    I am going to purchase a Developers Transition Kit from Apple; however, I don't have the money to do it on my own. Therefore I am asking this wonderful community for some help. Every month I get about $200 from my paychecks that I get to spend on whatever I want. Most of this $200 a month will go toward the Dev kit. I am only asking for even a few cents.
    Thanks, and everyone that donates, will get an email from me as soon as I get the Dev Kit.
    Donate to the PayPal account:
    Complete one of the offers on this site: http://www.macminis4free.com/default.aspx?r=231703
    Signing up 7 people will get me $550 cash, and the Dev Kit. Thanks DeathChill

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