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  • Ed
    This incredible Apple I computer in full working order was auctioned on the weekend for a whopping $671,400.
    Reported by the Bits blog over at the NY Times, the buyer who scooped one of the very few remaining working examples of Apple's first ever computer "was a wealthy entrepreneur from the Far East, who wishes to remain anonymous".
    Interestingly, this latest example of the Apple I was purchased in faulty condition for $40,000 earlier in the year, and its new owner cleverly fixed it and restored the unit to full working order before hopping on a plane to California and managing to get Steve Wozniak, Apple's only surviving co-founder, to sign it, ensuring maximum value when the bidding ended.
    The video above shows the Apple I executing basic code and even producing ultra-low resolution "character art" of Apple's founders, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs.

  • Ed

    Mac Keeper 2.5 Review

    By Ed, in OSx86,

    After a few months of use you may notice that your Mac OS X installation is not a fast and efficient as it once was. Mac Keeper is a Application for Mac OS X that optimizes the system in 4 specific areas which are Security, Data Control, Cleaning and Optimization. Now as many users will ask how credible are there claims? The following will answer this and more.

    Written by Rampage Dev
    After a few months of use you may notice that your Mac OS X installation is not a fast and efficient as it once was. Mac Keeper is a Application for Mac OS X that optimizes the system in 4 specific areas which are Security, Data Control, Cleaning and Optimization. Now as many users will ask how credible are there claims? The following will answer this and more.
    Testing Configuration:
    Core 2 Duo
    MSI G41M-P23
    OS X 10.8.3 Existing Install over 1 year of age
    Software Version:
    MacKeeper 2.5
    Installation was very simple after downloading the latest version found here and was no different then any other package installation. Within 5 minutes the install was complete and I was ready to start using the application.
    Mac Keeper has a user-friendly interface that will be very easy to use and to navigate. On the left are the tools that the application provides for various tasks and each providing a brief description of what each tool does, a link to the user manual, as well as user tutorial videos that are YouTube based but play in the application. All of this information is helpful and makes the user aware what and how the tool is to be used before using it. On the right side of the application there are 24/7 Customer Support information as well as feedback reporting.

    Using The Application
    After looking over the interface I performed the scan. The timer was a not accurate at all and took around 5 minutes to complete the scan from start to finish.

    During the scan the application used a lot of my system resources and started to bog down the system. The picture below is from Activity Monitor showing the high CPU usage during the scan.

    Once the scan was complete the Cleaning Section showed an astounding about of files to be removed from my system. 3.5 GB of files shows how even a lightly used system can create a large amount of junk files.

    After the fixes were applied I was asked to enter my Serial Number, which I did. Mac Keeper allows you to install and scan your system before having to purchase the application. This allows users to have a hand on experience prior.

    After activating the software Mac Keeper completed in fixing the issues that it had found and I began using the system. First thing I noticed was how fast finder was working and how launching applications was faster as well. CS6 launch time was dramatically improved seeing a 50% faster load time. Overall Mac Keeper was proving to live up to my expectations and creditable in regards to there claims.
    I then continued using the software once a day to see if the system performance gains could be retained. By the end of the week it was clear that the gains were still there and that Mac Keeper was doing exactly what the claims were.
    Over all Mac Keeper is a solid optimization tool, which was easy to use and smooth in the implementation of the application. Mac Keeper did live up to my expectations. However the system files it removes could be done manually so if you were looking at this application just for that then I would not recommend Mac Keeper. For users who want a worry free quick solution to optimization of their Mac OS X installation then this is exactly the software you need.
    Download Mac Keeper

  • ErmaC
    During last week I redesign part of the Intel Injector (gam.c/gma.h)
    due to the new hardware (Haswell)
    still need some few TEST and TESTER and than those changes are ready to be committed into Chameleon main trunk code.
    I rename the key flag (thx Micky1979 and bcc9 (also read his topic here: http://www.insanelym...ng-displayport/)):
    - For Ivy Bridge the old keyflag HD4K-ig is now deprecated the new name is IntelCapriFB (match with Apple kext name for that hardware)
    ex: IntelCapriFB=a_value from 0 to 11

    0 = 00006601 1 = 01006601 2 = 02006601 3 = 03006601 4 = 04006601 5 = 05006201 6 = 06006201 7 = 07006201 8 = 08006601 9 = 0900660110 = 0a00660111 = 0b006601
    - For the Haswell the recently introduced key flag HD5K-ig is also deprecated and the new name is IntelAzulFB (Same things... match with Apple kext)
    ex: IntelAzulFB=a_value from 0 to 15

    0 = 00000604 1 = 0000060c 2 = 00001604 3 = 0000160a 4 = 0000160c 5 = 00002604 6 = 0000260a 7 = 0000260c 8 = 0000260d 9 = 0200160410 = 0300220d11 = 0500260a12 = 0600260a13 = 0700260d14 = 0800260a15 = 08002e0a
    I also introduced the ability to inject a custom AAPL,ig-platform-id for both kind of gfx (Ivy & Haswell) the keyflag is InjectIntel-ig
    ex: InjectIntel-ig=09006601 (a flipped 01660009)
    The priority is:
    1° InjectIntel-ig
    2° IntelXxxxFB
    3° the default setting (based on BIOS memory for Ivy, and default ig for Haswell)
    Example of data into org.chameleon.Boot.plist
    <key>InjectIntel-ig</key> <string>09006601</string>
    <key>IntelCapriFB</key> <string>9</string>
    <key>IntelAzulFB</key> <string>9</string>
    Here we go:
    View attachment: Chameleon_2260_GMA.zip
    Click here to view the article
    View attachment: HD4000.png
    View attachment: iHD4K.png

  • PunkNugget

    I'd like to take this opportunity to invite all of you, who have put such hard work, time and money into your MacMods, to submit those completed builds for the InsanelyMac's MacMod of the Month Contest

    This is a forum where you can show off your completed mod to all those who visit the InsanelyMac website, and square off in some friendly competition against others who have MacMods of their own. Bragging rights alone are priceless if you win, but at the end of the year, there is the MacMod of the Year contest! The 2012 contest featured first, second and third place prizes! Last years MacMod of the Year winner was a build entitled Deep Thought, a very well built, clean MacMod that anyone would be proud to have on their desk running OSX. This is also a great place to see what others have done with their machines and pick up some great ideas for your own build!
    When you have a moment, take a look at one of our newest entries for MacMod of the Month for 2013 - Lemon Lime Twist
    These builds are a representation of each one of us, and with future sales of MacPros no longer for sale in Europe (article found >HERE<) whatever their reasoning behind it is... THIS IS YOUR TIME TO SHINE !!! To show those that live in Europe, they can too can do it for a 1/4 of the price and have a SCREAMIN' MacMod that will outshine and outperform the most current MacPro out there.
    Do you think your MacMod is as good - maybe even better? There's only one way to find out - Submit your MacMod today! Even if you don't have your system completed, its a perfect opportunity to vote on the MacMod of other InsanelMac users, so they can win a prizes at the end of the year for 2013 !!!
    Lastly, we have more contributors that will be donating real prizes at the end of this year so even if you think your build may not be "show worthy," post it anyway. You never know... Thank you for taking the time, later...

  • Micky1979
    Today, 03/20/13 marks an extraordinary event that's been in the making for some time. The staff of InsanelyMac are proud to present to you :
    "Pandora's Box"
    Pandora's Box application is a new "Tool" that can be used to create your own installer for Lion 10.7 or Mountain Lion 10.8 with the option to use either the retail app version or it's dmg image file.
    Also included is a post installation utility to apply additional fixes after install or after a OSx software update.
    So those features are great, but you will see "PANDORA'S BOX" also adds some additional functionality to the installation process. With the option for you to configure and choose much of the customization during the OSx installation process, once complete, you can immediately boot into your new working install without requiring any further setup.
    Available in the Downloads section
    Watch and Participate to the Beta Testing here: http://www.insanelym...-beta1-testing/

  • Ed
    Check out our new 'Downloads' area at InsanelyMac. A single, easy-to-use area where you can download the latest kexts from developers in the InsanelyMac community, and even popular files from developers outside. Discuss and support each other from within the linked forum threads.
    We look forward to growing this area with demand and adding more files for download. Let us know what you think!

  • Mr.D.

    Are you a fan of tiny wearable computers? Does the idea of wearing glasses make you want to shake your fist at Google? The rumors are flying fast and furious about Apple developing an iWatch - an iOS capable device that you would wear on your wrist... like a watch.

    Both Bloomberg and The Verge are claiming that the iWatch that is in development will run a 'full' version of iOS.
    From The Verge:

    Interestingly, we're also told that Apple's chosen to rework the full iOS to run on the watch instead of building up the iPod nano's proprietary touch operating system — although the previous nano was already watch-sized and seemed like a great starting point for a watch, Apple's betting on iOS across product lines.  

    Reportedly, there is also an official 'Watch Team' made up of approximately 100 designers to try to make a watch do what an iPhone does. Regardless of if this device ever makes it to reality, Apple has filed over seventy patents that include the word 'wrist' in them.
    Will this be the next big product from Apple? Will this be the next big rumor from Apple à la the TV? Reports are also saying that Apple wants this to launch by the end of the year, so hopefully... maybe... possibly, we'll know by Christmas.


    What is white on the outside yet still gpu powered on the inside with the words “Mac® Edition” etched on the side?

    Well our friends at Sapphire Technology has taken the AMD 7950 that quite a few users here at InsanelyMac have managed to get working and created a Mac Pro geared version of the card. Now you may look and say “hmm.. already got mine working why read about this one?” Aside from the cute white shroud and accentuated grooves in the shroud itself, there are BIOS differences which cuases this card to diverge from similarity with other 7950s alike.
    This Sapphire variant of the 7950 is without a doubt based on the original 7950 that hum along at 850MHz with its sizeable 3GB of GDDR5 memory, the wide lane 240GB/s memory bandwidth, and a memory clock ticking at 1250MHz. As by news from PCGamesHardware, AMD does have intentions have releasing this card to the market of consumers with a price tag of $450. The IO port layout on the backside of the card is your standard DVI – HDMI – miniDP x2 layout found on other 7950s as well. If you do have intentions of dropping this into a Mac Pro (though I feel you readers would much rather do so in your Hackintoshes), be certain that you have the two six pin adapters that will be needed to feed this hungry little guy.

  • Ed
    Apple has today released an incremental update to iOS 6 for iPhone 4S users. iOS 6.1.1 addresses battery and 3G issues that some iPhone 4S users were experiencing after "upgrading" from iOS 6.0 to 6.1: an issue so widespread that Vodafone in the UK was issuing alerts to customers to avoid updating to iOS 6.1.
    Problems ranged from overheating to rapidly draining batteries as well as intermittent 3G performance.
    Note that this update is only available to iPhone 4S users: iPhone 5 users may have to wait for an update, some of whom are also reporting 3G issues on iOS 6.1.

  • Ed
    Apple has sent letters to resellers across Europe informing them to place their final orders for Mac Pro machines by February 18th as Apple will no longer be selling the professional towers from March 1st onwards in Europe.
    The reason behind the unusual move by Apple is due to the aging Mac Pro failing to meet an un-specified criteria from Amendment 1 of Regulation IEC 60950-1; an international safety standard for electrical equipment.
    This could be taken as either good or bad news for the fate of the relatively neglected Mac Pro: naysayers could argue that this is the beginning of the end of the Mac Pro as Apple prepares to wind up production, and other territories may follow in ceasing sales of the high-end Mac.
    However, far more likely it's a simple case of Apple having something else up its sleeve later this year as already promised by Tim Cook in an e-mail, coupled with the fact that it doesn't really affect Apple given the Mac Pro is such a niche product in its line-up these days and we're only talking about the European market, not the whole world.
    Check out the letter from Apple to its European resellers:

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