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OS X bash Update 1.0 - For all OS X

  • Today Apple release a update for the Shellshock vulnerability.

Shellshock the bug could be bigger than Heartbleed.

The Bash vulnerability being referred to by some as ‘Shell Shock’ allows an attacker to run a wide range of malicious code remotely.


A vulnerability in Bash, the software used to control the command shell in many flavors of Unix, has been shown to be present in OS X.


But today Apple release a update for OS X 10.9/8/7.


Download the right version for your OS X.


OS X 10.9

OS X 10.8

OS X 10.7


Both versions of Yosemite include an update to Bash shell, versioned as 3.2.53(1), to address the Shellshock flaw.

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