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  1. Kalyway Leopard Installer

    At this point stopping it is pretty much impossible. There is only a few things Apple can do to stop people from hacking it without crippling it for actual Mac users. Any checks can be written around, which actually can speed up the system. Even if they went back to a proprietary processor, Pandora's Box has been opened and it cannot be closed anytime soon, if ever.
  2. Repair permissions, that will fix several of your issues.
  3. Kalyway Leopard Installer

    Do a repair permissions, should fix some of your issues.
  4. chain0 not working

    Did you copy in the Chain0 file? Redo the how-to and use copy and paste. If you see the words chain0 you definately did something wrong. If that fails, and it has for me before, you will need something like Partition Magic or System Commander, Grub or similar.
  5. Bang for the buck this will be difficult to beat. It is not easy to build a cheap Core 2 Duo as ram has skyrocketed, as have the boards. That ram listed should allow you to overclock quite a ways. My brother has something similar (better vid card, different brands) and it runs killer for the money. I would not go any cheaper on anything as you will start holding back the processor. The one thing I would upgrade is the Video card to a BFG 7900 GS. Really a nice card, but it will add another $98. Another good upgrade is an Asus P5b or P5w-DH Deluxe. Either will add $70-90, the DH has a supported 975 chipset for easier install, p5b will overclock more. Faster but cheap ram, you are on your own. While not everything on here may rate a 4star, everything on it has been proven to work well. Intel e6300 - $183 Gigabyte P965 DS3 (see the guide on this site for help getting it going, works great.) - $135 BFG 7600GT 256meg PCI-E - $93 PQI Turbo 2gigs DDR 667 ram $215 Thermaltake 550watt PSU - $96 Total - About $720 Wireless you are on your own.
  6. Works great. I am running very similar to what SG has. P5W DH Deluxe E6400 Allendale (@3.36g, I have yet to really push it) 2gig Super Talent ram (6400/800) BFG 7900 BFG GS OC (256meg) If I had to do it over again, I would not change anything. Very compatible and very fast. Few systems match it on Xbench. This is a 975 (chipset) board, the 965 chipset is the one that has IDE problems and needs a USB drive to install (easiest way at least). The 975 board can install normally. Networking needs a slight tweak, but there is an auto install patch to do that. Sound needs a couple numbers added. I would look into a better video card. For a little more you can get an X1900GT from Saphire which works better with the Boris patch. Mine fired right up with it. An X1650 will not take advantage of 512 DDR2 ram. Another option is the X1800, $5 more, but a faster card. For some reason some 1600 card have issues. Could also look into Nvidia GS series. Your truly best bet though, is savesome on your processor and get a better video card. You will see better performance. Look for what I did, and maybe substitute the P5W for an MSI DS3 (965) board. My setup or similar with a DS3 setup, will run rings around you in gaming and on Xbench even with your E6600/X1650 combo. All for the same or less money. If you intend to overclock, chose your ram VERY carefully. Only certain sticks will allow you to do well.
  7. Help me pick a 965 motherboard

    Try an Abit AW8D. I booted at 4.2g, and ran fine at 4.1, full OSX compatibility. I also got an Nforce4 (ECS C19-a) to hit 3.77, but I did not have the ram to go higher but I know it could have. Almost any newer chipset (965/975) board will get you up there. Make sure it is Conroe ready, which neither of the 2 above are, but just shows board quality and cost is not really as much of a factor with a 805 like people think.
  8. Azalia Audio on 10.4.8?

    I have audio working, thanks Rammjet, but my audio and video is choppy. It was not like this on older installs. More weird is that my xbench scores are much higher. Any ideas?
  9. Essential Windows Programs

    Ok, this is the best program for Windows protection you guys can get. Winpatrol www.winpatrol.com (it is free) It does not allow any startup registry entires without your knowledge and approval. MUCH better than Spybot. If you are carefull with it, you can can surf safely without any problems and without other safeguards. Not that i am saying you should not use them, but this will dominate all of them. Other things you should run: AVG anti-virus (www.grisoft.com) Spybot Search and Destroy (download.com, get this EXACT VERSION!) Ad Aware (download.com) {censored} Cleaner (www.ccleaner.com) This 5 program combo will protect you well. All are free. Run Ad Aware and Spybot once per week and you once you get an idea of how much you get adjust the intervals. I have well over 200 systems running this setup being used by non-techies (real estate agents, doctors, mortgage lenders, dentists, etc...). If it works for them, it will work for you. No major problems in avery long time. Even 98 is pretty well covered with these. Other good programs: Thunderbird Firefox Trillian Hardware Firewall (inside your router, far better than a software one) You should have a pretty well rounded system and pretty well protected. I actually have a guide written up for Windows to tweak it to run optimally and install all of this, but it is a little out of date, if anyone wants to see it PM me.
  10. What is the BEST Mobo actually?

    For Conroe users, the Bad Ax is probably best. For other p4 775's the Abit AW8D is not a bad choice. It needs a sound card patch (882, easy to do) It also needs a network card patch, also easy, there is even an auto-installer for that. Add an 805 P4d, 2 gigs ram, overclock it to about 3.7, add a x1900 All In Wonder or other 1900 with the auto install patch and an sata drive and you are good for 127+ on Xbench.
  11. borisbadenov ATI X1000-series Solution

    ATI X1900 All In Wonder gets widescreen, but only on the VGA port (even in Windows). No atifacts with Borisbadinov auto patch. Of course the AIW features most likely do not work, though I have yet to try.
  12. Video card for widescreens?

    Try an Ati Radeon X1900 All In Wonder. Works in all resolutions with Borisbadinov auto installer by Neophus. The input stuff does not work and you MUSHuse teh VGA port to get all available resolutions. For some reasons the digital port does not support as many resolutions. Even in Windows.
  13. Actually they suspect a Core 2 Duo will run faster in most apps than the Mac Pro. Weather it will or not, this is what is needed to woo the Windows crowd over. Mac guys can say all they want about how what they offer is fine, but Windows guys have been doing the upgrade thing for years. We like to be able to swap a part here or there and upgrade without buying a new system. Windows users look at stuff like the mini and Imac's as being a cheap use-then-throw-away boxes because in the Windows world, systems like that, are exactly that, and I hate to tell you guys, but the Macs are just that. Overpriced disposables, but disposables none-the-less. I love being able to yank a video card or processor and upgrade it. I like being able to have 2 monitors that look alike. I do not buy disposables (unless it is a laptop). There is no reason Apple cannot release a product like this. Would I buy it? Probably, I woudl prefer teh ability to just buy a legal copy and use it on a system I build though. Much of the system would be removed and upgraded as soon as I bought it. Make vendors handle their own support. Dell, Gateway and others already handle it. This is why Microsoft ships them an early copy for testing. If you have a problem with your Dell do you call Microsoft or Dell? Support is not a big issue. Same for drivers. Microsoft makes a basic set of drivers. After that, it is up to manufacturers to do it. Done properly, it could reduce the load on Apple, not increase it.
  14. How stable is your OSx86 machine?

    Stable as hell. Fast too. I only use Windows for games and Napster downloading.
  15. Depends on the board and how many compromises you are willing to make. Sounds, works on some. IDE does not seem to be working on any. Networking is working. So basically you may or may not get sound, and you have to use a USB drive (dvd) to install, and may not have a working rom drive once installed, but it does work. 975 is just way easier. My A8WD works fine. Too bad it does not support Conroe. May go Bad Axe as well soon. or one of the Asus boards. As far as coolers go, the Thermaltake Typhoon is pretty nice, though it does make the case a bit cramped. People can say all they want, it kept an 805 at 3.7 within reasonable range and a Conroe runs cooler than an 805. TheDguy is using one on his system.