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  1. Are there any success stories with this card?
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    Leo4Allv4.1 AMD Released

    Hi, I've been trying to install le4all v4 on my Compaq CQ60 with no luck. Basically, it stops loading kexts at TMSafetyNet without outputting any useful info to trace the problem back. I wanted to give a shot to once trying on VMWare before I gave up for good. The DVD also stops booting at TMSafetyNet.kext, but at least it outputs where the kernel panic happens. Here is what I get from VMWare: My specs are: Turion X2 64 3 GB DDR2 Nvidia 8200M G - 256 MB Motherboard - Wistron 303C USB, Sound, Ethernet, SATA and IDE (DVDRW) are controlled by the Nvidia 8200M chipset. Connexant HD smart audio 221. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. McSkywalker

    Compaq CQ50-120EP

    I have more or less the same laptop - CQ60 - 120ET. Turion X2 64 3 GB ram Nvidia 8200M G Motherboard - Wistron 303C USB, Sound, Ethernet, SATA and IDE (DVDRW) are controlled by the Nvidia 8200M chipset. There's also another sound card - Connexant HD smart audio 221. I tried Leo4Allv4 and v4.1 The DVD boot stalls after loading the TMSafetyNet kext twice. That seems to be quite irrelevant to the boot process since the kext is about the Time Machine. Also, another thing that seemed quite strange to me was, there wasn't any hardware detection during the boot process. It just seems to load all the kexts for about 3 to 5 minutes until it stalls at the TMSafetyNet.kext. I tried all of the kernel flags that I found relevant, including "maxmem=2048".. I also tried an iatkos leopard DVD (version 1, I suppose) that one of my friends gave me, but it didn't even begin to boot. For now, that's all I have with this laptop. Hope someone comes with better info.
  4. No, that's not mouse tearing. When you have mouse tearing, you have square/rectangle traces of the cursor like that little part of the screen which is under the cursor doesn't refresh. I think I exactly understood what you're talking about and I never saw that on Mac OS X. However, in the classic times, I used to experience the same problem with some buggy applications. (especially with MIDI or network apps like the early versions of Dave, when trying to connect to a PC.)
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    Sad to see you go.
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    25 =P
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    Hey, I was out only for about a week and a half, and now I see this. I wonder what the hell had happened to push you to the limit. Anyway, goodbye sHard. Just don't stay away for too long..
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    Your favorite childhood TV show?

    Voltron, Roadrunner & Coyote and lots of others. P.S. World of Warcraft episode of South Park was the best that I recently have watched.
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    SSE, SSE2, SSE£

    Hmm, looks like I've been out of the loop
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    SSE, SSE2, SSE£

    It's not possible and there's no effort on it that I know of.
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    how old r ya?

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    Mouse forward and back buttons

    If that is a USB mouse, search for USB Overdrive.
  13. Results 1 - 10 of about 1,150,000 for Bill Gates sucks. (0.11 seconds) Results 1 - 10 of about 1,310,000 for Steve Jobs sucks. (0.08 seconds) Results 1 - 10 of about 145,000,000 for I love microsoft. (0.09 seconds) Results 1 - 10 of about 124,000,000 for I love apple. (0.10 seconds)
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    [TR] Turk kullanicilari!

    Selam arkadaşlar. Ben de neden bizimkilerden çıt çıkmıyor diyordum.
  15. If you like Queen's sound, then you guys would like to listen to some songs from Mika. Stuck in the middle, Grace Kelly, Any other world are good examples.
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    Better Mouse Move on OSX

    I have to disagree with you. Ever since from Mac OS Classic times, mouse movement in Mac OS has always been more accurate when compared to Windows. MS had done a decent job about mouse movements in XP, but still, I don't think they're any better at all. You're right about saying bad mouse movement causes a strong decrease in productivity, but in my area, we have been regarding that as a problem of Windows. In fact, it's the strongest reason why I didn't buy a PC for many years. I guess you said it yourself, it's probably only a problem for "switchers". Increasing the speed of your cursor in the control panel might help though. Just try to get it to the same speed that you're familiar with in Windows.
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    Maxtor Drives

    Lol that's enough reason to call it a road apple.
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    Maxtor Drives

    Well, I was thinking of starting a similar thread after my WD bit the dust, but coincidentally I found this one out (I didn't even search for it). I think this could be a good database of preferrable hard disks. -H- Then I'm glad I've never used any Maxtor drives.
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    Maxtor Drives

    Just noticed.. Shouldn't this be in hardware?
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    Maxtor Drives

    I've used Quantum Fireballs, Seagates, Samsungs and Western Digitals in PC's amnd Mac's until now and my WD Caviar SATA drive just died a few days ago. I never experienced any other failures with my other drives. I still have the Quantum Fireball and it's still working (It was bought in 1998). I think I'll just buy a Samsung drive, I guess it's the best Hard Disk brand I've used.
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    Working here, too.