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  1. Glad to hear it's still getting some use
  2. I could, I think there are lists like this already on the forum tho. Others besides your's
  3. 10. Semthex kernel The kernel that started it all! Semthex kernel allowed for a greater variety of processors and hardware. This was before my time so I shall just leave it at that. I packaged both semthex and Vitaliy patched kernel, in my release. I still talk to semthex lol (I am friends with him on FB). I let ppl make a choice and exposed those kernels to the largest osx86 user base, and we all know what happened there All I am saying is that kernel didn't start it all I get the picture, this is your top ten list, not the top ten list
  4. I had millions of dl's and helped for years in the comunity, I did releases from 10.4.3 all the way up to 10.5.4. I carried old hardware and supported it long after others thought I should drop it. I was here with maxxuss and helped patch the nx bit in 10.4.3 to allow booting on cpu's without it. yes its a simple patch now. I also released update packages for my distros. I have to say I like Kalyway and he is a great guy, but I was the first and I even advised the later guys on how to repackage and patch things like..mpg and osinstall.dist then later osinstall and adding in custom packages to the installation for hardware support. Just sayin JaS Also deadmoo (vmware image from 10.4.1 dev kit leaked) that started it all!!! and maxxuss should have received a mention
  5. JaS

    lion on pentium 4

    This is the same debate as we had with sse2 cpu's back in the day. The emualtor for sse3 was able to be made because the sse3 calls were able to be broken down in to their multiple sse2 instruction counterparts iirc. ssse3 afaik can't be emulated in the same way. also a good read is here http://xnu-dev.googlecode.com/files/SSE3%20Emulator.pdf
  6. http://www.fleebailey33.org/ you can get a pack there with most of what you need for lion. You will need voodoohda for sound but everything else is good to go. I have a P6T and it works like a beast with 10.7 Specs below P6T : CPU: Intel Core i7 920 2.67GHz @ 2.67GHz [sSE3/SSSE3/SSE4/SSE4.1/SSE4.2/PAE/XD/EST/VMX/EM64T] L2 Cache Per Core: 256K L3 Cache: 8 MB FSB: 4800MHz RAM: 2.22GB/6.0GB Speed: 1069MHz Disk: 389.94GB/2.64TB Display: ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series (PCIe) [1024MB] 1920x1080@60Hz and 1920x1080@60Hz Audio: Voodoo HDA OS: Mac OS X 10.7 (11A511) Kernel: Darwin 11.0.0 Uptime: 17:18
  7. I just want to chime in here and say I have been getting this error quite a bit at random times over the last two weeks. A few times a day.
  8. It looks like a good guide. Tho I use GUID so I won't be using this tut.
  9. When a AMD patched kernel for lion is released you should be able to run the OS at that time.
  10. JaS

    GMA950 with Lion

    I have lion running on a c2d 2008 macbook with the x3100 igp. the drivers for the graphics are 32 bit only. this macbook can run the lion installer without edits and the graphics have QE / CI .
  11. JaS

    Introduce yourself.

    Hi im JaS and I'm new here ..... sry couldn't resist lol
  12. Great guide, easy to follow and spot on. Keep up the good work SWF. A lot of ppl will find it usefull
  13. This works, en0 needs to be wired port even if your using wifi. I had the same issue till I fixed en0 to my wired port .... after that app store worked fine.
  14. JaS

    Supported Graphics cards with Full QE/QI

    XFX 5770 no go here also. I had an HIS ICEQ 5 Turbo HD 5770 lying around that I used and it works fine. So its an issue with the XFX HD 5770 not all 5770s
  15. JaS

    Should I give up for Lion?

    you need an updated boot file for chameleon. Get it here . using this boot file for lion I still had to change out my XFX HD 5770 for an HIS ICEQ Turbo HD 5770 that I had lying around. The XFX wouldn't load the Framebuffer.