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  1. Yeah same trouble here no output on DVI on my EVGA GTX 960 ftw edition ( 2 gig ) i dont have any DP or HDMI on my monitor to test , seems like its working tho
  2. XFX R9 270x

    Has anyone got this card fully working yet ?
  3. Radeon R9 270X framebuffer issue

    Has anyone managed to get the XFX R9 270x working yet as i still cant get it working no matter what
  4. XFX R9 270x ( need some help )

    Yeah your right , my card seems to be a little diff from most R9 270x cards as no matter what i do it just wont load the driver , unforutanetly for me i havent a clue how to patch the framebuffers thanks again
  5. XFX R9 270x ( need some help )

    isnt that what is being done at this link http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/294315-radeon-r9-270x-framebuffer-issue/ as ive tried that DSDT patch and ive tried the patched driver
  6. XFX R9 270x ( need some help )

    ive tried just about everything with this card and nothing seems to work if i boot normal its gets stuck just about when desktop should appear if i boot with -v -f it loads fine but no driver gets loaded if i boot with -x then driver loads fine but its safe boot so no good any idea ? . motherboard is Z77 DS3H ( crossfire ) when its booting i can see that it finds ATI cape verde for HDMI audio so it obviously recognises card and all ID`s Ive tried 10.9 10.9.1 10.9.2 10.9.3 10.9.4 now 10.9.5 all giving same results
  7. XFX R9 270x ( need some help )

    has anyone got this card working fully yet as i have not no matter what i try
  8. XFX R9 270x ( need some help )

    Yeah this is true but this 1 runs just fine except for no acceleration and for the life of me i cant seem to get it either
  9. XFX R9 270x ( need some help )

    Thank you ill give it a try , Im going to install 10.9.3 fresh 1st and take it from there . Jees for a card thats supposed to work OOB its puzzle indeed LOL
  10. Radeon R9 270X framebuffer issue

    Anyone got the XFX R9 270x Running with full acceleration ? i cant seem to get anywhere card runs fine get to desktop and that but no acceleration ( using clover )
  11. XFX R9 270x ( need some help )

    Thanks again iFire ,,, could you please insert the patch from this link to as i need it also http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/294315-radeon-r9-270x-framebuffer-issue/much appreciated Thank you
  12. XFX R9 270x ( need some help )

    Thank you very much ill go try it out now ill let you know how it goes
  13. XFX R9 270x ( need some help )

    Here is my DSDT from AIDA64 Thanks you acpi_dsdt.zip
  14. XFX R9 270x ( need some help )

    thats the guide and patch i was follwoing thanks its when i patch my DSDT i get errors and i havent a clue how to fix LOL
  15. XFX R9 270x ( need some help )

    XFX R9 270x works great just no acceleration and the kext injection doesnt seem to work i think i need to patch DSDT and ive tried but keep getting errors when compiling help would be most appreciated thanks