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    Programming, game design, OSX, music design, photo editing, movie making.<br /><br />...<br /><br />Could I be more of a Mac guy? =P
  1. Hey, macgirl, still confident Snow Leopard's gonna support PPC?
  2. I wouldn't say it's a minor upgrade if you want to practically double the performance of your computer...the performance difference is totally astonishing.
  3. Actually, I noticed major performance improvements on my iBook G4 from Tiger to Leopard, especially when I disabled the 3D dock and a few other visual aesthetics. Speeds in most applications noticably improved. As long as you're not stupid enough to be trying to run an iBook with 512 MB of RAM, you're set. (for the record, mine's maxed out at 1.5gb)
  4. It wouldn't have been such a big deal to me if she wasn't such a huge fangirl about it, ignoring evidence and official statements - ah, when logic and reason prevail it is a golden day indeed.
  5. The only reason I'm bumping this topic is to say: Macgirl, I told you so. That felt so good.
  6. Lostgame

    Apple, leave my ebay acount alone!

    I think OSx86 is like smoking weed. It's not legal but since so many people think it is they're willing to do stupid things with it and then complain when they get in trouble. I mean honestly - what do you expect? You play ball, expect there to be a chance you'll lose.
  7. Lostgame

    Mac Advertising

    What are you, like, twelve? Show some maturity, eh? The guy obviously has good intentions, his site is legit and he's not a spambot. Let him be, let the topic be locked by an administrator and fucking chill out. Seriously. Web sites like this take tons of effort to create and put together and a Mac-targeted ad system is a great idea but as I mentioned before this is not the correct place to be advertising something like this.
  8. Lostgame

    Mac Advertising

    lol. But yeah, jon, you won't find many people happy about that here. We have too many spam bots so any advertising is laughed at and insulted. Great idea, just not the community to aim for help from. Good luck with your ventures.
  9. Lostgame

    iWork and iLife '09 Reviews

    Garageband has finally gotten the drastic overhaul it needed. I can't seriously use iWork in my office though, honestly. It's not that I don't like it - it's honestly just not compatible enough for everything I need. I still use Office 2004 because 2008 blew chunks.
  10. How so? I haven't seen anybody else comment on this yet.
  11. Lostgame

    iPod touch Second Generation Jailbroken

    It's about goddamn time, no? lol
  12. What the...seriously, the iPod shuffle did not need to be smaller. Although that voiceover shit is neat.
  13. Lostgame

    Snow leopard about to be released

    No fucking way. Snow Leopard is still ages until release, have you even tried any of the dev builds lately? They have to have a Gold Master for quite a bit before they can release it - they've got a manufacturing process, too....
  14. Lostgame

    Safari 4 Public Beta!

    Some great new features and definite speed improvements - less RAM usage and less CPU usage while going faster than ever. Had to run these three terminal commands before I got it the way I like it: defaults write com.apple.Safari DebugSafari4IncludeToolbarRedesign -bool NO defaults write com.apple.Safari DebugSafari4LoadProgressStyle -bool NO ^ These two reset the blue progress bar. Can I ask why they'd remove that? Seems silly to me. defaults write com.apple.Safari DebugSafari4TabBarIsOnTop -bool NO ^ This one resets the awful tab bar, and made my theming application Safari-friendly! Double bonus! Unlike cover flow, I find I'm actually using this top sites shit. It's kind of neat honestly.
  15. 'snow-leopard-will-not-support-powerpc-chips' Explain this, Macgirl, I've got a legal build of 10A261 here, and it lacks almost all the core technology for PPC. As a matter of fact, all the frameworks that support grand central, etc, are all (suprise suprise) intel only. Apple has said several times that they won't support PPC, so suddenly some anonymous tipster defies all bounds of logic and reason and is completely correct? Why can't you just give it up? Honestly - don't start a topic with an intentionally misleading name. There's no proof to back up your statement, actually, there's tons of proofs against it, and virtually none to support it. If you need to see the proper documentation and everything, PM me, and I can give you whatever you need.