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  1. blu-ray on hckint0sh = not brilliant. Roxio is kida 'meh' with it.
  2. erm.. well Call of Duty 4 has sniping to some degree and you can snipe online, so...
  3. Another Company, Another Problem. Just ignore Pystar, they'll be gone soon.
  4. Close one eh? Nice anyway, still my iPhone 1G with a top-half broken screen will go on.
  5. If its a lame topic, why are you reading & posting in here.
  6. Wise to buy a Mac Pro now?

    I follow MacRumors buyers guide for everything; http://buyersguide.macrumors.com/#Mac_Pro
  7. average broadband, nothing special.
  8. Meh, I haven't been getting any.. :/
  9. SuperDrive for PC

    I guess you should be able to use it in the pc - it's a standard cd drive at the end of the day. And for the accessories, most certainly - the keyboard and mouse are compatible. You've got to be careful with displays. It depends on what models you are buying. If your talking about the current (silver) models - they are standard DVI connections. The older models (white) use a connection method called ADC, Apple Display Connector. A converter to DVI costs about $100-150, so kinda pricey.
  10. What a Teacher

    this {censored} (as in the teacher) pisses me off.
  11. Ebay. Some companies ship to other places in europe - but not many. To be honest, you will get hammered with import tax on a macpro case. Unless you find one in Norway, i wouldn't (personally) bother.
  12. I was going to add into the conversation DreamHost - it owns. I usually SSH tunnel through it at school, and connection through it to home. Well, you've found something that works, nice. Speeds are ok to.
  13. GTA IV on a macbook?

    Reports are coming in that it's horrible to play even on a high end rigs let alone a macbook - i'd give it a miss. Buy a PS3/360 and play with mates.
  14. Macbook pro desktop gamma

    hmmrph. you running WoW on Vista or OS X? My mate has the problem in Vista, no idea why. If your on OS X, Have a look @ your settings in SysPrefs/displays/color