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  1. Kingdom Hearts II - Secret Ending

    Geez guys... cant yu just let this forum die?
  2. Kingdom Hearts II - Secret Ending

    i know... i know. All that remains is the fevered dream of a madman in which to restore this to what it once was. i am sure well find out soon. until next time cloudstrife 252
  3. Kingdom Hearts II - Secret Ending

    ahh ruin the fun why dont you besides i knew anyway and will there ever be a kh3 ever?????
  4. Kingdom Hearts II - Secret Ending

  5. Kingdom Hearts II - Secret Ending

    And so with lexoj gone, our heroes could not continue the forum so it died. Thankyou for reading this 20 page thingy i hope you enjoyed it all who read take this music which sounds suspiciosly like the FM+ thingy wait a second...... showdown at hollow bastion????? I have a Theory!!!!!! And so cloudstrife252 saved the day with his brilliant schemes! tune in next time, folks! 601_Showdown_at_Hollow_Bastion.mp3
  6. Kingdom Hearts II - Secret Ending

    yeah dude im with you i will go mental if i buy it and its all with english voices apart from the really important bits :mellow: plus all the writings japan-ish anyway so i wont know wat da hell the reaction commands are and drive forms etc... and by the way lexoj i killed riku replica he dissapears like an old final fantasy game boy game just flashes and dissapears
  7. Kingdom Hearts II - Secret Ending

    Im back and i watched the movies..... i got a new theory but ill develop it before saying anything... 1 darn second does those videos mean that the scenes will have voices in fm+??? and if so in english??? all im gonna say for now is with all the theories, early and old, all I can say is that, after playing kh2 over again for the 42nd time (seriously, i counted) xehanorts armour at the end is exactly near loooking like the secret movie so it is him or someone linked
  8. Kingdom Hearts II - Secret Ending

    http://www.kingdomhearts3.net/videos/fm-es-battle/ OMFG OMFG OMFG WHO TOLD YOU ALL THAT IT WAS IN THE DOOR TO THE PAST IN MICKEYS CASTLE WHO WHO YER ME AND I DONT KNOW WHO SAID I WAS WRONG BUT I WIN HA! HA HA HA!!!!! sorry i get exited when i am right..... he he . he he he he he he he he he he he he he. the af1 cannot be ---- no.i will rule him out. kairi.sea.aqua - i have ruled her out. The true. i know what it is. oddly ven looks like sora. he can still remember the hatred for that old man. he remembers his clothes. he never unleashed his true power. if he could. ven.---.--- i cannot rule him out. xehanort was friends with but two people 3 afs 2 friends. i cannot rule ven out. ven looks indirectly like sora and with a new theory i have - also is like - xehanort. the only mysterious figure in this. I propose that, through ven, sora is xehanort. why would af1 think he is xehanort. af1 must have named him xehanort after ven. what does ven mean in japanese?!?!?!?!?! if it has any connection with the word "sky" then i know i am onto something drastic here. it all makes perfect sense. on another sidenote, rikus game in kh:CoM is called Reverse Rebirth From today i am going away for 1.5 weeks or so but do not fear - i shall return. Until then - goodbye my friends...
  9. Kingdom Hearts II - Secret Ending

    its obviously fuujin from ff8 dont get yer hopes up...
  10. Kingdom Hearts II - Secret Ending

    lol ur right i was dead serious about my 4th af was xehanort thingy.
  11. Kingdom Hearts II - Secret Ending

    <a href="http://www.kingdomhearts3.net/"><img src="http://topsite.kingdomhearts3.net/button.php?u=kjhgf" alt="Kingdom Hearts" border="0" /></a>
  12. Kingdom Hearts II - Secret Ending

    1.the old man walks towards the afs 2.He splits (seemingly) into another, more agile version of him who seems to be fighting with him 3.the taller af stops the af we now know as aqua and runs to attack either of the two men who are coming. 4.before he can attack he is caught by a rising cliff created by the old man and is on top of it. 5. at that point another cliff rises, this time the af is at the bottom of the cliff and the spiderman dude comes and attacks. 6.the af is zapped by lightning and he and the spiderman dude go face to face, as if about to duel. 7. at that point the other two afs zoom in and go for mr.spiderman dude 8.af1 then changes his mind and goes for the old man who is atop yet another cliff 9.at that poin the old man holds his arm as if about to summon a keyblade and with that, all the keyblades in the keyblade graveyard spiral into the ever-darkening clouds 10.the other two afs begin to attack spider-dude and as they spot the keyblade spiral quickly run away and spidey-dude starts to ride the keyblades and shoot ice at the afs, narrowly missing. as they continue fighting they suddenly come across af1 who falls down to their level off a cliff. 11.in a mcflurry of keyblades af 1 and the other 2 are soon separated again. 12.in desperation, aqua the af now fires a shield ray which goes to af1 and repels an attack of keyblades, but on the second shot of keyblades doesnt manage to stop it and af1 is soon back on top of a cliff, ven the af soon chasing him to find him. 13. as af1 scrambles to his feet he is met by the old man who now is weilding quite a nice keyblade and they have a short bout before af1s arm being frozen 14.with af1 hesitating to attack again, ven comes in for the pre-emptive strike but the old man somehow sees him coming and grabs him by the head, cracking his faceplate and eventually freezing him totally.af1 is attacked and shot off the cliff by the keyblades. 15.aqua the af looks up after recovering and sees the freezing ven in peril and gets upset as she sees him fall to the ground and his keyblade breaks. 16.as ven is nearing the end they look at eachother intimately (a possible relationship?) and ven dies. 17.spidey and the old man look all cool as the old man summons a ball of magic only to shoot it at the clouds and create a little light and open a heart shape in the sky (kingdom hearts?) there is a cliff underneath is, close to aqua and the now disceased ven. 18.the old man looks all happy and rises into this thing (possibly on his own) 19.af1 appears from a dark nook in a chasm between light and dark and takes off his helmet. he looks up at kingdom hearts and goes into berserk mode (like saix) and it finishes 20. mickey steps in to this scene (possibly a little later, as the enviroment seems more quiet). he steps near to the monument and his star seeker keyblade is revealed. the screen says: All fates are enevitable. each of their fates are gathered (their fates?!?!? whos fates!?!?!?!) after a long time wait for the time of the coming of the new story..... (possibly the new series that nomuras gonna do)
  13. Kingdom Hearts II - Secret Ending

    Wait hang on that keyblade is the star seeker! i am remembering stuff. why does this stuff seen so familiar!!!!!! P.S i already saw the vid right, to fully understand the movie. we must put it into text format.
  14. Kingdom Hearts II - Secret Ending

    xehanort another holy shizzle!!!!! his password on the computer is - another!!! WOW i just figured out something. there is a big mystery regarding riku and mickeys abscences after kh1 but what of ienzo, dilan, even and the others while they were in the realm of darkness. i was reading ansems kh2 reports and it said something like "while my assistants were in the dark realm they must have had this power too. but i would never let it overcome me like they must have" I think the secret movie + is about ansems assistants in their absence!!!!! Also the birth by sleep bit HAS to do with the room where xemnas talks to the empty armour in the "room of sleep" Also the empty armour and the keyblade is the female AFs clothes from the secret ending compare and you will see So is she was his friend, xehanort must have been there!!!! OH yeah!!! and the secret door in ansems basement is in the "room of sleep" xehanort must have come from there after he was in the secret movie. so thats how mickey must have entered!!! Another (emphasis on the "another" for reasons i dont know yet) Af is in the room of awakening... i dont get it, does that video have sound or do you just have to read the words. and where is that other video that tells you about aqua and ven??? HOLD IT VEN IS THE ROXAS LOOKING DUDE PUT AN EX IN VEN AND ITS VEXEN WHO LOOKS JUST LIKE THIS "VEN" EX + AQUA = OH i dont know spur of the moment type thing think nothing of it... Wtf i just though where the f*** is the place where there is darkness and stations like the station of awakening??? wait a sec station of awakening room of awakening station of awakening room of awakening station of awakening room of awakening station of awakening room of awakening station of awakening room of awakening station of awakening room of awakening is it where they were studying the darkness of the heart yes it is that means there is a connection. Star seeker...... Theres a big big big thing staring at me in the face but i just cant unravel it if i could i could say more but i just.....
  15. Kingdom Hearts II - Secret Ending

    A parallel world. There are for parts to every person. When one part is killed, the others live on. As a completely different being. When the part holding the memories is killed, the other parts create another memory bank to store memories, forgetting what happened with the other part. Take roxas for example. Soras heart had the memories, but when the heart was taken away he forgot everything. The roxas look alike is sora - although the sora on another world (destiny islands) did not have the fourth element to him The Large iron clad is Riku - ............................................................................ The Girl iron clad is Kairi - ............................................................................ The heart The Body The soul The ????? XEHANORT ANOTHER - Nomura meant that these people are related to the gang because they are more of them. After these people lost their ?????s they emmigrated to another dimension, through the door in mickeys castle to the past. they ran of and became new people with little memories.They slept and by the morning Natives to the island took them in and called them their own children. and they forgo Xehanort was only called XEHANORT in another dimension. He met an assistant to be of ansem the wise. Xehanort took the assistants body and gave it his name, clothes and powers, and with that his body and soul and heart dissapeared somewhere. Now if The New so called "Xehanort" can remember these memories, he can create the powers of the original keyblades once more and use it to conquer the universe and with it kingdom hearts.