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  1. Yes, I forgot to mention that issue in my post.. Not needed that the SATA drive be in th first port. When you check in Windows Device Manager, you can see there the 2 SATA devices, I knew I had my SATA conected to my first port, but to avoid problems, i just added to the key line the 2 device numbers. Look at the left part of the image and you will see that below of the first Serial ATA you can see another one. The first gave me 0054 as you can see at the right window, the second just 0055 So I added both to the key string line and in case that in the future I will attach a new drive to the second SATA port, for sure MAC will recognize it. <key>IOPCIPrimaryMatch</key> <string>0x005410DE 0x005510DE 0x528810B9 0x31491106 0x00e310de 0x00ee10de</string> HERE you can find what I made to get all fully working. My whole MAC with all HD's included!!
  2. Ayudita para un colega de colombia¡¡

    De nada, a mandar!!! Ya cuentas como te fué, a mi me va de lujo!! Ciao!!
  3. Essential Windows Programs

    Cant believe only Myzar talked about Total Commander. I can't live without it. It is my screen desktop, LOL I do all from there. First thing i made when installed MAcOS has been to look for an equivalent... I found 3. I like them by this order. Disk Order - MuCommander - XFolders So, here is my list. It's huge: But i use all them almos in a daily basic... Yes, I live in the computer. Total Commander Ultraedit - still looking for something better than BBedit for MAC. HexWorkshop - Hexadecimal editor AVP - Kaspersky antivirus IDA SoftIce W33DASM .. those 3 are dissasemblers and debugger. I like this stuff. Camtasia - Best video capture around Foxit PDF reader and editor. I hate Acrobat Irfanview - Best image viewer... Found something seemed in MAC . Cocoview IsoBuster WinImage UltraIso - 3 app- to manage HD images TransMac - Can read HFS partitions Registry Mechanic - I hate Windows registry VoptXP - fast defragger WebExpress - Very old html editor, but I love it. It's very simple to use WinZip WinRar WinAce WinUha - 4 obvious Acronis True Image - Love this backup utility. Saved me a lot of times. Ad-Aware Pro Disk Cleaner ... 2 utils To get out all kind of spyware, trojans, etc. Google Earth - I love to see where my friends live. PC Wizard - Got inside of your PC intestines. Paint Shop Pro Photoshop TVPaint - My 3 main drawing appz- Leave Motion - Not in the market anymore but l use it a lot Seamless Factory Texture Maker - My 2 favorite programs to make texturing Cinema 4D ZBrush Vue D'Esprit Silo - My 4 main 3D appz... I live thanks to them Unfold 3D - Make UVMapping so fast. WinAmp - Best music player VLC BSPlayer - Best video players Sketchup - Very useful to make 3d Architecture FlashXP - Ftp Client Firefox - No need to say Net Transport - Download File Manager. I think the best ServU - My own FTP Trillian - Many friends in every messenger, so i need all in one XNews - My news Client Pure Basic - So fast to create some small appz that I need sometimes to use for myself Just Basic - Reminds me my ZX-Spectrum times. LOL. Almost same basic language. Visual C++ - Almost no use. Time ago i was programmer, now I have no time There are more, mainly small appz that I use almost one time to month, but they are so many to just make a list. hehe
  4. As I said in my previous post I am a total noob on MAC, No more than 4 days playing with MACOS. I read a lot in all forums around and I just made that solution that works fine for me. I can read/write from Mac to XP and vice-versa. I have no idea why you can't. Of course I can't write to partitions NTFS. I only have one and I can read it only. As far as I have understood reading around. Mac can't write in NTFS partitions. Maybe you have all your XP drives NTFS formated? I have a bunch of programs installed. Tested all of them and all works fine. Never had any freeze and I tested Quick Time playing 8 movies at time without jumps. I am really happy with my new MAC. LOL I only have had an issue one time that I put the time to the year 2002, then after to reboot, MAC was not able to see the SATA drive... I run the Disk Utility an after a couple minutes (a lot) it coould see all the drives but the sata ones was Unmounted (ghost). I reboot in Windows, set the clock to the actual year, back to MAC and all working fine again. I have no f***g idea what the time has to see with the ghosting unmounted drives, but well... sure someone knows why!!! Cheers!!!
  5. Cerca... porque te he visto recoger el segundo premio, rubia!! jajajaja
  6. Ayudita para un colega de colombia¡¡

    Para todos aquellos que no puedan leer las particiones HFS desde Windows aun con el MacDrive, como a mi me pasa (creo que por tener MacOS instalado en la segunda particion de un PATA HD), existe una facil solucion. Se trata del programa TransMac con el que puedes realizar todo tipo de operaciones entre los dos sistemas de ficheros e incluso grabar CD's-DVD's etc... Es una utilidad imprescindible para los que tenemos un hibrido MAC-PC en nuestro cacharro. Aqui esta el programita con todo lo que puede hacer, eso si, no es gratis... aunque se puede probar por 30 dias TransMac Aquí una pantallita
  7. You are welcome!!! I like this MAC, hehe P.D. Toluca? hmmm. Feliz año nuevo entonces, desde el otro lado del charco!!
  8. Hola: ParoXysm: After to fight for some hours and after to read a lot in this and another forums. I finally found the way to solve the SATA issue. You can see how I made it in the following link: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...=37127&hl=# Post 12 The main problem is to get the correct vendor and device ID. As I was unable to get the correct ones in MAC I just made a trick in XP to get them from there.. Is all well explained in the second post... Post 14 Look my history in the 2 posts I wrote there. Macgirl: I have an NVidia 7300GT 512 ram and nforce4 VIA chipset in my MOBO and all works like a charm if you add the X11 thing in the install process. In my first install without it I was only able to set the display to 1024x768. In the second install and after to add the X11 Windows system. I can select absolutelly all display modes and all are working great. Good luck!!!
  9. OSX 1048 AMD FINAL

    YAYAYAYAY!!! All solved. Here is how I made it. I'm learning MACOS fast. LOL First of all...My Hardware settings: Motherboard Gigabyte GA-K8NF-9 nforce4 >>>> http://www.gigabyte.com.tw/Products/Mother...?ProductID=1860 Processor: AMD Athlon 64-3.5 Ghz. RAM: 2 x 1 gig. Kingstom Graphic Card: NVidia Geforce 7300 GT-512 RAM HD 250 GB SATA - Seagate (4 partitions) as master in SATA port HG 80 GB ATA - Seagate (3 partitions) as master in IDE port. The first thing I made has been a bat file in windows using notepad to get all the details in the Device Manager. I called it details.bat and it looks this way --------------- @echo OFF set DEVMGR_SHOW_DETAILS=1 >NUL start devmgmt.msc >NUL exit ------------- Then double click on it and I just got my Device Manager in Windows to see all... I selected the SATA thing and then the tab Details that I didn't get before of the execution of the *.bat file There I can see that the vendor ID is "10DE" and the Device ID is "0054": I noted all down and restart in MAC. Edited to show a pic that someone requested, on how to extract the 2 ID.... Sorry for the language in pic, but my native one is Spanish Edited again to add the option for the second SATA device port that you will see below of the first one in the image capture. I get 0054 in my first SATA device ID as you an see in the right window and 0055 in the second one. So, I added both to the key string lines as explained below and if in the future I attach a new drive to the SATA port number 2, it will be recognized for MAC without problem. Now the MAC part begin: ----------- 1 - Load Terminal 2 - cd /System/Library/Extensions/ 3 - sudo nano /AppleVIAATA.kext/contents/info.plist 4 - In Via Sata controller I added the vendor and device ID of my computer to the entry "IOPCIPrimaryMatch". As my vendor ID is 10DE and the SATA devices are 0054 and 0055, I added the following: 0x005410DE 0x005510DE- ^O and ^X to save and quit. It looks now this way (Red is added): --------------------------------------------------------------------- <key>VIA SATA Controller</key> <dict> <key>CFBundleIdentifier</key> <string>com.apple.driver.AppleVIAATA</string> <key>Hardware Name</key> <string>8237 SATA</string> <key>IOClass</key> <string>AppleVIAATARoot</string> <key>IOPCIPrimaryMatch</key> <string>0x005410DE 0x005510DE 0x528810B9 0x31491106 0x00e310de 0x00ee10de</string> <key>IOProbeScore</key> <string>1000</string> <key>IOProviderClass</key> <string>IOPCIDevice</string> <key>Serial ATA</key> <true/> </dict> ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 - sudo nano /AppleAHCIPort.kext/contents/info.plist 6 - In GenericAHCI controller I changed the vendor and device ID of my computer to the entry "IOPCIClassMatch". As my vendor ID is 10DE and the SATA devices are 0054 and 0055, I added the following: 0x005410DE 0x005510DE - ^O and ^X to save and quit. It looks now this way (Red is changed): ---------------------------------------------------------------------- <key>GenericAHCI</key> <dict> <key>CFBundeIdentifier</key> <string>com.apple.driver.AppleAHCIPort</string> <key>IOClass</key> <string>AppleAHCI</string> <key>IOPCIClassMatch</key> <string>0x005410DE 0x005510DE</string> <key>IOProbeScore</key> <integer>800</integer> <key>IOProviderClass</key> <string>IOPCIDevice</string> <key>Vendor Name</key> <string>Generic AHCI</string> </dict> ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 7 - Then I set permissions: sudo chown -R root:wheel AppleVIAATA.kext sudo chmod -R 755 AppleVIAATA.kext sudo chown -R root:wheel AppleAHCIPort.kext sudo chmod -R 755 AppleAHCIPort.kext cd .. sudo rm -rf Extensions.kextcache sudo rm -rf Extensions.mkext 8 - Reboot... 9 - Tension ... What will happens ?... white letters scrolling .... blue screen .... more tension ..... Finder appears!! ... 2 seconds more... 10 - VOILA!!!! ALL WORKS!!! I have my 7 partitons now in my desktop!!! and all working like a charm.... I can read either the 2 NTFS partitions I have. This remember me my Commodore Amiga times. hehe I hope this can be a help for all people having the same or similar problem... Ciao for now!!! and thanks to all what made possible that I learned so fast the way to get all working in no time beeing a total noob in MAC world. I just read a bunch of posts here and i dont know right now which ones point me in the correct direction. So, THANKS TO ALL WHAT WRITE SOME INFO HERE!!!!!! You are all wonderful!!! Cheers and Happy Year 2007!!! Here you can see my whole MAC thing with all HD's and stuff
  10. OSX 1048 AMD FINAL

    Sorry if i mistake. I am a totally newbie in MAC world, just installed 10.4.8 AMD final in my PC yesterday for first time having an NVidia Geforce 7300 GT - 512RM ...and it works. In my first install. when MACOS booted I got the display in 1024x768 and no way to change it. So I thought that the problem saying that Nvdia 512 doesn't work, would be that one. Then I made something bad (I think updating the system) and i lost the finder and the HD icons in Desktop. So I decided to install again. In the second install and knowing a bit more , I pensonalized the install options, deleting some languags and printers and adding the X11 thing.. Well, on reboot I got 1280x1024 and all my NVidia display options was there. So I put it to 1440x900 -- YaY!! Maybe the X11 system made the miracle? Dunno but I guess it did it. Absolutelly all work perfect in my computer except the following expalined below, that beeing a total noob I am not able to solve: In the installation process and when I selected the Disk Utility to delete and format the MAC partition, I got all my drives and partitions in the left column (2 drives: 1 SATA 250 gig and 1 PATA 80 gig... 4 and 3 partitions respec.). I selected the second partition (40 gig big) of the PATA to make the install because I read about some incompabilities for SATA drives. Well, as I said.. al works perfect except that I can`t see now in MAC my SATA drive and/or their 4 partitions. I think it must be an stupidity, because the install program recognized all, and now I can only see the 3 partitions of the PATA drive. I read a lot in the forum about the SATA problems and the modifications to do in AppleVIAATA.kext file, but after to play a lot in Terminal with all what I read. I am unable to view the SATA in the Desktop... So, if someone have a clue on how to solve the issue, that would be greattttt!!! Thanks a lot!!