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  1. drval

    advice please: windows on macbook pro

    I'm a windows developer too and have a macbook pro, first edition dual core, 2 GB RAM, 2.16 GHz CPU -- and I think it's great. Use Fn+Delete for "windows" delete and right "Apple" key+click for right click. This is if you've installed Boot Camp v.1.1.2. I'm still waiting for "tap the touchpad" to = left click... ;-)
  2. drval

    2GB of RAM missing on XP

    Actually 64-bit doesn't even run ALL of the 32-bit programs. It's really best IMO to stay away from 64-bit Windows at this time. BTW, 32-bit Windows will use the additional RAM -- it just can't address it as a larger contiguous block than 2GB.
  3. drval

    Essential Windows Programs

    Norton SystemWorks AdAware SpyBot Outlook -- Office generally One Note Total Commander -- general hacker's tool (can even replace WinZip and WinRAR) I use IE -- haven't switched off of it -- and I'm on 24/7. I program Full Time and almost exclusively in LabVIEW -- so that's essential for me but not for
  4. drval

    Feel as though my pc has SLUDGE

    The Update recommendations are good IMO. FWIW, I would also suggest using something like One Button Checkup (in Norton SystemWorks). There are a lot of Registry cleaners out there but I like OBC and, since I NSW, I've got it on hand.
  5. drval

    XP virus

    I've found Norton to be quite good FWIW but, then again, I use the complete Norton SystemWorks package, not just NAV. If you have the name of the "virus" then browsing the Norton website might give you more specific instructions about what to do. I would also consider using AdAware and SpyBot.